8 Best Computer Glasses India for Eye Protection

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You should consider a few things before buying the best eye protection glasses for computer users. Choosing the best computer glasses India 2023 is not easy.

Here in this article, I am going to help you choose the best blue light blocking glasses India that are right for you.

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Computer glasses differ in many ways from standard glasses or reading glasses, improving visual acuity when working at a computer.

Computer glasses from our company have a unique coating that minimizes eye strain.

Computer monitors are typically placed twenty to twenty-six inches from the user’s face. This is considered the intermediate zone of vision – farther than when reading, but closer than when driving.

Most teenagers use glasses to correct distance vision. Reading glasses are recommended for near vision only.

And bifocal glasses are recommended for people over 40 who suffer from presbyopia. Even in trifocals and progressive addition lenses, only a small portion of the contact lens is focused on this area, not large enough for suitable computer work.

Without computer glasses, a large number of computer wearers can often experience blurred vision, eye strain, and mild to severe headaches—the main warning signs of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).

Even worse, many people try to compensate for their blurry vision by leaning forward or moving their head to read through the bottom of their glasses. These two measures can cause neck pain, shoulder muscle soreness, and lower back pain.

Although sometimes referred to as “computer reading glasses”, it is preferable to use the terms “computer glasses” or “computer glasses” to distinguish them from traditional reading glasses.

Computer glasses have the perfect lens strength to work with the monitor exactly where you want it, for a nice wide field of view without the need for extreme concentration or harmful postures. So buy computer glasses online right now and forget about your worries.

Scientific studies also show that computer glasses can significantly improve human performance.

8 Best Computer Glasses India 2023

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Here are the 8 Best Computer Glasses India 2023 discussed below. You will find a list of the Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses India that you can definitely buy without thinking more:

1. Intellilens Square Blue Cut Computer Glasses for Eye Protection

Best Computer Glasses India 2023

The Blue Cut Intellilens Square Computer Glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays emitted by computers and monitors.

They are made using a special lens material that filters out UVA and UVB radiation, allowing 100% of visible light to pass through.

This means they allow you to see the screen clearly without eye strain. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

2. Aferelle Premium Blue Ray Cut Lens

Best Eye Protection Glasses for Computer Users

These lenses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. These lenses are made from 100% UV protected material and are suitable for both men and women. These lenses are suitable for any prescription and are also designed for everyday wear.

These lenses are made with anti-fog and anti-scratch technology. These lenses are comfortable to wear and lightweight. This lens is durable and affordable, and easy to clean.

3. Anemone Unisex Blue Light Filter Glasses

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses India

Anemone blue light filter glasses are designed to reduce eye strain when working at a computer or watching TV. They are ideal for those who spend long hours looking at the screen.

Anemone glasses are equipped with special lenses that block blue light from entering the eyes.

This helps prevent eye strain and headaches caused by prolonged exposure to blue light. The lenses are blue-tinted for added protection from harmful rays.

Anemone filters provide protection against blue light emitted by screens and computers. This reduces eye strain and protects against headaches.

Anemone Blue Light Filter glasses are great for those who spend time at the computer or watching TV. They are especially useful for those who work at night or use their devices until late at night.

4. Zero D Best Computer Glasses 2023 for Eye Protection

Zero D Computer Glasses for Eye Protection

Zero D glasses are designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They are lightweight, comfortable and provide excellent eye protection. They are ideal for outdoor activities and sports.

Zero D glasses filter out 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This means that they block both UVA and UVB rays. The lenses are tinted blue and green, making them perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun.

Yes! Zero D glasses are safe for the eyes. They are FDA approved and safety tested. They are also CE certified.

Yes! ZeroD glasses have 99.9% UVA/UVB protection. This means that only 0.1% of the light gets through.

5. Efermone Premium Blue Light Filter Computer Glasses

Best Eye Protection Glasses 2023

Blue light filters are designed to prevent blue light from entering your eyes. This helps prevent eye strain and headaches caused by looking at computer screens for too long. They are especially useful for those who work at the computer until late at night.

The lenses contain a special coating that blocks blue light but allows red and yellow light to pass through. The lenses are tinted in a slightly greenish blue tone to reduce glare.

They help protect your eyes from eye strain and headaches caused by looking at computer screens for too long.

After prolonged wear, you may experience some discomfort.

6. Elegante Blue Light Blocking Eye Protection Glasses

Best Computer Glasses 2023

The goggles are made of polycarbonate plastic, which is lightweight, durable, impact resistant and unbreakable. Polycarbonate is commonly used in protective gear, including sports goggles, welding goggles, and goggles.

The lenses are blue-tinted to prevent harmful UV rays from entering your eyes. This helps prevent eye damage caused by overexposure to sunlight. The lenses are scratch resistant, making them ideal for active wear.

Yes! All Elegante Blue Light Blocked glasses are guaranteed against factory defects.

7. Peter Jones Square Anti Glare Glasses for Men and Women

peter jones computer glasses

Peter Jones Square lens technology with anti-reflective coating is designed to reduce eye strain when watching TV or working at a computer.

This type of glasses is specially designed to prevent light from entering through the bottom of the lenses.

This prevents eye fatigue and headaches. The square shape of this frame makes it comfortable to wear and provides maximum peripheral vision.

This frame weighs only 0.6 ounces and is very light. This means that you will not feel any discomfort while wearing these glasses. They are also strong and durable.

The plastic used in the construction of this frame is scratch resistant and durable enough to withstand daily use.

You can clean this frame using warm water and mild soap. Simply wipe the surface of the frame with a soft cloth and rinse thoroughly. Dry completely before storage.

8. Lenskart Blu Zero Power Computer Glasses

Lenskart Blu Zero Power Computer Glasses

They have a stylish design and are comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and foldable. In addition, they provide greater transparency and protection from harmful UV rays.

Overall, I would say that these are decent computer glasses.

The lens design is stylish and modern. There are two different colors – black and white. The frame is made of plastic and metal.

The lens is scratch resistant and provides 100% UVA/UVB protection. It is water repellent and anti-fog. The earcups are adjustable and the nose piece is replaceable.

The arms are flexible and foldable. The hinges are strong, the armrests are soft. The overall look is stylish and elegant.

How to Choose the Best Eye Protection Glasses for Computer Users?

Choose glasses according to your needs

The first thing to consider when choosing eye protection glasses is how you plan to use your computer. There are two types of users: those who spend all day at the computer, and those who work only occasionally.


Eye protection glasses should always be chosen based on your budget. This is because they are quite expensive compared to other glasses. However, if you are looking for quality eye protection goggles, you can opt for more expensive ones.


You also need to check if your current prescription lenses are compatible with your new glasses. If you have changed your prescription recently, you should make sure that the new pair of glasses is right for you before you buy them.


Always wear protective goggles when working with a computer. They protect your eyes from being damaged by computer screens, keyboards and mouse buttons. Make sure they fit correctly and cover both eyes.


Comfort is always a priority. Choose a pair of eye protection goggles that fit comfortably on your face. Avoid heavy frames that can cause discomfort.


Eye protection goggles should complement your outfit. Choose a style that suits your personality.


Choose a sturdy pair of eye protection goggles. Look for frame material that won’t break.


Don’t spend too much on goggles. Good goggles should not cost more than 5000.

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