8 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner India 2023

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A robot vacuum cleaner is a powered device that is used in our homes to clean. A robotic vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner and in your home it is a great addition.

This best robot vacuum cleaner has many great features for cleaning rooms, pet hair, carpets and transportation areas of your homes. Here are a list of top 3 first:

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Top 3 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner India 2023 >>>

Below are the top 8 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner India 2023, some of which have amazing features and are mostly used by hand. They have sensors that are used to detect dirt in hidden parts of the room.

When you buy this best robot vacuum cleaner, keep battery life, size, dustbin capacity, smart features and convenience in mind.

All robot vacuum cleaners have the best product dimensions and basically have automatic dirt detection technology, and also move towards the charge of the dog if they are in the right place. Once it starts cleaning all your houses, it completes the job.

8 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner India 2022

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Here are the top 8 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner India 2023, their price, average performance and many technologies that are used for the best home cleaning.

1. iRobot Roomba i3

Why should you buy this product?

Roomba i3 is a top rated product with amazing and innovative features. If you want to inefficiently clean pet hair and small items, this affordable product is the one to go for.

The Roomba i3 robot vacuum was introduced with some innovative features, including a premium 3-stage cleaning system and dual rubber brushes with 10x pull force for perfect cleaning results, and is controlled by Imprint Smart Mapping technology, which is designed to adapt to each individual case corner and room with this intelligent mapping technology, it can find your whole house for deep cleaning.

It has a trash can capacity of 0.4 liters and a threshold distance of 2 cm. You have full control over when and where you clean it.

In addition, Roomba i3 has an advanced Wi-Fi function that allows you to fully control it with a mobile app or tablet app. you can manage his work schedule from anywhere.

Definitely an amazing product at a reasonable price that will get the job done without any problem.

What’s more, you can fully control its fingerprint cleaning power through the iRobot Home App and fully customize when, where, and which area to clean first or last.

Has an automatic charging system. Definitely an amazing product at a reasonable price that will get the job done without any problem.



Smart three-stage cleaning system. Advanced automatic base dust smart technology.


Advanced VSLAM technology for guidance. also used Smart navigation and mapping technology . Small body which easy to clean under the furniture


Two AA lithium-ion batteries are used which have the ability to do the complete job before finishing.


Tangle free brushes for deep cleaning. They have amazing results for home cleaning.


High suction power of 10x. There is an Automatically moping feature. Model with “no go zone” smart feature


Imprint developed technology which helps dual functioning of Braava jet and Roomba i7 at the same time


Alexa and google assistant compatible.


  • Easy cleaning under furniture with a small-sized thin body.
  • High pull out power to collect pet hair allergens and dust.
  • Long battery timing with two lithium-ion AA batteries.
  • Intelligent navigation for the whole house.
  • Work with Alexa and google assistant instructions.
  • No go area for protection.
  • Included mopping feature.
  • Automatic go to charging dock when its battery is low.
  • Smart navigation helps it detect rooms automatically.


  • Much louder than expected.

2. iRobot Roomba 614

Why should you buy this product?

This best roomba 614 robot vacuum automatically connects and adjusts to clean hardwood, carpets, laminate and rugs.

Product sizes are large: 43.2 x 45.7 x 12.7 cm. The weight of the product is 11.5 pounds, which makes it ideal for use.

The cleaning system of this top roomba 614 robot vacuum cleaner has three premium stages.

And use to clean pet hair, dust, various floor surfaces and use on both types of floors such as hard floors and carpet cleaning.

This robot vacuum cleaner has brushes for sweeping the edges, as well as an adjustable cleaning head that is used automatically. Sensors that detect dirt and help with cleaning rooms, carpets and pits.



By using roomba 614 top robot vacuum you can clean all types of floor like hard floor and also carpets and pet hairs because this best robot vacuum has multiple surface brushes.


For the navigation of your homes, this robot vacuum alerts theis smart sensors and makes 60 decisions per second for the cleaning of your homes. For the purpose to avoid drop offs and stairs they are active and use clift detector sensors.


For the cleaning purpose they have three stages for the cleaning system. And use multi-surface brushes for your home cleaning. Suction power is 5x with the air power. And catch all the pet hairs, dirt and debris where these all things are hidden.


From all the corners, the brushes of this best robot vacuum catch all the debris because all the brushes are designed at the angle of 27 degree.


In this higher robot vacuum using a beast and modern technology for the detection of dirt. In this technique they use dirt detected sensors and they recognize the dirt areas of your home. Like a traffic-zone and gives additional cleaning to these areas.


  • For the improvement performance of pick-up work of dirt, they have to deliver power-lifting suction upto 5X.
  • Rubber brushes of this best robot vacuum are connected constantly with the floor because these are dual-multi surface areas.
  • For the detection of dirt, they have dirt detect sensors, which alert their device to work very carefully and hardly.
  • These high robot vacuums are wifi- connected robot vacuums, and have automatically charge area if it is placed at the correct position.
  • This robot vacuum cleans your high-traffic zones areas very carefully.


  • Its price little high.

3. Ilife V3s Max Robot Vacuum

Why should you buy this product?

The best robot vacuum cleaner Ilife V3s Max is a combination of dry and wet with navigation path pattern.

They have full navigation for home display. Thanks to the suction of 2300 Pa, they effectively clean all houses.

