Top 5 Best Cash Counting Machine in India 2023

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Are you looking for an advanced, user-friendly and multi-functional cash counting machine that will make your daily life or business trip easier? Then the list of 5 best cash counting machines in India 2023 in this post will help you choose the most suitable device for you.

5 Best Cash Counting Machine in India 2023

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1. SToK (ST-MC01) Currency Counting Machine

Why should you buy this product?

Do you need the best cash counting machine? Good news! Your search is over. The ST-MC01 is a brand new currency counting machine that is meticulously designed to save valuable time and effort for users regardless of business.

This means you no longer have to rely on manual counting and run into errors. The productivity of the SToK counting machine is more than 1000 banknotes per minute.

The multifunctional machine is equipped with ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG) and infrared (IR) technologies to trace the authenticity of the currency. This means that if any inconsistency occurs, it can detect it right there.

Did you know that ST-MC01 can count currency with brilliant accuracy? The currency counting kit is equipped with an external display to help another person check the total amount.

One of the best aspects is that the ST-MC01 is compatible with most currencies in the world.

The device has the functions of adding, self-checking, automatic detection of half banknotes and detection of double banknotes.

Please note that ST-MC01 can read 50mm banknotes. However, he cannot determine the denomination or add the currency.


  • Spacious front display:

ST-MC01 is equipped with a convenient LED screen. As a result, counting cash has become easier than before.

Moreover, in this device you can also change the operating modes. The front display is like a double check that helps the other side check the number of notes on the screen.

  • Detection with great accuracy:

The SToK currency counting device can count both old and new denominations (10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000 Indian rupees).

In addition, the machine uses powerful ultraviolet, magnetic and infrared technologies to detect counterfeit currencies. In addition, you can use the three modes individually or simultaneously.

As a result, you can expect the most accurate result from the ST-MC01. However, the device may display the wrong number of banknotes if dirty banknotes are inserted into it.

  • Efficient and convenient:

The ST-MC01 is designed as a high speed banknote counter that can count up to 1000 banknotes per minute.

In addition, the device can meet even the heaviest requirements for 200 banknotes thanks to the hopper and stacker function.

In addition, the ST-MC01 has simplified the currency counting process with its versatile modes. The device is covered by a one-year warranty.

The currency counting kit includes one MC01 banknote counter, external display, power cord, spare parts, brush, machine cover and user manual.


  • Accurate currency detection.
  • High capacity, efficiency, and easy-to-use.
  • Large front-facing display.
  • Portable handle.
  • Fake notes detection.


  • May show counting errors if notes are soiled.

2. Gobbler Business Grade Note Counting Machine

Why should you buy this product?

When it comes to listing the best cash counting machine in india, the Gobbler Business Grade deserves a mention. This counting machine can count up to 1000 banknotes per minute.

This means that the device can improve the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise and save a lot of time for busy professionals. Whether for homes, small shops or businesses, the Gobbler Business Grade can make life easier for users.

In short, this state-of-the-art device is equipped with all the necessary features to take the user’s currency experience to the next level.

The Gobbler Business Grade counting machine is equipped with a number of advanced features such as large color illumination, automatic counterfeit detection, an optional external display, and dedicated technicians.

In addition, customers also receive one year of field service to address manufacturing defects.


  • Intelligent sensing:

The Gobbler Business Grade counting machine is equipped with powerful counterfeit detection features using ultraviolet (UV) and magnetic (MG) technologies. As a result, counterfeit currency cannot fool the device.

In short, this machine’s intelligent counterfeit detection technology will take your currency counting machine experience to a new dimension. However, the device can detect counterfeit bills if they are badly damaged or too old.

  • Accuracy and speed:

The counting machine can count new banknotes of all denominations. Are you looking for a device with half value counting function?

Then the Gobbler Business Grade is the perfect choice for you. Please note that the machine cannot calculate the value of mixed currencies.

You must enter the denomination of the currencies (you already know that the denomination must be the same for each batch) yourself before inserting the currencies into the machine.

  • Extremely powerful device:

The Gobbler Business Grade device is extremely durable as well as a powerful currency counting machine.

However, you cannot carry the device with you, as it must be plugged in to use it. With the purchase of the kit, you will receive a counting machine, an external display and instructions.


  • Speed & precision.
  • Color LCD display.
  • Intelligent detection.
  • Heavy-duty & robust.


  • Unable to calculate the value of mixed currencies.

3. Swaggers Latest Updated Super Heavy Duty

Why should you buy this product?

Are you looking for the Best Cash Counting Machine with counterfeit banknote detector? Then you might want to consider the Swaggers Latest Updated option.

The device harnesses the power of the latest and most advanced technology when it comes to counting new denomination banknotes.


  • Quick and advanced:

The Swaggers Latest Updated counting machine can count 1000 pieces per minute. In addition, the color-changing LCD display made it easy to check the output.

The device also comes with a manual value function. The advanced technology of the Swaggers Latest Updated machine made it possible to count currencies of new denominations.

  • Automatic detection of counterfeit currency:

The Swaggers Latest Updated cash counting machine can automatically detect counterfeit money using ultraviolet (UV), magnetic (MG) and infrared (IR) technologies.

  • Miscellaneous features:

The Swaggers Latest Updated note counting machine is suitable for most currencies in the world. In addition, the device comes with many other functions such as automatic start and stop, self-test functions, add and so on.

Did you know that the Swaggers Latest Updated machine can automatically detect half notes? In addition, the device’s flexible entry width can accommodate different sizes of currencies.


  • Automatic fake note detection.
  • Automatic start & stop.
  • Clear & spacious LED display.
  • Can count most currencies worldwide.
  • Automatic detection of half notes.


  • Notes may fly on air due to high-speed performance.

