5 Best iPhone Under 70000 in India

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Buying the Best iPhone Under 70000 in India 2023 online is quite easy. Just try online web browsing with any search engine to find web content representing the best iPhone to buy.

It’s easy to browse stocks of different categories of iPhones at different prices, as well as choose which one suits you perfect or best suits you and your needs.

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Top 3 Best iPhone Under 70000 in India 2023 >>>

If you are looking for the Best iPhone in India, then you will definitely look for the very best iPhone deals in this article below.

There is so much in this iPhone!

People just love this phone because of the many features it has. First of all, this cell phone from Apple is a multimedia mobile phone.

But the biggest advantage of this phone is that it supports a large number of technologies that are considered very high. This includes:

  • EDGE
  • GPRS
  • Wi-Fi

These features are definitely amazing as you can transfer data very easily and quickly, you can watch videos, listen to music and even surf the Internet, all with the utmost ease.

What is iPhone?

The iPhone is an integrated cell phone or also called a smartphone (Smartphone in English) developed and registered by Apple and has become very popular in recent years.

This phone combines the main functions of several popular electronic devices in one device, in a common interface and integrated with each other.

In addition to its primary function, which should be a mobile phone, the iPhone has a music and video player, a digital camera, a personal digital assistant and an internet communications platform. It is built with touch screen or touch screen technology instead of a physical keyboard.

Where to Buy iPhone?

Choosing where to buy iPhone online can be surprisingly difficult. After having investigated through the network on the subject, seeing sites in which they offer you even imitations, buying directly from their page having to give your credit card information to an unknown company.

I found different offers of the product with different delivery times. For security reasons (among others) I dare to say that the best place to buy it is through Amaz0n, a company with a long history that allows you to make international purchases, taking advantage of offer prices that you will not find in your country for sure.

Top 5 Best iPhone Under 70000 in India 2023

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Since its introduction, the Apple iPhone has become a worldwide sensation. Just to be able to buy this, people are looking for the Best iPhone Under 70000 in India 2023 deals.

Well, if you have no shortage of money, buying this phone is not a problem. But if you’re low on cash, don’t worry, you can still get this amazing new phone.

How is this possible? Here is a list of top 5 Best iPhone under 70000 in India that will definitely fit your budget.

1. Apple iPhone 12 128GB

Best iPhone Under 70000

The Apple iPhone 12 128GB is a great phone for those who want a powerful device with a big screen. It features a 6.1-inch LCD display with a resolution of 2532×1170 pixels.

The display supports HDR and True Tone. On the back, there is a dual camera setup with a 12MP main sensor and a wide-angle lens. On the front side is a 7-megapixel selfie camera.

  • Design

The design of the Apple iPhone 12 128 GB is similar to its predecessor. However, it does not have a cutout on the top hem. Instead, there is a cutout for the front camera.

The back panel of the device has a glass body with a matte finish. The frame around the display is made of aluminum, and the back cover is made of polycarbonate.

The volume buttons and the power button are located on the right side of the device. The SIM card tray is located on the left side.

  • Display

The display diagonal is 6.1 inches and the 20,00,000:1 contrast ratio (typical). The display supports HDR.

Colors are bright and vibrant with a high contrast ratio of 816:1. Viewing angles are good, the display is readable even in direct sunlight.

  • Performance

The performance of the Apple iPhone 12 256 GB is quite impressive. It runs iOS 15 out of the box. You get access to over 300 apps including Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

The device is powered by A14 Bionic chipset and has 4GB of RAM. The storage capacity is 256 GB. It supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v5.0, NFC, GPS, GLONASS, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, CDMA2000, USB Type C 2.0 and FM radio.

  • Camera

The Apple iPhone 12 comes with two cameras on the back – a 12-megapixel main sensor and a wide-angle lens. Both sensors offer autofocus, face detection, and LED flash.

The main sensor captures images in monochrome and RGB mode. The wide-angle lens allows you to capture more of your surroundings. The front camera is a 7-megapixel module with autofocus and face detection.

  • Battery

The Apple iPhone 12 battery lasts for approximately 15 hours of normal use. If you play games or watch videos, the battery life drops to 14 hours. The device supports fast charging via the USB Type-C port.

  • Conclusion

All in all, the Apple iPhone 12 128GB is a great smartphone if you want a powerful device with a big screen. It comes with a lot of useful features and excellent performance.

