Top 5 Best CCTV Camera for Home in India

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If you are looking for an inexpensive security camera for your home and store. Here I have selected some of the 5 Best CCTV Camera for Home in India 2023.

Best CCTV Camera

In the digital age, privacy has become the main concern of every person, and people have become more conscious of their every action and every step.

CCTV is very common and has proven to track any suspect and monitor the footage to find activities of intruders and delinquents nearby.

Video surveillance is considered the best form of lifeless security, which has reduced human effort and increased security not only in the Store, but among officers as well.

The state-of-the-art CCTV system is equipped with advanced features and provides state of the art infrastructure and has proven to be the best CCTV camera for a store, reliable and reliable device in India.

So, you must be thinking why do we need a security camera, here is the answer.

Best Selling CCTV Cameras for Home and Ofiices

For those who own a business or manage their own store or office.

  • Control the staff, the actions of the workers, if they work in secret.
  • Monitor bowling and harassment in back office.
  • Track thefts and errors
  • Track the causes of any accident or accident throughout the day.

For home and yard.

  • To ensure the safety of the baby
  • Detect theft
  • Watch out for any irrational activity on your doorstep or in the neighborhood.

Top 5 Best CCTV Camera for Home in India 2023

Best CCTV Camera for Home 2023

Now let’s move on to the best CCTV camera for a store. However, there are various CCTV brands in India that offer an exceptionally amazing product. So, today we have filtered out the best security camera for shop in India for you.

1. CP Plus CP-E31A

It is the first and best CCTV camera for shop due to its multi-purpose advantages and state of the art. CP plus Intelli Eye has a resolution of 1080p, which gives it an advantage over other models.

Moreover, it is considered versatile due to the fact that it is adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This CCTV camera is manufactured in accordance with NEMA guidelines which has the required security features which is also an advantage in favor of the best CCTV store camera in India.

Moreover, it is best for night vision with its 3MP camera, and the IR sensor ensures flawless footage recording, making it the best surveillance camera for shops and offices.

In terms of quantity, these cameras come with two dome cameras and have two bullet cameras. This camera provides 1080p surveillance and 1TB storage capacity.

In addition, the cables are very durable for fast data transfer thanks to 4 DC pins. Best for offices, stores, warehouses, schools, educational institutions, home, retail stores and security stores.

Special Features & Specifications

  • IR Night Vision 20 Meters,
  • IP67 Weather Proof,
  • Remote Access,
  • Connect to multiple Camera,
  • Supported by HDx, DVRs, HDTVI, CVBS, HDCVI, AHD


  • 1080 HD picture quality
  • Weatherproof camera
  • 20 Mtr IR night vision
  • Affordable


  • No cloud storage
  • Installing is a bit difficult

2. D-Link DCS-F2612

D-link is another most popular brand of Best CCTV Camera For Shop in India and has very reliable security cameras that are very secure and sophisticated.

The D-link security camera records images in Full HD1080p with 20 meters IR range, giving it an edge.

This is a fixed barrel CCTV camera in India and the focus quality is amazing compared to other CCTV systems because the focus allows a large apartment complex to track suspicious activity.

What’s more, this video surveillance supports four formats such as AHD, TV, CVI and CVBS. The shooting range is 300 meters, and the 3.6mm lens is actually a wide angle lens that captures a wide and wide area of the home and is certified as the best security camera for a jewelry store.

In addition, it has 1/2.7″ canvas lenses that provide impressive output, and the all-metal body is 1P66 waterproof, which works great even in rainy seasons.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Full Metal Body and Full HD 1080p
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • 20 Mtr IR RangeHD Camera
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Mounting Accessories.


  • IR range of 20m
  • Excellent for night use
  • Wide angle lens
  • Inexpensive setup


  • Fixed Bullet Camera and needs manual adjustments
  • Cannot control from remote locations

3. TP-Link Tapo 360°

TP-Link is another dominant and well-known name in the field of CCTV, which gives it an advantage over others with its Wi-Fi support, making it the best security camera for a store.

