Top 14 Best Cat Beds India 2023 Online Shopping [Guide]

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Buying the best cat beds India can be one of the most important decisions you make as a cat owner.

We all know how devilishly sophisticated and demanding our feline companions can be, which means they want the best, most comfortable, and supportive place to lay their head and stretch out their paws.

However, there are hundreds of cat beds on the market, and each one screams that they are the best, so how do you find the best cat beds India?

Fear not: we’ve rounded up the best of the best cat beds India 2023 and written a buying guide to help you make the best cat bed India possible purchase for both you and your cat.

If you want your kitten to purr, you need to keep reading…

14 Best Cat Beds India 2023

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What are Cat Beds?

Best Cat Beds India 2022

Cat beds are beds specially designed for cats and other small pets. They provide a comfortable place to relax and sleep.

These beds are made from various materials such as cork, styrofoam, straw, etc. The materials used to make these beds are chosen based on the purpose they serve.

Cork beds are well known for their durability. They are easy to clean and easily withstand heavy traffic on them.

Foam beds are very soft and comfortable. This type of bed is best suited for indoor use and cat sleeping. Straw beds are ideal for outdoor use. They are very light and easy to carry.

However, they must be cleaned regularly. If you keep your pet indoors, then you need to make sure he has a good bed. Why are cat beds needed?

The animal needs a place to play and rest. A pet bed is a great choice for this purpose. Whether your pet likes to lie down or watch TV, a pet bed will provide him with a place where he will feel comfortable.

Pet beds are usually placed inside rooms where pets spend most of their time. This makes them the perfect companion for both cats and dogs. Not only do they help prevent undue stress, but they also provide a sense of security for pets.

Why You Only Want the Best Cat Beds?

Before you toss this article aside and decide to just buy a cheap cat bed, you should really consider if this is the best buy for your cat.

As all cat owners know, our pets sleep a lot.

We talk up to 20 hours a day.

And don’t even get us started on kittens and older cats – these sleepy animals need to conserve their energy even more!

In fact, cats sleep so much that they are one of the most sleepy species in the entire animal kingdom.

So that means the places where they sleep are very important. A cat bed should not only provide them with comfort, but also provide support for the body and even some warmth – this is especially important in cold climates.

Many of us will spend serious money on mattresses, toppers and pillows for ourselves, but will not consider buying something that is as useful for our cats.

We’re not saying you have to shell out for a luxury memory foam cat bed – though you can if you want to! – but you should definitely think about what will make your cat’s bed as comfortable as possible.

Best Cat Bed Online India 2023

Why do Cats Sleep So Much?

If you’re wondering if you can shorten your kitten’s sleep time, the answer is no – cats are programmed to sleep for long periods of time during the day.

Although they are not nocturnal, they are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dusk and dawn. The complete opposite of people who are mostly curtailing or getting ready at this time!

This means that they spend a lot of time sleeping during the day.

They are more active at dawn and dusk because cats usually hunt at this time.

Sure, most domestic cats won’t hunt (although we’re sure we’ve all woken up at some point with a gift of a dead mouse from Kitty!), but they still have wild cat instincts that keep them in check sleep modes.

In addition, cats need more sleep than us and other animals because they don’t get the restorative sleep that we do. They usually sleep much lighter and more restlessly.

This is because – as predators, in theory, if not in reality – they are almost always ready to pounce if they sense prey, even if they look like they are deep asleep.

Cats do have periods of deep sleep, but they only last 5 to 10 minutes at a time – it’s actually cat sleep!

Since they sleep so often, they really need a good quality cat bed.

What Makes a Best Cat Bed?

Before we get into the best cat sleeping bed online shopping on offer, it’s worth exploring what makes such a high quality product.

We believe there are several factors to consider.

a) Warmth

One of the most important things your cat needs in bed is warmth. Cats have a body temperature of around 102°F – much higher than humans – so they need more warmth and coziness to keep themselves at the right level so that all of their bodily functions work properly.

If you live in a cold place or want to keep your house cool, it is especially important that you have a warm cat bed.

b) Softness

Just like humans, cats like to snuggle up in a comfortable spot, and this is partly down to the texture of the bed. Plush is a particularly popular material for creating that super-soft feel.

c) Safe

Make sure you choose a durable and high quality cat bed. We all know how much some cats love to scratch and you don’t want your new bed to be destroyed once your cat has spent a few hours with it.

Not only will this be expensive, as you will need to change your cat beds frequently, but it can also be unsafe due to torn pieces of the bed that pose a choking hazard.

d) Supportive

The best cat beds are not only comfortable, but also provide some support for their body and joints. This is especially important for older cats and those with joint problems.

Ideally, choose a bed with plenty of supportive foam filling. You can invest in a dedicated orthopedic cat bed if your cat has more severe needs.

e) Looks good

It’s less important to your cat now, but will probably make some difference to you. There are some really well designed and beautiful cat beds on the market right now that will go well with the aesthetics of your home.

Make sure you don’t buy anything too out of place if you’re concerned about the look of the room!

f) Washable:

ccidents happen when you have pets and it only takes a little bit of dirt or a full bladder to make a cat bed a little smelly. Some of the best cat beds are machine washable, making the cleaning process much easier.

g) Non-slip bottom

This is a particularly useful feature if your home has bare floors – you don’t want your bed to fly if your cat bumps into it!