2. Apple iPhone 13 128GB

Best iPhone Under 70000 in India 2023

The iPhone XS Max was released last year and I’ve been using it ever since. However, I still use my iPhone 8 Plus because it still works fine.

But I decided to upgrade to the latest iPhone because I wanted to try out the new features. The iPhone XS Max is not only bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus, it’s also faster.

Apple iPhone 13 128GB has a 6.1-inch display with a resolution of 2532×1170-pixel resolution at 460 ppi. It comes with two cameras on the back – a 12MP wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto lens. There is also a front camera with a resolution of 5 MP.

  • Design

The design of the phone is similar to its predecessor. It is thin and light. The glass body appears smooth and shiny.

The volume buttons are located on the side of the device. The power button is located in the upper right corner.

The fingerprint sensor is placed under the screen. The Home button has been replaced with Face ID. The phone is IP68 certified which means it is water and dust resistant.

  • Display

The display is beautiful. It is bright and clear. Colors look bright and vibrant. Viewing angles are excellent. You can use your phone even if you hold it in landscape orientation.

  • Camera

The camera is good. Takes clear pictures in low light conditions with 12MP. Image quality is excellent. Autofocus works well. The flash is powerful enough to take selfies in the dark.

  • Battery life

I like how long the battery lasts. It easily lasts all day without recharging. The fast charging feature is amazing.

  • Software

iOS 15 is the operating system of the phone. It’s simple and convenient. Gestures are intuitive. Animations are smooth. The performance is excellent.

  • Conclusion

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase. Worth updating to the latest model. If you want a durable, stylish and reliable smartphone, then this is the Best iPhone Under 70000 in India.

3. New Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB

Best iPhone in India
  • Design

The design of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini 64GB is similar to its larger sibling, the iPhone XR. However, the display size has been reduced to 5.4 inches.

The phone has a glass back with rounded corners and a stainless steel bezel on the sides. There is a single camera lens on the back, while Face ID is still present on the front.

  • Display

Apple kept the same LCD screen technology as before, but reduced the resolution to 1125 x 2436 pixels. The display has a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and is HDR10+ certified.

  • Performance

iPhone 12 mini runs iOS 13 out of the box and supports dual SIM. The device is equipped with the Apple A13 Bionic chipset, which includes six cores, four of which are dedicated to graphics processing. The processor is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

  • Battery life

The battery capacity is slightly lower than the iPhone XS Max, but the battery life remains the same. In our tests, we were able to get around 10 hours of use on a single charge.

  • Camera

iPhone 12 mini retains the same three-lens configuration as before, including a wide-angle lens, a telephoto lens, and a depth sensor.

The main camera is now equipped with a 12-megapixel sensor, while the second camera has been increased to a 12-megapixel camera.

  • Connection

iPhone 12 mini supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS, and USB Type-C. It also has a headphone jack, although it doesn’t have stereo speakers.

4. Apple iPhone 13 Mini 128 GB

Apple iPhone 13 Mini 128 GB

The Apple iPhone 13 Mini 128GB is a great phone for people who want a smaller smartphone. It’s not big enough to be called a phablet, but it’s still bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It comes in two colors – silver and gold. The screen size is 5.4 inches, which makes it slightly larger than the iPhone XS Max. It has a resolution of 2340×1080-pixel resolution at 476 ppi.

There is a dual camera setup on the back with 12MP + 12MP sensors. On the front is a single lens with a selfie camera. It runs on iOS 15 operating system.

  • Design and display

The design of the phone is similar to the previous generation iPhone. It has a glass body with rounded corners. It has a fingerprint sensor under the home button.

The Home button is located in the bottom center of the device. The volume buttons are located on the right side of the device.

There are three capacitive buttons on the left side of the device – Camera, Back, and Search. There is a speaker grill on the top edge of the device.

The rear camera is located in the upper right corner of the device. The flash is located in the lower left corner of the device.

  • Performance and battery life

The performance of the device is good. It has a A15 Bionic chip paired New 6‑core CPU with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores. It has 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

You can expand its storage using a microSD card (up to 256 GB). The battery is Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It supports fast charging technology.

  • Connection

It has Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth v5.0, NFC, USB Type-C port, GPS/GLONASS, A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, FM radio, Micro SIM, and VoLTE connectivity options.

  • Applications and games

Your phone is preloaded with many applications and games. These apps include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, Google Play Store, Chrome, Safari, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Music, Viber, Dropbox, Skype, Uber, Lyft, eBay, PayPal, etc.