TP-Link offers security-focused solutions for the home office and indoor environments. TP-Link surveillance cameras are equipped with advanced intelligent and sophisticated features to ensure 24/7 security and safety of the target area.

What’s more, HD Camera Version 1.0 captures 1080p video for crystal-clear images.

Even the 360-degree panoramic view from our smartphone through the TP-Link app is also an advanced and portable feature.

The communication is seamless and with very little distortion, giving the customer the ability to listen to clear audio while sitting at home anywhere around the world, placing it in the “Best Store Surveillance Camera” category.

Built-in speakers help you make an announcement through the camera while sitting in your office or cabin.

The LED surrounding the camera also gives a clear view of the night. Since this is a night vision camera, you can see dark and dirty areas clearly.

In addition, a pop-up email notification alerts you when you detect any sudden movement or traffic violation. Plus, the micro SD card option gives you up to 128GB of storage.

The Wi-Fi function gives you the ability to live stream anytime, anywhere around the world.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Motion detection
  • Rotate camera
  • IR night vision
  • Two-way audio and SD card slot.


  • Easy to install and use
  • 2 MP camera
  • Worth the price
  • Features like motion detection
  • Control from remote locations


  • Quality of sound depends on your Wi-Fi signal
  • Runs on AC, hence ineffective during a power blackout

4. MI Xiaomi 2i

MI 360° ranks as the fourth best security camera for the home. MI is the next name of security and keep an eye on every night and activity vision.

The reason it’s worth buying the 360-degree view with 1080p image quality is because the infrared illusions are best for the nighttime version.

Motion dedications send you an instant email or push notification, even the TalkBack features are another feature to consider when choosing the best security camera for a small store.

Full color vision in low light is just a factor that draws attention when compared to other security cameras below the “Best security camera for store” level.

Even the installation is done in just 3 steps and also this video surveillance system is very economical.

However, the only downside is that there is no cloud storage option, there is a 64GB micro SD slot and NAS support. AI Motion Detector comes with 110 degree field of view and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g and 2.4GHz.

Special Features & Specifications

  • Intruder alert
  • Full colour in night mode
  • 360-degree view
  • Table feature
  • Install upright or inverted
  • Multiple views on a single screen
  • Picture in picture mode
  • Playback of 2 x/ 4 x /16 X speed


  • Full value for money
  • Great picture quality
  • Clear night vision with colours
  • 360-degree view
  • Talkback feature
  • Inverter installation option
  • Easy to install


  • Doesn’t support cloud storage

5. TechEase 360° 1296p

TechEase is another registered trademark holding all legal rights to sell CCTV cameras for shops and offices in India. The T8855 is ranked fifth in terms of safety.

The standout feature of this camera is its real-time monitoring function anytime, anywhere from your smartphone with just one click.

Worth noting is the 720p 360-degree image, which can earn you the “Best Surveillance Camera for a Small Store” award.

Along with this, the infrared night vision technology is also commendable to prevent any suspicious activity taking place in the dark.

What’s more, AI motion detection is also another useful and reliable feature of this CCTV camera, just like other CCTV cameras, making it the choice of customers.

The TalkBack feature is currently the most important feature in the office, as it allows you to make announcements without hassle and avoid unnecessary meetings.

The installation also gives you an upside down option, making it a flexible and portable device.

Regardless of your mobile app, you can have a 355° horizontal and 110° vertical view, eliminating the need for multiple cameras.

The SD card option allows you to expand its storage up to 128 GB, as well as the possibility of online storage in the cloud.

The color quality has already captured the attention of many with true-to-life 720p color footage and a full color gamut with amazing dynamic range.

The dual motor design provides all-round visibility, and the body is even shock-resistant. The working mechanism of the motor is quite quiet and smooth.

