Top 5 Best Bathroom Mixer Taps in India

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When you have a new bathroom, you shouldn’t overlook your bath faucets. There is a range of bath faucets that you can choose from for your bathroom.

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You no longer need to use traditional single bath faucets, there are now many options available that can create the most modern atmosphere in your bathroom and enhance its décor.

The faucets you choose for your bath faucets can run throughout your bathroom, so your sink, shower, and any other bathroom pieces you may have will match, providing continuity and a pleasing look.

There are many styles on the market today, so it’s worth doing a little research to find the perfect bath faucet. Whatever the theme of your bathroom, be it traditional or modern, you are sure to find the perfect bath faucets online.

Bath faucets can vary in cost, however with some research you are sure to find the perfect bath faucet to suit your budget.

Top 5 Best Bathroom Mixer Taps in India 2023

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Nowadays, when people go to an architect to design their home, they pay special attention to bathroom faucets or bathroom faucets as they are often called. It’s a fact that bathrooms are now measured as a luxury room and not just a cooking and washing room.

People add various bathroom accessories to create an atmosphere of luxury and bathroom faucets are among the most significant.

Bathroom faucets can give a new look to your bathroom. Of course, they should be chosen taking into account the interior decor and decoration of the bathroom.

The main mechanisms of bathroom faucets are a ceramic disc and a spindle through which the internal faucet mechanism works.

Ceramic disc tap technologies are technologically advanced and more durable, which are mainly available in expensive ceramic disc taps. In this technology, the rotation of the lever results in the separation of the ceramic disc, allowing the hammer to hit the water.

So expanding the possibilities in a new bathroom faucet set is an economical way to either bring your bathroom into the modern period or bring back some nostalgia with a pair of traditional bathroom faucets.

If you are unsure of your requirements, do a little research, talk to your neighbors and friends who may have done similar renovations, get their bathroom faucet ideas and it will help you make your choice. Right here in this article, you will find a list of 5 Best Bathroom Mixer Taps in India 2023 to suit your needs.

1. Alton GRCL3910 Brass Wall Mixer


  • Chrome finished.
  • Brass material.
  • 3 Handles.
  • Mirror Look Technology.
  • 125mm long bend pipe.
  • 7-Year Warranty.

Why You Should Buy This?

Delta’s Alton GRCL3910 Brass Wall Mixer bathroom faucets combine aesthetics, functionality and durability. Whether you’re looking for something more modern or more traditional, you can be sure Alton has exactly what you need.

You can choose from their wide range of faucets that serve just about every purpose and preference.

Most of them have very sophisticated displays that will give you a good idea of ​​what is available for your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. But Alton GRCL3910 Brass Wall Mixer is the best.

Alton GRCL3910 Brass Wall Mixer faucets will also match the finish and style of other bathroom or bath fixtures.

We read a lot of bathroom faucet reviews and a lot of people are happy with these faucets if you buy them from a real online store, the ones bought from big stores don’t have the same internals and are therefore usually cheaper.


  • Easy to install.
  • Long bend pipe.
  • Good quality.
  • Best water flow.
  • Value for money.
  • Durable.


  • Hand shower not provided.

2. Hindware F200020CP Wall Mixer with Provision for Overhead Shower


  • Wall mount.
  • Chrome finished.
  • 100% Virgin Brass.
  • Ingots certified for 63% copper to ensure flawless casting.
  • 3 Handles.
  • 115mm long bend pipe.

Why You Should Buy This?

Hidware has long established itself in the industry and is widely recognized as one of the best brands of faucets, showers and other bathroom items.

Hidware has taken bathroom design to the next level by providing innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions for all your faucet needs.

Choose from a wide range of sizes, colors, materials and features in their faucet range and you won’t be disappointed. The Hindware F200020CP Wall Mixer bathroom faucet, like all others, will have matching shower faucets.

Again, reviews of these Hindware F200020CP wall mounted faucets and all faucets largely depend on where you buy them. Real online stores sell real brand with real internals that last longer.


  • Bold and attractive look.
  • Easy to maneuver the flow.
  • Provision for overhead shower.
  • Good finish and excellent quality.


  • Overhead/hand shower not available.

3. Zap Breeza Series 3 in 1 Wall Mixer – Best Bathroom Mixer Taps in India


  • Wall mount.
  • Chrome finished.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Premium material.
  • Mirror look technology.
  • With crutch and multi flow hand shower.

Why You Should Buy This?

From bathtub faucets in oiled bronze to traditional stainless steel faucets, you can find faucets in almost every design and material from the brand.

Whether you’re looking for a bathroom faucet with one or two handles, finding what you’re looking for is easy as Zap Breeza has a wide range of options.

You will find some huge Zap Breeza shower faucets on the market and I mean big shower heads. The Zap Breeza Series 3 in 1 Wall Mounted Bathroom Faucet in general has great reviews and you certainly can’t go wrong with this purchase.