Cat Bed Price in India

When you read about what makes a good cat bed, you might be a little concerned that so many needs would equal an expensive cat bed.

First, a high price doesn’t necessarily mean a good bed. There are many cat beds on the market at the present time at a very reasonable price and high quality. Some of them are overpriced, but we will help you avoid them.

Secondly, it is worth considering the purchase as an investment.

If you choose a cheap low quality cat bed, you should be prepared to spend a lot of money to replace the beds as they fall apart and lose their softness and support. Talk about false economy!

By spending a little more now on a high-quality bed, you can be sure that it will last a very long time, sometimes even as long as your cat’s life.

While the initial cost may be a little more than what you normally pay, you will pay much less going forward.

Plus, your kitty will enjoy a much better cat bed in the meantime!

Types of Cat Beds

Now, unlike human beds, there is more than one type of cat bed.

Which type you choose will depend on your cat’s personality and needs, as well as the environment in your home.

Let’s get down to the little things.

(i) Standard cat bed

A standard bed is exactly what you think of when you think of cat beds.

This is a square or rectangular bed with a padded bottom and reinforced sides to keep your cat from getting out of it. It should be big enough for the cat to stretch out completely in it, but not too big so it doesn’t feel like a personal space.

As you can imagine, standard cat beds are the most common on the market, and they are usually very reasonably priced.

Make sure you buy soft and cushioned shoes for maximum comfort and support.

3 Best Standard Cat Bed India 2023

(ii) Enclosed cat bed

Another relatively common type of bed is the closed or domed bed.

This is the same as a standard cat bed, except that the sides will continue around the bed to form a cover. Obviously your cat will have a small entrance to get in and out of the bed.

Enclosed cat beds are best for kittens who like to have their own den.

A small covered space creates a very private space for your cat while they can still observe the world around them from the entrance.

Many cats like to climb inside the bed and rest their head on the edge of the entrance.


Again, these are common and usually only slightly more expensive than standard cat beds.

Make sure whatever you buy is well designed so your cat doesn’t scratch the inside walls to shreds.

(iii) Cat Heat Pads

A little different, though not too complicated, are the heating pads.

They are best suited for cats who need extra warmth in the form of a comfortable pillow but aren’t worried about making themselves a cozy den.

Many owners buy heating pads to place in their cat beds to add an extra layer of warmth.

They are especially popular in winter and in year-round cold climates.

Cat warmers can either be self-heating – they’ll be made of super-insulating material – or electrically powered and thermostatically controlled to reach the optimum temperature for your cat.

If you decide to buy an electric heating pad, we recommend purchasing one with chew-resistant wires to make it as safe as possible.

Best Cat Heat Cat Bed India

(iv) Orthopedic beds for cats

Some cats will need something more specialized if they have special physical needs, such as joint pain or normal old age.

This is where orthopedic beds come to the rescue.

These beds are often fitted with memory foam instead of plain padding and provide an unparalleled level of support for your pet.

Not only are they supremely comfortable, orthopedic cat beds will mold to your cat’s shape and distribute their weight evenly across their body.

This ensures that pressure is taken off their joints and creates an overall feeling of floating on a cloud – something your adult cat will really appreciate!

Orthopedic beds often also feature stronger sides, allowing your cat to lie on their sides without supporting their own body weight.

As you might expect, orthopedic cat beds tend to be more expensive than standard beds and mattresses, although this is indicative of their quality. It’s hard to rate your cat’s comfort and health, which is why we think it’s a worthy investment.

Best Orthopedic Cat Bed India

(v) Waterproof cat beds

If you are potty training a kitten or caring for an older cat, you can buy a waterproof cat bed instead.

Luckily, many high-quality beds already come with waterproofing, so finding one isn’t too difficult.

They may not be as plush as standard cat beds, but they do help keep the bed safe from any little accidents that are almost inevitable.

However, if you can’t find a waterproof bed that suits your needs, you can simply buy a machine washable bed that you can quickly and easily clean as needed.

Best Waterproof Cat Bed India

(vi) Shark cat beds

Okay, we’ll admit it… this isn’t for your cat at all: it’s for you!

You won’t believe how many requests we get for a cat shark bed – it’s a shark shaped bed. We guess there are a handful of owners who love the sight of their kitten sleeping peacefully in the toothy jaws of one of the earth’s greatest predators!

These new beds are super fun and great for homes with small kids or old jokers.

Other new favorites also include cat hamburger beds.

Best Shark Cat Bed India 2023

Here are the 2 Best Cat Beds India 2023 (Shark Cat Bed) found below: –

(i) 24×7 eMall Shark Pet House Cat Bed

The breathable, comfortable and durable fabric in this unusual home, brings a comfortable temperature to your pet suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Suitable for small animals like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits.

(ii) Fokat Shark Shape Cat Bed

This product is from overseas please check delivery time. A pet house is suitable for all types of dogs and cats.

One nest for two used items, the ground is waterless and slippery. High quality for strong and durable use. They offer 100% Real, High Quality & Real Product to customers.

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