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Welcome to the home of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor India reviews, where you will find unbiased reviews and advice on the best Blood Pressure Machine we recommend for personal use.

Taking your blood pressure monitor at home will provide you and your doctor with valuable information for maintaining good health.

The human heart is a pump that works just like any other mechanical pump. In the vital organ system, the heart serves to distribute blood throughout the body throughout life. It even pumps blood the moment you’re reading this article, because if it wasn’t, then most likely you wouldn’t be alive by now.

Like all mechanical devices, proper monitoring ensures that the heart is working exactly as it should. Our review of a blood pressure monitor showed that it is possible to monitor the heart, much like you use temperature sensors and oil pressure sensors to keep an eye on what’s going on inside your car’s engine.

Why do We Need a Blood Pressure Monitor?

Generally, your doctor will point out any vulnerabilities in your blood pressure to you, and he should advise you that your blood pressure needs to be monitored. Obviously, most people don’t have the time or money to visit the doctor often or even go to the local grocery store to take advantage of the free ones they have there.

Along with this, high blood pressure is absolutely the leading sign of an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. It became necessary and almost normal to have a blood pressure monitor in the house.

Hypertension, another word for high blood pressure, comes in several common forms.

White Shore Hypertension: Your blood pressure is high in the doctor's office but lower at home.
Masked hypertension: Your blood pressure is lower in the doctor's office but higher at home.
Morning hypertension: high blood pressure in the morning.

These are all good reasons why monitoring your blood pressure at home and constantly will give you a better idea of ​​where you are.

More and more doctors are asking their patients to purchase these monitors and bring the information to the doctor at their next visit. Isn’t that logical?

How to Buy a Best Blood Pressure Machine?

Upper arm blood pressure monitors usually come in two varieties: automatic and manual.

The automatic BPM inflates the cuff around your arm to the ideal level depending on your arm size. They tend to be slightly more accurate than the hand mold, which loses accuracy over time.

Make sure the cuff for your arm is either adjustable or at least the right fit for your arm!

Wrist or finger blood pressure monitors are available, but most doctors consider them less reliable than upper arm blood pressure monitors.

You must buy the Best Blood Pressure Monitor India you can afford.

Here are some features that BP Monitors usually have:

Monitoring of arterial hypertension
Irregular heartbeat detection
Software to control your readings
Data storage
Systolic and diastolic readings

Prices for blood pressure monitors tend to go up when you start adding tracking software or when the monitor itself can store information for you depending on its capacity.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor India

To find out more about the Best Blood Pressure Monitor India in the market, check out our Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitors in India rankings and blood pressure monitor reviews below.

1. Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Best BP Machine in India

Why You Should Buy This?

The Omron HEM 7120 wrist blood pressure monitor is one of the essential devices for people suffering from health problems associated with low or high blood pressure. Over the years, Omron has been able to establish a very high status of excellence in the field of medical devices, and this wrist blood pressure monitor has achieved the same status of excellence.

The modern style, design and portability of this device, combined with high reading accuracy and a user-friendly interface, have made this blood pressure monitor our top choice in its category. In addition, this high-precision wrist monitor is readily available at a very reasonable price, so there is no reason for a person suffering from health problems related to blood pressure to refuse it.

2. Dr Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Why You Should Buy This?

The Dr Trust Blood Pressure Monitor with APS (Advanced Positioning Sensor) features patented IntelliSense technology that allows the cuff to inflate to a precise level, eliminating the guesswork. It also provides fast, personalized automatic inflation to give you optimal comfort.

Equipped with a 90-degree memory with a date and time stamp and the ability to average the last three readings, you can keep track of your blood pressure and the progress of your pulse. Dr Trust BP also comes with an irregular heartbeat detection system so you can better understand your heart health.

3. Beurer BM 35 fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor

Why You Should Buy This?