However, be prepared to pay a little more money, including paying for the name. But if they last a long time, then they are worth it.


  • 100 percent virgin brass ingots certified.
  • 100% satisfaction.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Ceramic cartridge.
  • Powerful water flow.
  • 0.3 to 0.5 micron chromium plating.


  • Number of accessories are little bit high.

4. Cera Stainless Steel the Best Mixer Tap for Bathroom


  • Wall mount.
  • Chrome finished.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Adjustable hot limit.
  • Unique locking system.
  • Corrosion resistance.

Why You Should Buy This?

Anyone who has ever done bathroom design has heard of the Cera brand. You see this brand in many residential and commercial bathrooms, so it’s no wonder they are considered the industry standard when it comes to plumbing.

If you are looking for bathroom faucets, you may want to consider Cera as they provide very durable fixtures for your needs.

Cera wall-mounted stainless steel shower faucets can be found everywhere you look, especially in homes that are about 20 years old. We had these faucets all the way down our house (before the fire destroyed it) and it was a really good faucet.

Widespread faucets that worked very well. We were sorry they were gone and we couldn’t find an exact replacement or we would have bought them.

I know some of the bathroom faucet reviews you read these days are mixed, but we’ve had a lot of experience with our CERA faucets. Including kitchen faucets.


  • Good finish and excellent quality.
  • Easy to install.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Value for money.


  • Shower pipe connector little bit short.

5. Jaquar Florentine Wall Mixer 3 in 1 System


  • Colour: Cp.
  • Mounting type: wall.
  • Easy control.
  • 3 in 1 system mixer.
  • 115mm long bend pipe.

Why You Should Buy This?

Jaquar Florentine bathroom faucets are excellent products and you will find that their product line is comparable and competitive with other brands.

Just remember when you buy any of these faucets that the valve you currently have will work with your new products.

Often you will need to switch all the valves and guts of your faucets.

Also, if you are switching from single handle faucets to double handle faucets, make sure your center holes fit the new faucet.

Choosing the right type of bathroom faucet can be very easy once you know which brands offer the best solutions for your needs. if you ever need a new faucet or faucet replacement, consider the above mentioned brands and you can never go wrong.

We started to see a shift towards vessel sinks and waterfall faucets. You can find more information about this Jaquar Florentine Wall Mixer 3 in 1 System faucets on the leading e-commerce website.


  • Hot and cold water mix.
  • Provision for over head shower.
  • Awesome function.
  • Durable.


  • Additional fittings required.

How to Choose the Bathroom Mixer Taps?

You may have spent quite a bit of time planning your bathroom renovation and are nearing the end of your renovation. Now is the time to plan bathroom faucets, bath faucets, shower faucets and of course bathroom accessories.

There are a number of important aspects to consider when choosing a bathroom faucet.

  • Efficiency

The efficiency of bathroom faucets and bathroom faucets is very important. You want a smooth, even flow, but don’t forget to account for water consumption as a lot of water can be wasted without you realizing it. Always look at the capacity/use of water in bathroom faucets.

  • Easy to use

Bathroom faucets are widely used, so they should be easy to turn on and off. If you choose a faucet, make sure that the desired hot/cold water mixing is easily adjustable. If you have small children, separate faucets for hot and cold water may be more desirable for washbasins.

  • Finish

Think carefully about what finish you’re looking for, as there’s plenty to choose from: options include brass, chrome, and gold.

  • Cleaning

Choose bathroom and shower faucets that are easy to clean

Then you need to take some time to decide which bathroom faucets will pair perfectly with your remodeled bathroom. And it can be tricky as you have a lot of bathroom faucets and bathroom faucets to choose from.

  • Mixer taps

Mix hot and cold water in one spout and come in a variety of designs. Most shower faucets have a handle that diverts water into the tub while bathing.

  • Spouts

One spout or separate spouts. Look again at your needs and decide what you prefer. Shower faucet fittings usually only have one water spout/outlet, so this is more relevant when choosing the fittings you prefer for your bathtub and washbasin.

  • Knobs / levers for turning off and on

They should be easy for you, so take a look at your individual needs and visualize using these bathroom faucets to see how easy they can be to use.

  • Automatic taps

These are automatic contactless faucets that are activated by a sensor. They are mainly used in public areas, but what a luxury for your bathroom.

  • Bathroom accessories

And now that you’ve decided on bathroom faucets. Take some time to think about your accessories, and here are a few ideas you might want to consider: Towel racks, towel rails, or heated towel rails. Bath towels, hand towels. Soap dispenser, bathroom soap dispenser or even wall mounted soap dispenser.

Final Words

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready for the day and relaxing at the end of the day. The Bathroom Mixer Taps will give you a lot of fun and enjoyment, and when the renovation is complete, enjoy your achievement!