Top 10 Best Headphones Under 2000 in India 2023

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Buying headphones at the lowest price and best quality is as difficult as solving a Rubik’s cube. You have to keep in mind the quality you want from your headphones.

It is not at all necessary that buying high-priced headphones always gives you the best result, or vice versa. In this article, I will tell you which are the Best Headphones Under 2000 in India 2023?

10 Best Headphones Under 2000 in India 2023

    1. Boat Rockerz 550 Headphone

    Best Headphones Under 2000 in India

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    These wireless headphones from Boat are a great choice if you are looking for Best Headphones Under 2000 Rupees in India 2023.

    It comes with 50mm dynamic drivers to deliver immersive sound. The design is also ergonomic so you get superior comfort even when worn all day long.

    The 500 mAh battery provides up to 20 hours of music listening. These headphones also have other useful features such as noise isolation, touch connection, etc.


    • It comes with a good one-year warranty period.
    • This connects wirelessly over Bluetooth to provide a comfortable listening experience.


    • The over-ear form factor of this headphone may not please everyone.

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    2. Cosmic Byte GS430 Headphone

    Best Headphones in India 2023

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    The Cosmic Byte GS430 headphones are a gaming set with a magnetic neodymium driver for 360-degree surround sound. The ergonomic design of these headphones provides comfort with a soft earcup.

    Available in multiple colors, these headphones feature a noise canceling microphone so you can communicate clearly while you play with your friends.

    With a good range of features, these are great gaming headphones that can be had for under INR 2,000.


    • It is available in multiple colours.
    • It is compatible with all popular platforms.


    • The long-term durability of this product is not great.

    3. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-Thunder PRO On-Ear Wireless Headphone

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    These wireless headphones from Zebronics feature an ergonomic design and are ideal for all-day wear.

    The soft and comfortable ear cushions present in these headphones will help you wear them without discomfort. With a good nine hours of playback, you will get quality time with this product.

    The sound quality of these headphones is also higher than other similar products. Overall, these headphones from Zebronics are great to buy on the market.


    • It has multiple connectivity options.
    • It gives you a comfortable wearing experience.


    • This product is not durable.

    4. Infinity JBL Glide 510

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    Infinity JBL Glide 510 headphones are great in-ear headphones at an affordable price. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth and provides up to 72 hours of music playback in good quality. It is also light in weight and fits well for a comfortable fit.

    The 40mm driver present in these headphones delivers excellent stereo sound with good bass. With a good one year warranty, these are great wireless earbuds that can be had for under 2000.


    • It is available in different colors.
    • It comes with a good warranty period.


    • The connectivity is not reliable with this one.

    5. Boat Rockerz 450

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    This is another Boat product on our list that delivers great sound quality. It comes in a lightweight package with an ergonomic design for a comfortable fit. The 40mm driver present will definitely provide great sound.

    You also get a good 15 hours of playback with these fast charging headphones. All in all, these are great Boat headphones to buy.


    • It is available in multiple colours.
    • It has a good range of 10m.


    • The sound quality is not so great with this one.

    6. Senheiser HD 206

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    With powerful sound reproduction and crisp bass, you’ll get great sound quality with these Sennheiser headphones.

    It is lightweight making it very comfortable to wear all day long. These wired headphones have a good cable length of 3 meters.

    The build quality of these headphones from Sennheiser is also very good. All in all, these are great wired headphones to get the most out of your music listening experience for less than INR 2,000.


    • It is light in weight.
    • It delivers powerful sound with great bass response.


    • Some people may not like the wired design of this headphone.

    7. Klim Fusion Earbuds

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    Built for EDM, these headphones deliver powerful sound with extra bass thanks to the 20mm sealed dynamic driver.

    With a portable and swiveling foldable design, you can use these headphones to listen to music on the go.

    The cord length is also good, 1.2 meters, but could be better. Available in multiple colors, these wired headphones are a great choice to meet your EDM needs on a budget.


    • This headphone is available in multiple colours.
    • It features a tangle-free serration cord.
    • It has a portable design with a swivel fold mechanism.


    • The cord length could have been lengthier.

    8. JBL Tune 500

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    These wired boat headphones come with a PVC cable to keep them tangle-free and durable. Compatible with all popular operating systems, you will get good sound when listening with these headphones.

    These headphones also have a built-in microphone so you can make voice calls. Available in two different colors, you can choose these headphones from JBL to get good sound on a budget.


    • It comes with a good one-year warranty.
    • It gives you a good sound experience.


    • The sound quality and bass level could have been better with this one.

    9. MI Super Bass

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    MI Super Bass wired headphones come in multiple colors with a 30mm sealed dynamic driver for powerful sound.

    The bass level is also good in these headphones. These portable headphones feature a swiveling, foldable design so you can take them with you and listen to your music on the go.

    The soft ear cushions present in these headphones provide good comfort when listening to music for a long time.


    • This headphone is available in multiple colours.
    • It has a tangle-free flat cable.
    • It provides good sound with extra bass.


    • The cord length would be lengthier with this headphone.

    10. Zebronics Zeb-duke

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    With the Zebronics Zeb-duke headphones, you get crystal clear sound with excellent noise isolation.

    The 40mm driver is capable of producing exceptional sound. The light weight of these headphones makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

    The 6-foot extension cable for these headphones features a gold-plated connector for high durability. With a good range of features, these are good gaming headphones that you can get for the money.