The Beurer BM 35 boasts Advanced Positioning Sensor (APS) technology that works by making sure the device is perfectly positioned at your heart level, so you’ll get more accurate readings. Plus, it comes with Omron Health Management software that allows you to track your blood pressure readings over the long term.

The Beurer BM 35 also features advanced diagnostic capabilities such as precise detection of irregular heartbeats and morning hypertension. These useful features allow you to share your readings with your doctor. This wrist blood pressure monitor is accurate, easy to use and portable. This is the ideal choice for patients who find it difficult to place the cuff on their upper arm.

4. HealthSense – Best BP Machine in India For Home

Why You Should Buy This?

A distinctive feature of the HealthSense blood pressure monitor is digital filter technology (DFT), which uses a sensor to isolate pulse fluctuations. This technology eliminates any hiccups in getting fast and reliable readings. It also helps prevent discomfort from a potentially too tight wrist cuff.

You don’t have to worry about misusing this wrist blood pressure monitor because it comes with advanced positioning sensor technology that uses sensor warning to help you position it correctly before taking readings.

5. MEDITIVE Blood Pressure Monitor Fully Automatic

Why You Should Buy This?

Working with MEDITIVE is surprisingly simple: just wrap the cuff around your wrist, press the start button and let the APS system guide the cuff to the correct position at heart level. Blood pressure and pulse readings are displayed on a large digital screen within seconds.

The MEDITIVE Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor uses patented IntelliSense technology and an innovative Advanced Position Sensor (APS). Before measuring blood pressure, you will be sure that the cuff is in the correct position.

6. Mievida Mi-Heart B7 Blood Pressure Monitor

Why You Should Buy This?

The Mievida Mi-Heart B7 BP Monitor is one of the most efficient mid-range wrist monitors available on the market. This device uses fast, measurable and accurate results.

It features a compact design and plausible performance, making it a class-leading display for anyone looking for a high-performance, low-cost wrist monitor. This blood pressure monitor is essential for blood pressure monitoring.

7. BPL Medical Technologies BPL B18 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Why You Should Buy This?

The BPL B18 blood pressure monitor has a compact design with an advanced IntelliSense blood pressure averaging indicator. This device is very easy to use, accurate, equipped with fully automatic inflation and deflation, systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse monitoring, and 60 memory locations.

It has been evaluated, tested and able to meet stringent accuracy and safety standards set by independent organizations.

8. AccuSure TS Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Best BP Monitor in India

Why You Should Buy This?

AccuSure TS Automatic Digital is portable and more compact. The cuff on the wrist is much easier to wear compared to the cuff on the shoulder. It scores higher for accuracy than other wrist monitors.

This monitor has a 60-track memory that stores both morning and evening readings, averaging results, and detecting irregular heartbeats. Most people who have used the AccuSure TS Automatic Digital say it is fast and accurate.

9. Circa 120/80 Exclusio Blood Pressure Monitor

Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitors in India

Why You Should Buy This?

The Circa 120/80 Exclusio blood pressure monitor has irregular heart rate detection, so you can track your blood pressure anytime, anywhere. This device is ideal for those who want to control their blood pressure over time.

This blood pressure monitor will help you manage your health in your own home. This device is one of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor India 2022 because of its reliability, ease of use and accuracy of readings.

10. AGARO BP-601 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Blood Pressure Monitor India 2022

Why You Should Buy This?

AGARO BP-601 Wrist-based automatic blood pressure monitor provides fast reading of systolic and diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate data. This device has an easy to read display and is capable of storing up to 30 blood pressure readings for two different people.

The AGARO BP-601 blood pressure monitor is easy to use and convenient for those who want to keep a close eye on their blood pressure from the comfort of their own home.

Best BP Monitor in India – Buying Guide

Trying to choose a blood pressure monitor for home use can seem confusing. There is a wide variety of blood pressure monitors available and they all claim to have advantages over each other.

So – how to choose a Best Blood Pressure Monitor India? Do I need to control blood pressure at home? This is really the first question to ask yourself.

