Top 8 Best Laptop Under 35000 in India 2023

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The laptop is considered to be a handy tool for various reasons. Whether you want to use it for official purposes or other reasons, you can buy it whenever you need.

There are different kinds of laptops available out there these days. If you look on the internet, then you might become confused with so many laptop options. But here in this article we will help you to choose the Best Laptop Under 35000 in 2023.

8 Best Laptop Under 35000 in India 2023

Dell Inspiron 3584Get This
HP 250 G8 LaptopGet This
ASUS Vivobook 15Get This
Lenovo V15-ADAGet This
HP 15s Ryzen 3Get This
Acer Aspire 3 11thGet This
Acer Extensa 15Get This
HP Notebook G7Get This

This is the reason a refined list of best laptops can be helpful and beneficial for you in this regard. This article has some of the Best Laptop Under 35000 in India 2023 that you are supposed to go through. Each of these laptops has distinct features and qualities that make it unique. You can decide to purchase any of these according to your demands and needs.

1. Dell Inspiron 3584

You are getting this laptop with all the updated and advanced features with the brand security of Dell at Amazon. This is indeed a lightning deal for people looking to buy a laptop at a low budget from a renowned and established brand. Let’s dig deeper into the details of the product.

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2. HP 250 G8 Laptop

HP is another name renowned for its non-stop service in the field of electronics, especially Laptops. Though the company has its origin in China, it has created its customer base throughout the world, including India. Their product quality and performances have made them keep their position in the top three manufacturers and sellers.

3. ASUS Vivobook 15

Another manufacturer from Taiwan is making big in the Indian market with its electronic products, mainly mobile phone and laptop. They have also come up with budget-friendly laptops for regular use. You can get this updated and advanced laptop with some offer and extra discount.

4. Lenovo V15-ADA

Another offering from Lenovo at this price range with AMD processor and other features. you can get this product at Amazon with affordable price. This iron grey model is a newly-launched model from the brand.

5. HP 15s Ryzen 3-3250U

Guaranteed product from HP and that too in the price range under 35000 is an exceptional offer you are getting only at Amazon. You can exchange your old laptop again with the new one and grab a good deal at this e-commerce platform without much hassle.

6. Acer Aspire 3 11th Generation

Acer, another manufacturer from Taiwan with a fair market in India of Laptop, is offering a lot of features in this price range. This black coloured model is royal to those who love the colour back and find this colour best on laptops.

7. Acer Extensa 15

With the assurance from the brand of Acer and advanced features for a laptop, this is one of the good laptops at this price range. You can exchange your old laptop with this one. For more details in the matter, check the website.

8. HP Notebook PC 245 G7

Ultimately newly launched model from HP is quite useful for regular and everyday use. This product from Lenovo comes with a warranty that is valid in the entire country. You must be assured of the servicing if you have any problem with the product and you are not in the city. The model has a lot of features to discuss.

Best Laptop Buying Guide 2023

As you are investing a certain amount of money for the prospect, you will want to be more assured and knowledgeable enough to identify the product of your choice. You must follow these factors before buying a laptop at this budget.

Choose the right platform

Maybe before you are buying the laptop, you do not know which platform to choose. Most of the laptops run on Windows, Chrome OS, or macOS which is only for Macbooks. Choosing the right one is entirely personal but understand the utility and individuality of each of them:

  • Windows 10

Windows 10 notebooks are the most popular and budget-friendly ones in the market. If you are a student, researcher, or business person, win10 is a great option to select.

  • Chrome OS

Google OS is easy and secured. Chromebooks are highly portable for online work.

  • macOS

macOS is Apple’s only operating system. The functionalities are similar to that of win10 but the app docks take it differently. Overall MacOS is known for providing more security than any other operating system.

Choose the correct size

Once the OS is fixed, it is time to seek the right size as per your purpose with the laptop. The recognizable display sizes are:

  • 17 to 18 inches – If the laptop will be at the desk all day long, go for this size. The 17 – 18 inch laptops give powerful processor for playing games or high-end coding.
  • 15 to 16 inches – This size range is the most common size range. If you want a larger screen and carry it on your back every day, the 15 inch designs are great. 16 inch win10 is not that common, instead, go for Apple if you want 16 inches.
  • 13 to 14 inches – This screen range is known for higher portability and usability.
  • 11 to 12 inches – these are the thinnest among all the other varieties of laptops. They weigh less and are very easy to work with!

