8 Best G Shock Watch in India 2022 – Buying Guide

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Choosing the Best G Shock Watch in India 2022 may not be very difficult. There are some things to consider before buying your first g-shock watch. The Best G Shock Watches are not always the most expensive. You don’t need to spend very high on g-shock watches. There are some really good options at affordable prices.

G-Shock watches are known for their durability, reliability and dependability. They have been around since the 1980s and have become an integral part of many people’s lives. G-Shocks are waterproof, shockproof and can withstand extreme temperatures. This watch is great for those who love to travel, work out or just want something that won’t break.

Best G Shock Watch in India

G shock watches are always popular now. But we don’t know how to choose the Best G Shock Watch 2022. Therefore, I think we should share useful information on how to choose the Best G Shock Watch in India and get the best performance!

Nowadays, many people want to buy a new watch but don’t know where to start. There are so many features that can make or break a watch. Here is a list of the Best G Shock Watch 2022 in India with great features that you can buy for yourself:

Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Dial Men’s Watch VIEW
Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Dial WatchVIEW
Casio G-Shock Protection Analog Digital WatchVIEW
Casio GA-110HR-1ADR (G700) G-Shock Watch VIEW
Casio GG-1000-1A3DR (G662) G-Shock Watch VIEW
Casio GBA-800-8ADR (G835) G-Shock WatchVIEW
Casio GD-100-1BDR (G310) G-Shock WatchVIEW
Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard Watch VIEW

1. Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Dial Men’s Watch

The Casio G-SHOCK ANALOG-DIGITAL DIAL MEN’S WATCH (GSDM) has been released onto the market, and I’ve been able to get my hands on this timepiece. After getting familiarized with its features, I’ll share my thoughts on how well this watch performs!

  • Design

First things first, I have to say that this Casio G-Shock is quite nice looking. I was actually surprised at how good looking it looked. There are 2 different versions of this watch: black & white and silver. Both are really attractive but I definitely prefer the black & white version.

I like how the face of the watch is composed of 2 separate parts. On the top half of the dial we have the digital display, while on the bottom half we have the analog display. This design allows us to easily read the time without having to look down at the digital display.

In addition, both the black & white and silver watches come equipped with a metal case. I don’t think this particular model comes with any extra functions other than the basic ones. However, it does come with a leather strap.

2. Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Dial Men’s Watch

I wear this watch every day since I bought it about two years ago. I have had this watch repaired twice at Casio, once due to a crack in the glass and another time due to the hands not working properly. Both times they were able to fix it and gave me back my watch.

When I first bought this watch I was looking for something that would go well with my suit and this watch did just that. This watch is simple yet stylish, and the black strap is perfect for any color suit.

They say that time is money. And while it may seem like a cliché at first glance, it actually refers to something we take for granted. How often do we forget our watch? Or, even worse, how many times do we lose them due to distractions?

The Casio G-Shock Analog-DigiDial is designed to help improve your daily life by ensuring you always know what time it is. The watch not only keeps track of time, but can also tell the difference between day and night using the hands.

The watch is equipped with two different types of dials; analog dials and digital LCD screens. This means you will always get the right information, no matter where you are or what environment you are in.

The watch is equipped with a precise quartz movement and has a battery life of more than five years. With a price tag of less than 10,000, this simple device can really change your life.

3. Casio G-Shock Protection Analog Digital Dial Men’s Watch

Watches from this Casio brand are really durable, comfortable and well built. If you’re looking for a waterproof, shock-resistant watch that can withstand daily wear and tear, look no further than this watch.

So if you like the style of a watch with a digital display and an analog dial, but you’re unsure about how it works or how long it will last, I highly recommend Casio G-Shocks.

If you don’t want cheap waterproof watches that look like spy movies, then this is not the case. This watch has a few good features and the overall design is quite attractive. You get a full size strap with buckle closure. The crown button has a push-pull function so you can adjust it without getting your hands dirty.

As for technical specifications, this model is equipped with a quartz movement, automatic chronograph, water resistance up to 100 meters, shock protection, date window, day of the week and month indicator, alarm clock, countdown timer, stopwatch and time zone.

The G-SHOCK brand is known for its quality products, especially when it comes to sports watches. Its strength and durability are unmatched and the price reflects this. With the Casio G-Shock, you get a smartwatch that suits every lifestyle.

4. Casio GA-110HR-1ADR (G700) G-Shock Analog-Digital Watch

This watch has been a hit since its release. This particular model has a black dial and a silver case. I like these watches because of their unique features. The first thing that caught my eye was how light it is, only 7.4 ounces. It’s definitely not bulky and feels like a high quality product.

The second feature of these watches is shock resistance. This watch can withstand drops from up to 5m without breaking. Last but not least, the analog display is easy to read and understand.

This watch has a unique design where the digital display is located inside the analog face that can be seen through a transparent case. This watch comes with a 1 year warranty via Casio.


• A rugged water resistant shell

• A date window at 6 o’clock

• A sub dial at 12 o’clock

• An alarm feature at 9 o’clock

Overall, if you are looking for a watch that has great value and durability, I highly recommend you check this one out!

5. Casio GG-1000-1A3DR (G662) G-Shock Analog Digital Watch

GG-1000-1A3DR (G662) is a digital watch with an analog dial. I like the design of this watch as well as the functionality. The first thing that catches your eye about this watch is its durability. The watch can withstand drops from a height of up to 10 meters from the waist and continue to work.

Another feature that makes this watch stand out is its shock-resistant technology. The watch can withstand impacts up to 15 times harder than other watches.

Last but not least, a bright and easy to read LCD screen. In terms of size, the watch is quite small, making it comfortable to wear even while exercising. Overall, this watch is a good buy, especially for those looking for something durable and functional.