The f2.1 aperture provides impressive night vision and clear vision up to 16 feet away. All these aforementioned keyboards make it the best CCTV for store.

Special Features & Specifications

  • New and better night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Real-time remote live access
  • Dual motor design
  • HD photo quality
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, windows
  • Email alert
  • AP mode
  • 360-degree view
  • Two-way real-time audio.


  • Excellent features
  • Absolute clarity because of IR imaging
  • Remote controlling facility
  • Motion sensing


  • 128GB memory could prove inadequate if you opt for 24X7 recording

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Best CCTV Camera Buying Guide

However, India has a wide range of CCTV cameras that are the best of their kind and come with amazing features. Nevertheless, it is difficult to choose among them, so below we have substantiated some of the factors that destroy the assembly and structure.

Classification on the Basis of Iris for Best security Camera for Shop

What is IRIS?

The iris is actually like the human eyelid that covers the camera lens. In photography terms, this is referred to as the aperture, which provides and controls the amount of light that enters and ensures that the footage is captured clearly.

Aperture is the most elemental factor in determining the best security camera in India. They come in two versions: with automatic and manual iris.

  • (a) Automatic iris

Because this in itself means that it works on its own and is equipped with a motor that automatically ensures that the diaphragm opens as soon as it senses light around. Auto iris CCTV is India’s best CCTV security camera for store, which is widely applied in offices and homes.

  • (b) Manual iris

A manual iris, although a common device, still has the advantage of inherent reliability. The user can adjust the iris manually and they are static in nature, unlike auto iris security cameras which are movable.

Manual iris security cameras are carefully used for front door, barricades, shops, shopping malls, warehouses. In short, places that are more prone to theft.

  • (c) Why are they manual?

They are manual because if we need to adjust or change the position or view of the camera, we need to do it manually because it lacks a sensor.

Types of Lens Used In CCTV Brands In India

Size of the lensName of the lens
2.8 mmWide-angle lens
8 mmSemi-wide-angle lens
12 mmShort-range narrow lens
50 mmLong-range narrow lens

Classification by Location Factors

(a) Indoor

This is the best security camera for retail shop and home in India. These cameras are specially designed with a special low light function like the latest smartphones, allowing them to record even in low light.

However, the color quality of the video is a bit compromised and less believable and gives a kind of black and white footage. These cameras have either fixed or manual iris adjustment, and even these cameras mount easily on C&S-style clamp mounts.

(b) Outdoor

These are usually high resolution cameras as they are designed to capture a wider and more dynamic view of outer space such as the street, intersection, playgrounds, yard, thorns, factories and department stores.

Because they are designed with an auto iris function, which can even easily distinguish between day and night modes automatically.

Classification of the Best Security Cameras

(a) Infrared technology

The design of LED technology with infrared methodology is best for recording black and white footage at home, and this feature is considered the best CCTV camera for jewelry store.

These cameras are usually seen at the borders, at the border in the defense zone, as they are much more reliable and authentic.

(b) Low light camera

This type of video surveillance is designed for specific purposes where there is usually little light, such as parking lots, basements, garages, tunnels, subways, and backyards.

Low technology is gaining popularity due to the fact that it works great in dirty and dark places where suspicious activity is more prone to accounting.

(c) HD Camera

This TV cameras have HD video and have more pixels and dots per inch. They generally produce videos at a resolution of at least 480p, 720p, and no more than 1080p.

(d) Fisheye camera

Fisheye cameras are preferred to have visual distortions in order to have a panoramic and hemispherical view of the area. They are designed for ultra-wide viewing and look pretty flashy.

(e) SPX camera

It is a form of hidden or spy camera used by detectives or reporters to safely carry out a sting operation. The size is usually as small as a button and is very obscure.

Lens Type

Generally, there are two types of lenses available that serve a purpose. One lens is adjustable and the other is inherently static.