Check the touchpad and keyboard

Ergonomics plays a crucial role while choosing any electronic gadget. You don’t have to dig into the motherboard for detective analysis of the hardware because, if it is not comfortable in your hands, even the highest specs are of no use.

The keyboard must offer genuine feedback to the users. Make sure the spacing from one key to another does not feel too much. That can slow down your typing speed.

The ideal touchpad will never give you an uncomfortable touch sensibility. Make sure it responds to multi-touch gestures spontaneously.


It is the leading powerhouse to run the machine. You will look for the best one, but budget is an issue. Within the allocation of 30K, you will get a guaranteed product from manufacturers like Intel and AMD. As the price depends on the other components too, AMD can be a right choice also as it is low in price compared to Intel. For Intel, the brand name is enough.


RAM and Storage are two options that can be a factor in maintaining the speed and lagging of your computer. At this range you will get 4GB RAM, you can extend it later. For storage, when you are getting 1TBB, then why settle for the least? Check this fact well.


Every manufacturer is not providing the necessary warranty, other than the on-site warranty on the product for any kind of manufacturing defect or some further damage. In some cases, manufacturers are offering a warranty in different models and their parts. So, get through to these details.


As video calling or attending video conferences has become one of the many utilities of laptops, people prefer HD display. But as more extended use affects the eye-sight anti-glare screens are at demand. So you should be aware of the facts before buying the laptop.

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  1. Is a manufacturer’s warranty available with the laptop when you buy online?

    It depends on the e-commerce site you are buying from and the manufacturers and their policies. In general, the on-site warranty of 1year is a default feature, and the manufacturers are bound to provide that be it online or offline.

  2. When must you be sure that you need to replace your old laptop?

    With a laptop, the fall is gradual. The problem starts with slowing down of the machine, and then you may face hanging off the engine in the middle of the work. The functions may continue to work inadequately. In short, when you feel, you can’t work on the laptop any more, you should be confident to change it.

  3. Which brand should you prefer in laptops?

    You can get four to five popular brands in the market, offering quality products and have a useful review among the customer base. If you compare carefully, you will identify that there is no such a big difference between all of them, and especially in this price range. The brand does not matter. The performance does.

  4. Does the battery performance depend on the use?

    The performance of the battery depends on the use of the laptop at a certain level. If you are a heavy user and using the computer for almost 16 hours, you will need to charge it twice daily. But with up to 9 hours of power back up laptops are quite useful for office and class works.

  5. Does different brand of processor influence the speed of the laptop?

    People prefer a good processor for their laptop naturally as it is the actual component that helps in the overall performance of the laptop. Be it speed or smooth use, and other necessary usages, the processor must be updated. Intel as a brand has become synonymous with the processor, but recently AMD has made good progress. But for this budget, you have to compromise on the latest processor and be happy with what you can have the best in quality. The brand is ultimately your choice.

  6. Which brand has the best laptop?

    There are several laptop brands available in the market. Each of these brands has some top-notch laptop models. So, no single brand is best in the business.

  7. Metal body or plastic body-which is better?

    If your priority is durability, then the metal body should be your first preference. But the plastic body is light in weight.

  8. Does better processor mean better performance?

    Not always. Other factors control the performance aspect of a laptop like RAM, external memory and other factors.

  9. Which laptop one should choose?

    It all depends on personal preference. If durability is your priority, then you would choose a laptop with a metal body. In case you want performance, then a laptop with high-quality processor and RAM should be taken.

  10. Does an expensive laptop mean better?

    Not always but an expensive laptop is supposed to be equipped with high-end features.

Final Words

The laptop has become one of the essential commodities of daily life now. But the budget remains an issue for some families in India, but they can’t compromise on their kids’ education, and so these list of top 8 “Best Laptop Under 35000 in India 2023” is of great help to them. You just have to be aware of the facts and figures you need to know about the laptop and its functions and go ahead with your choice.