  • Camera

The camera quality of the device is good and it has features such as HDR+, panorama, face detection, live focus, interval shooting, slow motion video, photo booth, AR Emoji, selfie timer, portrait mode, and night sight.

  • Sound quality

The sound quality of the device is average. Supported formats include AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, FLAC, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby Atmos.

5. New Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128GB

New Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128GB
  • Size and weight

The size of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini 128GB is similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 11. However, the weight is almost half of what we’ve seen so far.

iPhone 12 mini weighs 133 grams (4.70 ounces), about 1/3 less than iPhone 11 Pro Max. The dimensions of the device are 153.9 x 74.8 x 8mm and the thickness is 5.65mm.

  • Display

The iPhone 12 mini display has a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels. The pixel density of the screen is 476 ppi. The display supports HDR10+ technology.

  • Camera

The rear camera setup includes a single lens sensor. The main camera has an f/1.8 aperture, while the telephoto lens has an f/2.4 aperture. There is no dual camera on the back.

  • Battery

The battery capacity of iPhone 12 mini remains unchanged from previous models. It offers a 4000 mAh battery. The phone supports fast charging and supports Qi wireless charging.

  • Connection

Smartphone connectivity options include Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth v5.0, NFC, USB Type-C, and GPS.

  • Colors

Apple still offers four different colors to choose from – Silver, Space Grey, Gold, and Rose Gold.

How to Choose the Best iPhone in India?

How to choose the Best iPhone Under 70000 in India? It’s a very good idea for you to get some consideration before buying an iPhone: –

Battery life

Your phone’s battery life is a major factor in how long you use it before you need to charge it again. If you want your phone to last as long as possible, you should choose a model with a longer battery life.

Screen size

If you plan on using your phone to watch movies, play games, and surf the web, you’ll need a screen that’s sized to allow you to view everything without having to zoom in or scroll. The big screen means you’ll have less trouble seeing what you need to see at any given moment.

Processor speed

Faster processor speed means your phone will run apps and programs faster than slower models. You may not notice much difference between different speeds, but if you do, you will most likely find yourself using your phone faster and being able to complete tasks faster.

Storage space

Storage is measured in gigabytes (GB) and megabytes (MB). The higher the number, the more storage space you have. Most modern phones offer between 16GB and 128GB of storage space.

Camera resolution

Camera resolution refers to the quality of the pictures you take with the camera. Higher numbers mean sharper images and lower numbers mean softer images. If you plan on taking a lot of photos, make sure you have enough space to store them.

Memory card slot

Most smartphones are now equipped with memory card slots that allow you to add additional storage space to your phone. If you don’t already have a memory card slot, you can purchase a microSD card separately.

Display type

Display type refers to whether your phone uses a touch display or an interface with physical buttons. Touch screens are easier to navigate and use, but require a stylus or finger to operate. The physical buttons are easier to use with just your fingers, but they require harder pressure to activate.


Finally, price is the final deciding factor. There are plenty of cheap smartphones out there, but you should avoid them unless you really want an inexpensive option. Instead, choose something worthwhile.

Why Should You Buy this iPhone?

  • You have everything you need right at your fingertips

You don’t need to carry your laptop, camera, tablet, phone, watch, wallet, keys, etc. Just grab your Best iPhone in India from the list and you’re done!

  • Your data remains safe

Your data is securely stored in iCloud, Apple’s cloud service. If your device is lost or stolen, you will not lose any information.

  • You can use it anywhere

With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can access your content on the go. And if you’re traveling the world, you can still stay connected using the cellular network.

  • This is always ready to go

The battery lasts longer than ever before so you never run out of power.

  • This is intuitive

It only takes a few seconds to get started. In addition, iOS makes it easy to navigate between apps, contacts, messages, and settings.

  • It’s fun

iOS gives you great options to personalize your experience. You can customize your lock screen wallpaper, choose different ringtones for each contact, and even create custom folders for things like work, school, and play.

  • It is secure

No matter what device you have, iOS keeps you safe with features like Touch ID, Find My Phone, and Activation Lock.

Final Words

The only way to choose the deal that suits you best from the many Best iPhone Under 70000 in India 2023 deals is to put your priorities ahead of everything else.

Think about what you need and how you will fulfill your requirements. Don’t make any compromises.

Remember that the iPhone is just a tool that is constantly updated by the manufacturer. So make sure you make an informed choice.

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