4. TVS Electronics Classic Cash Counting Machine

Why should you buy this product?

The TVS Electronics counting machine is a rugged device designed to work in harsh environments.

The built-in display offers batch function in the device. In addition, the ability to quickly count banknotes made it the best device in its class.

In addition, the TVS Electronics currency counting device has an automatic counting mode. It can catch and count both old and new notes.

In addition, the machine is easy to maintain. The self-check feature will take your cash counting experience to the next level.


  • Accurate count:

The TVS Electronics counting machine is not only fast but also accurate in counting banknotes. The device can easily detect all kinds of currencies (such as real, fake, new and old) with first-class accuracy.

  • Brilliant display:

The TVS Electronics machine is equipped with a large and clear front display to give you the right view every time. The device comes with a built-in display containing from 1 to 999 buttons to provide the best user experience.

  • Heavy duty performance:

The TVS Electronics currency counting device can handle heavy operations with ease. It is manufactured to provide a smoother, faster, and hassle-free experience.

The counting machine can count 1200 banknotes per minute. Automatic counterfeit detection and easy-to-maintain function distinguish the TVS Electronics device from others.


  • Automatic fake currency detection.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Time-saver.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Heavy-duty performance.
  • Large front display.


  • Notes need to be placed at a specific angle.

5. JD9 Note Counting Machine

Why should you buy this product?

Do you want the Best Cash Counting Machine India 2023? How about choosing a new JD9 adding machine?

The JD9 counting machine is equipped with 13 rubber wheels to ensure accuracy and speed (counting speed: 1000 banknotes per minute) every time the banknotes are counted. However, the JD9 bill counting machine cannot detect denominations or add bills.

The device uses UV/MG technology to detect counterfeit currencies. In addition, the cash counting device is suitable for most currencies in the world. It comes in a soothing white color that will complement the aesthetic of your home or office.


  • Time saving device:

The brand new JD9 cash counting machine is equipped with advanced features to save the user’s precious time (counting speed: more than 1000 banknotes per minute).

The device eliminated the need to manually count banknotes. This means you can count on brilliant accuracy every time you start counting a currency.

  • Counterfeit currency detection:

The JD9 currency counting device uses UV (ultraviolet), MG (magnetic) and IR (infrared) technologies to detect counterfeit currencies. The JD9 Currency Counter comes with an external display that allows the customer to check the output when needed.

With auto start and stop, and auto half note detection, the JD9 is the best in class for you.


  • Precise bill counting.
  • Suitable for most currencies worldwide.
  • Double LED display.
  • User-friendly.
  • Internal rubber ring roller.


  • Cannot detect denomination.
  • Cannot add currencies.

How to Choose the Best Cash Counting Machine 2023?

It’s time to familiarize yourself with some key considerations that will help you choose the best option:


The first consideration before buying anything (including a adding machine) is the budget. You must make a list of features that you would like to see on the desired device. Hence, you need to fix your budget keeping your requirements in mind.

Counting speed:

Remember to consider the counting speed of your money counting machine. This is especially important when you are doing daily heavy transactions. The speed of a money counting machine is called bill counting. Most of these machines fall within the range of 900 to 1900 notes per minute.

Counterfeit currency detection:

The counting machine must be able to detect counterfeit banknotes. In short, the device must use the power of advanced technology to instantly detect counterfeit currencies.

The most common technologies used in today’s counting machines to detect counterfeits include ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, magnetic imaging, and special watermarks.

Power consumption:

You should also check the power consumption required for the shortlisted bill counting device. Otherwise, you may end up spending a huge amount on your energy bills.

Choosing an energy efficient adding machine is especially important if you have to use it day in and day out and if you expect high performance from it.


We hope you have found the Best Cash Counting Machine 2023 to meet your requirements. If not, then read the entire post again, compare the specifications of each device and choose the option that suits you. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Book now and streamline your business trips and everyday life.

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  1. Are money counting machines accurate?

    Money counting machines are generally accurate, but like any machine, they can fail or be affected by client error. It is extremely important to really look at the machine’s accuracy by counting a small sample of banknotes before counting a lot of cash, and also to compare the machine’s counting with manual increments to ensure accuracy. In addition, routine maintenance and cleaning can help ensure machine accuracy for a long time.

  2. What is the cost of money counting machine?

    The cost of a money counting machine may vary depending on the functions and capabilities of the machine. A typical hand counter can cost between RS.3,000/- and Rs.10,000/-, while more advanced machines with elements such as fake identification and arranging can cost Rs.10,000/- to Rs.50,000/- or more. The cost of the machine also depends on the brand, size and your region.

  3. Can counting machines detect fake money?

    Many cash counting machines are equipped with counterfeit location sensors that can detect counterfeit money. These elements typically use a combination of bright (UV), eye-catching (MG), or infrared (IR) sensors to identify overt security features that are available in real money but not found in counterfeit banknotes. Some high-end machines also have image detection capabilities that can identify thumbnails, watermarks, hidden images, and other elements that are difficult to recreate in a counterfeit banknote. In any case, it is important to take note that no machine is 100% accurate, and innovations in counterfeit identification are constantly evolving, so it is very wise to use multiple strategies to recognize counterfeit banknotes, such as manual checking and the use of UV light.

  4. How fast can a money machine count?

    The speed at which the money counting machine can count notes may vary depending on the particular machine and its components. Some basic manual counting machines can count about 1,000 notes per hour, while advanced machines can count up to 1,500 or even 2,000 notes per hour. High-speed machines can count up to 3000-4000 banknotes every hour, but they are usually used in large banks and money funds. However, it is important to consider that counting speed is not an important factor to consider when choosing a money counter, as accuracy and other elements such as fake detection are also important.