Do you really need to check your blood pressure at home regularly, or is it enough for your doctor to check it from time to time?

The evidence is now pretty strong: if your doctor checks your blood pressure, your blood pressure reading is likely to be slightly higher than if you measured it yourself at home.

This increase in blood pressure when seen by a doctor is sometimes referred to as white coat hypertension—hypertension is just another name for high blood pressure.

Some doctors or hospitals use sophisticated machines that can record a series of blood pressure readings over a 24-hour period, called 24/7 ambulatory monitoring.

Recording your blood pressure in this way gives you a very clear idea of ​​what’s going on with your true blood pressure, but it may not always be necessary unless your blood pressure is very difficult to control.

In general, as long as you can afford to buy a blood pressure monitor and if you don’t get too hung up on small deviations in readings, having a blood pressure monitor at home is a good idea.

You can quickly learn how to chart blood pressure from your own blood pressure readings, which can help you and your doctor plan your treatment more effectively.

Many people who buy a home digital blood pressure monitor find it gives them a greater sense of ownership of their own health.

Others simply panic when readings show normal and natural fluctuations from day to day. If you buy a blood pressure monitor, try to get in the habit of checking your blood pressure readings every day at about the same time – this will increase the reliability of the results.

What Blood Pressure Monitor to buy? In general, my advice is: buy the Best Blood Pressure Monitor you can afford. We are discussing your long-term health and it is important to take this seriously.

The blood pressure monitors you can now buy are pretty accurate for the most part. Medium and high range digital blood pressure monitors are often used in hospital departments or family physicians and have been rigorously tested for accuracy and reliability.

Some manually operated versions (the blood pressure cuff is manually inflated) tend to lose their accuracy over time.

Make sure the blood pressure cuff fits your arm. One of the key points in measuring blood pressure is choosing a cuff that fits comfortably around the entire arm.

If the cuff is too tight, the BP Machine will show a reading that is higher than the true reading.

When a button on the automatic blood pressure monitor is pressed, the blood pressure cuff inflates to a certain level and then automatically deflates again.

The blood pressure cuff contains a sensor that automatically detects your heart rate and takes your blood pressure readings.

The result will be displayed on the screen, with the higher number showing your systolic blood pressure and the lower number your diastolic blood pressure. Before measuring blood pressure, you should rest in a sitting position for at least five minutes.

Make sure you line up the arrow on the cuff with the pulse at the bend in front of your elbow – ask your doctor to show you how to do this if you’re not sure.

The blood pressure monitor will have a built-in feature to alert you if an error occurs while reading.

Upper arm digital blood pressure monitor – These blood pressure monitors typically prove to be the most accurate and reliable in independent tests.

The blood pressure cuff is placed on the upper arm with the arrow pointing forward over the pulsatile artery at the front of the elbow.

Most physicians believe that they are less reliable than the upper arm option. Readings may be sensitive to movement or to changes in body temperature.

Some of the more expensive wrist-based blood pressure monitors improve their accuracy, but in general are still not as accurate as shoulder-mounted models.

If you decide to buy a digital blood pressure monitor, you can use our Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitors in India 2022 list below. In case of seriousness, it is important to take it with you to the doctor’s office and compare the readings it receives with your doctor’s device.

Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitors in India List

Omron HEM 7120Buy Now
Dr Trust SmartBuy Now
Beurer BM 35Buy Now
HealthSenseBuy Now
Mievida Mi-HeartBuy Now
BPL B18Buy Now
AccuSure TSBuy Now
Circa ExclusioBuy Now
AGARO BP-601Buy Now


Knowledge is power. Uncertainty about your health and the directions in which you are moving can be costly.

When you empower yourself with information, you naturally set goals and are more likely to achieve them. Every family should have a blood pressure monitor. I have created an article with some of the Best Blood Pressure Monitor India 2022 from the most popular and sought after blood pressure monitors in the market. I hope to help you find one of your likes. Enjoy!

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