6. Casio GBA-800-8ADR (G835) G-Shock Analog-Digital Dial Men’s Watch

The Casio GBA-800-4ADR has been around since 1989 but was updated in 1996. This watch is a good example of how timekeeping technology has changed over the years.

At the time, it was believed that analog watches were superior to digital ones; however, today they are no longer the same. With the development of technology, both types of watches have become equally functional and useful. Casio did a good job with this particular model because it’s stylish and durable.

This watch comes with a stainless steel case and bracelet. The dial has eight sub-dials including hours, minutes, seconds, date, power reserve indicator, alarm, chronograph, and day/date display. They can be easily read from any angle.

The surface is scratch resistant and water repellent. There are four buttons on the side of the watch that allow the user to select features such as stopwatch mode, memory function, and alarm setting.

Casio GBA-802-4ADR has an impact resistance of 100 meters. This means it is safe for swimming and water sports. Battery life is about 2 weeks. The clock is accurate to 1 second per month.

7. Casio GD-100-1BDR (G310) G-Shock Digital Dial Men’s Watch

Here is the Casio GD-100-1BDX (G310) G Shock watch from Casio. This model was released in 2011 and is available in several colors. They have the same features as other Casio watches, but they are men’s watches. I love the unique color scheme of this watch: blue, pink, black, yellow, red, green, orange and white. You can find this watch on Amazon.com for around 7000.

The digital display shows the current time, date, battery charge and the number of alarms set. There are two buttons, an alarm button and a stopwatch function. All features are easy to use and work well.

8. Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard Analog-Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch

Casio G-Shock watches are known for their durability and reliability. G-Shock watches have been around since the 80s and continue to be popular today. This watch is made of shock-resistant materials and is waterproof. They are designed to work in extreme conditions and provide accurate readings even in difficult situations.

  • Casio G-shock Carbon Core Guard watch review

The Casio G Shock Carbon Core Guard Analog-Digital Men’s Watch features a 46mm (1.75″) stainless steel case with a black dial and a mineral glass lens. This model has a silver stainless steel bracelet and a silver acrylic glass display case. It is equipped with a date function, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm clock, world time, moon phase indicator and power reserve indicator.

  • Best travel watch

This watch is waterproof, dustproof, drop and shock resistant. It can withstand drops up to 9 feet without damage. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, etc. It is also great for frequent travelers.

How to Choose Best G Shock Watch?

Gshock watches are designed to work in extreme conditions. They can withstand water, dust, dirt, heat, cold, shock, vibration, and more. Some models have been tested to withstand a 12-foot drop without damage. If you want to buy a watch that can withstand any conditions, then this is your best choice.

The first thing you should consider is what environment you live in. Do you work outside? Are you going to use it in dusty places? Will you wear it during your workout? You need to know how your watch will react if it gets wet.

If you are not sure about the answer to these questions, you should choose a waterproof model. This type of watch has a special coating that protects the inside of the watch from moisture. These types of watches are ideal for people who spend time outdoors.

However, if you don’t like the idea of ​​wearing a bulky watch, you should opt for a sophisticated version instead. This type of watch is easy to carry and will not interfere with your daily activities.

You can find both types of watches in online stores. However, make sure you check the quality before buying. Make sure the watch is well made and durable. Also pay attention to the warranty period. You may end up spending more money than necessary if the watch breaks after a few months.

This is just a short guide to help you understand how to choose a Best G Shock Watch in India 2022. There are many other things to consider when choosing a watch.

  • Size

You must buy a watch that fits well on your wrist. A big watch will make you look bigger than you really are. If you’re looking for sporty style, choose a smaller size. If you want to wear a more dressy watch, choose a larger size.

  • Durability

The watch should last for many years. This means that it must be durable. Look for watches made from high quality materials. Avoid cheap plastic parts. Also, avoid watches with lots of moving parts.

  • Style

There are many different styles of watches. Some of them are more formal than others. You may want something that looks good but is not too flashy. If you’re looking for classic style, a simple black leather strap will do.

  • Functions

You should pay attention to features such as water resistance, durability, battery life, and more. These things can make a huge difference in how long your watch lasts and whether it’s worth buying.

The watch must have at least 5 functions, including alarm clock, timer, calendar, stopwatch, moon phase display, etc. You can choose from different brands. Make sure they are of good quality and durability.

  • Cost

It’s better not to overpay. Cheap watches can lose their value after a while. If you no longer like your current watch, you may want to consider buying another model. Also, make sure you get what you pay for.

  • You need a GPS

If you plan on using it for running, biking, hiking, skiing, sailing, camping, hunting, fishing, diving, rock climbing, etc., then yes. Otherwise, no.

Best G Shock Watch 2022 List

1.Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Dial Men’s Watch BUY NOW
2.Casio G-Shock Analog-Digital Dial WatchBUY NOW
3.Casio G-Shock Protection Analog Digital WatchBUY NOW
4.Casio GA-110HR-1ADR (G700) G-Shock Watch BUY NOW
5.Casio GG-1000-1A3DR (G662) G-Shock Watch BUY NOW
6.Casio GBA-800-8ADR (G835) G-Shock WatchBUY NOW
7.Casio GD-100-1BDR (G310) G-Shock WatchBUY NOW
8.Casio G-Shock Carbon Core Guard Watch BUY NOW

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G-Shock watches are one of the best watches under 10,000 in India we’ve ever seen. They are comfortable, durable, stylish and affordable. However, they can get quite pricey if you want something with a lot of bells and whistles. We have detailed the above Best G Shock Watch in India 2022 list. You can choose any of them within your budget. Thanks!