This is another important aspect that, when choosing the best security camera for a store, gives you the opportunity to have a longer dynamic range.

Resolution is presented in three versions: 480p, 720p and 1080p. So the higher the resolution, the easier it is for you to get a clear and crisp image of your footage.

Camera Field of View

This is a reference to the view of the field or area that the camera can capture. Thus, a camera with a longer angle length can cover longer or wider dimensions.

Wide angle cameras always have an advantage over other types because they can capture 360 views and eliminate the need for multiple cameras and make your single camera diversified in nature.

Best CCTV Camera for Shop in India 2023

These are usually the top 5 security cameras for stores and offices:

1). Box CCTV Camera

These are professional cameras that are definitely superior to bullet and dome cameras due to their long service life, which makes them worth buying and installing as the best security camera in India.

2). Dome Camera

These cameras are known as dome cameras due to their dome-like appearance and are intended for banks, offices and homes.

However, dome cameras can be used for outdoor purposes as well as places such as hotels, parking lots, retail stores, malls, as they will know the direction they are observing and therefore reduce the chances of robbery and theft.

Key Dome Camera Advantages:

  • More discreet – blends in with surroundings
  • Vandal-resistant
  • Rotating camera & wide-angle
  • Weatherproof
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Night Vision

3). Bullet Camera

This is another form of security camera that resembles a bullet jacket and is similar in design to a lipstick case.

Since they are cylindrical in shape and are mainly visible in open areas, streets, playgrounds, intersections and other crowded places, in order to minimize the impact of malicious activities.

Main Bullet Camera Advantages:

  • Longer range
  • Indoor & outdoor use
  • Easy of installation
  • Night Vision
  • Weatherproof

4.) Covert CCTV

These cameras are the best choice due to being less visible to the general public due to their discrete appearance. The reason they are called covert is they are not visible like other types of security cameras.

However, they are installed in such a way that they are not visible to the general public in order to manipulate the offender and catch him red-handed.

5) PTZ Camera

It is considered to be the best-selling and dominant camera in the video surveillance industry. It has gigantic dimensions and advanced technical features that make it stand out from the competition.

This camera features a motion control function and a tilt zoom function, which has increased the security level. PTZ CCTV cameras can accurately and reliably monitor the object in close proximity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to choose the best security camera for shop in India?

    Although there are various factors, but the most common factor for buying the best security camera is waterproof and able to withstand different temperatures depending on the change of season, as well as the IK rating.

  2. What types of video surveillance systems support manual scaling?

    The specific function is limited to PTZ cameras only, and they have a range of CCTV cameras with a standard zoom of 2.8-12mm.

  3. What is a PTZ camera and its range?

    A PTZ camera is a very expensive and sophisticated camera that comes with pan, tilt and zoom options. As for the flight range, it is 1600 feet, which is 500 meters.

  4. How to decide which camera works in the dark and night mode?

    The best camera will be one that is IR compatible and provides clear and crisp images of living and non-living objects. Many cameras come with features that are popular as low light cameras in the surveillance market.

  5. What is the difference between wired and wireless security cameras?

    All three of these cameras have their own meaning. So here are your conditions. (i) Wire: These security cameras are powered by electricity only. Pros: does not require much control. The output quality is high. Cons: A wired camera requires constant power to operate. Often in need of updating and maintenance. (ii) Wireless: These security cameras were powered by a WI-FI power source through a cable. Pros: Excellent image capture and display quality. Easy installation. Ideal for locations where 24/7 security is required. Cons: requires constant monitoring. Interference can also affect the quality of the camera. Wireless cameras are quite expensive. Wirefree – These CCTV cameras are WI-FI only and battery powered.

  6. What are IP network cameras?

    This type of security camera uses internet protocol for its mechanism and was originally very expensive and poor quality.


We have made every effort to compile this list. This complete buying guide will help you select and buy the best CCTV cameras for your store. According to your needs, budget and preferences.

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