    • It comes with a good one-year warranty.
    • It has a built-in microphone for taking calls.


    • The physical size is a bit big with this headphone.

    Different Types of Headphones

    Now this is very important because there are different headphones that we never look at or know. So, I will tell you what headphones are available on the market.

    (i) Headphones and Earphones

    Nowadays, most people confuse headphones with headphones, but they are completely different in every presentation.

    Headphones are large in size and are usually used for better sound, laptops, professional use, gaming. Headphones have a noise canceling effect by covering our ears.

    Although the earphones are smaller in size, they are mainly used with mobile phones for talking, they are also cheaper compared to the earphones.

    (ii) On-ear or Over-ear headphones

    This category is for headphones only. Over-ear headphones are smaller in size and they are also cheap.

    On-ear headphones are ideal for travel. Their sound quality will be lower compared to in-ear headphones and they are also cheap.

    Over-ear headphones are best for music listening and professional use because they have a noise canceling effect that reduces outside noise so you only hear the music.

    They also have high bass and provide better music quality, but they are more expensive compared to in-ear headphones.

    For listening to music, we can say that in-ear headphones are the best headphones through which you can enjoy music for longer hours.

    (iii) Wireless or Wired headphones

    Wireless headphones don’t use a wire to connect to a device, they use Bluetooth. They are good for listening to music or even TV when you want to listen to music from a distance.

    Wireless headphones come in handy during sports or any other activity that cannot stand distance and wires. They tend to be expensive and also need a good battery to play music for a longer time.

    Wired headphones are great when you are close to your device such as your mobile phone or laptop. These don’t need a battery and are also cheap in comparison to wireless Headphones.

    How to Choose the Best Headphones in India 2023?

    Below are some points you might want to check before buying headphones online.

    (a) Type

    What kind of headphones you are looking for, there can be many types, for example, headphones can be wireless or wired. It can be in the ear or over the ear.

    It can be headphones or earphones because most people also consider headphones to be headphones. I will describe each type of headphone later in this article.

    (b) Requirement

    This is the most important step when choosing headphones. What do you use your headphones for, whether you are looking for a laptop, mobile phone or TV.

    So define your target first, because for mobile you might need a microphone if you talk a lot, and if you’re just looking for music, you don’t need a microphone. If you’re looking for a TV, you need wireless headphones.

    (c) Heavy

    The weight of the headphones is a very important factor because heavy headphones are difficult to carry around and also uncomfortable for intensive use.

    (d) Impedance or resistance

    Impedance is a factor that draws power from the device you are connecting, so if you are using it for a mobile phone, the impedance must be less than 35 ohms. The higher the headphone impedance, the higher the battery consumption.

    (e) Bass

    Gives rhythm to music, makes songs alive. Headphones with extra bass make listening to music more enjoyable. If you are interested in listening to rock music, you should check if it has good bass or not.

    (f) Sound loudness

    The headphone volume gives a good feel to the music. If your headphones have a sound level above 90 dB (decibel), they will give you good music, or you can also say that they will also have good bass.

    But don’t take headphones with more than 120dB, it can damage your ears when you listen to loud music.

    (g) Mic

    You can check the microphone whether you need it or not, sometimes we only need headphones to listen to music, in this case it is a good option to refuse the microphone.

    (h) Price range

    This is one of the main factors we consider when buying headphones, but trust me, if you want to enjoy music, you need to buy headphones over 1000 rupees as they will provide you with a pleasant sound.

    (i) Brand

    Plays an important role in quality assurance. Better brand, better experience. Trust me, I have used high quality headphones and the experience is amazing. I have also tried Beats and Bose headphones and they give you music that you can only hear after using them.

    Other brands like Philips, Sony, Sennheiser, JBL, Skullcandy also provide good sound quality and are cheap compared to Bose and Beats headphones.

    (j) Size

    Sometimes headphones get so big that you can’t carry them around, especially with in-ear headphones. If you’re thinking about travel headphones, look no further than in-ear headphones.

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    1. What are the best headphones under 2000 in India?

      Some of the popular options include the boAt Rockerz 550, Realme Buds Q, JBL C100SI, and the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones.

    2. Are there any over-ear headphones under 2000 in India?

      Yes, there are over-ear headphones available for under 2000 in India, such as the JBL T450BT, Philips SHB3075, and the iBall Decibel BT01.

    3. Are wireless headphones under 2000 in India good quality?

      The quality of wireless headphones under 2000 in India varies. Some popular options like the boAt Rockerz 550 and Realme Buds Q are known for their good sound quality, while others may compromise on sound quality for wireless features.

    4. Are there any noise-cancelling headphones under 2000 in India?

      No, there are no noise-cancelling headphones available for under 2000 in India.

    5. Are there any sports-friendly headphones under 2000 in India?

      Yes, there are sports-friendly headphones available under 2000 in India such as the boAt Rockerz 255 Sports, JBL C100SI, and the Realme Buds Q2.

    6. Can I use these headphones for gaming?

      Yes, some of the popular headphones under 2000 in India are suitable for gaming, such as the boAt Rockerz 550, JBL C100SI, and the Realme Buds Q.

    7. What brands are available for headphones under 2000 in India?

      Some of the popular brands for headphones under 2000 in India include boAt, Realme, JBL, Mi, Philips, and Sennheiser.


    So, we all thought how can we get the Best Headphones Under 2000 in India 2023 before reading this article, but now you have so many options to choose from. So stop wondering and make your dream of top quality headphones come true.