The size of the products is 42.7L x 13W x 38H Centimeters and weights only 3 kg 920 g. So it’s home mapping, Voice Control work, self-cleaning, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

This best robot vacuum has an amazing type of dustbin that automatically empties after a cleaning session.

But the main feature is that it takes a month equal to one month to completely fill his wastebasket. Thus, debris and dirt can accumulate in the bags or trash can after each cleaning session.



This robot vacuum has a great power of sark suction and cleans all the dirty areas by this power. All debris and dirt are caught by this sharker suction power.


This higher robot vacuum has multi- stage filtration and 99% of dust, pet allergens and dander traps by this filtration area. And also they have boundary strips.


This top robot vacuum is designed for the cleaning of homes with pets. They have self-cleaning brushes, features of the robot vacuum are adjusted automatically. Filters of High efficiency  captures the dander, pet allergens and dust.


They have a bagless bag which has the ability to hold the debris and dirt for 30 days or one month.


  • 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop.
  • 2300pa high suction.
  • Convenient app Alexa & google home for voice control.
  • Dustbags for 30 days cleaning cycle.
  • Automatic recharge and cleaning.
  • Tangle free cleaning.


  • Capacity of charging is a little lower than other robot vacuums.

4. Irobot Roomba 692

Why should you buy this product?

This is an innovative vacuum cleaner so now you don’t have to worry about cleaning for weeks as this vacuum cleaner works by itself.

The company has also implemented anti-clerical technology that traps pollen and various mold allergens.

It also has an efficient 3-stage cleaning system. It automatically increases the suction power and cleans carpets perfectly and deeply.

Perfect Edge Technology is equipped with advanced sensors as well as a specially designed corner brush that provides perfect cleaning even in small and hidden corners.

The advanced technology the robot learn, map and adapt to your home, giving you complete choice and control over which rooms to clean and when

It includes advanced sensors and a special five-arm angled brush that picks up all the dirt and dust and directs it into the path of the robot before vacuuming. You can enjoy complete hands-free control with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Main Features:


Multi-stage cleaning with high power suction of 40 x. It  removes all the dirt from hidden areas.


advance perfect edge technology for cleaning corners. vSLAM navigation technology collects 230-400 data pointers per seconds.


Tangle-free rubber brushes for deep cleaning. And clean all the homes from dirt and debris.


Friendly model with Alexa and google assistant. Imprint advanced mapping technology which has great ability. Advance safety features no go area


Smart closed allergens bag. Automatic charging technology. High-efficiency filter for extra cleaning


  • Easy to use with mobile devices.
  • 3-stage cleaning system.
  • Extra cleaning during allergy season.
  • Dual multi-surface brushes.
  • Adaptive navigation.
  • Home base charging station.


  • Makes noise during work.
  • Some spots are missing.

5. iRobot Roomba 981

Why should you buy this product?

The Roomba 981 robot vacuum cleans the entire level of your home and every place you are. It becomes a resume and a recharge until all the work is done.

This best robot vacuum cleaner has more than 5 times the air power and requires less maintenance.

The amazing weight of the item is 3.380 kg. and the size of the item is 35.3 x 35.3 x 9.1 cm.

This robot vacuum cleaner will very powerfully clean the whole house and your gathering places where you live in a friendly environment.

All the work is done very quickly and very easily because the gripping power is great and the performance is amazing.



Performance of this best robot vacuum is very powerful and also pick-up power is great, power of delivered suction is 5x for the power of air.


This best robot cleans the entire level of our restaurant, homes and many other places where we live. A technology of patented iAapt by the help of  vSLAM navigation, in each millisecond they captured actively thousands of precise for average optimization.


For the navigation of home, this higher robot vacuum uses tracking sensors for dirt. It works logically and cleans all the floors in neat rows. iRobot roomba 960 robot vacuum does a great job due to its sensors which detect dirt  directly.


They have unique multiple brushes. These brushes are made of rubber and clean all the different parts of homes like carpets, hard floors, pets hairs and many hidden dirt areas.

It has pets and is ideal for your home, because it has rubber brushes which make it amazing for the cleaning of rooms.


  • Lifting suction of this best robot vacuum is very powerful, so pickup performance is great.
  • It navigates your homes by using sensors on floor tracking.
  • If once it starts for work then it completes its job. And captures a large amount of measurements of precision in milliseconds.
  • It has pets and 100% ideal for home. Because unique rubber brushes have dual surface area and they do not form tangled with the pett hair.
  • Unique brushes of this top robot vacuum having contact with the hard floors and carpets.


  • Price of this iRobot Roomba 960 robot vacuum is a little high.

6. Ecovacs Deebot N8 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Why should you buy this product?

The Ecovacs Deebot N8 2-in-1 mechanical vacuum cleaner is a powerful and flexible solution for cleaning your home.

This mechanical vacuum can both move floors and mop them, making it a 2-in-1 gadget. It showcases progressive route innovation that allows it to guide and clean your home efficiently and effectively, avoiding obstacles and guaranteeing intense power-up.

The Deebot N8 also comes with a variety of connections and devices to help it clear hard-to-reach areas and clear debris.

It’s very easy to manage with a mobile phone app and has a huge trash can limit for extended cleaning gatherings.

All in all, the Ecovacs Deebot N8 is an excellent show vacuum cleaner that can help keep your home clean with minimal effort.


  • Possibility 2-in-1

Maybe in breadth, and wash the floors.

  • High level route innovation

Effectively guides and cleans while avoiding obstructions and guaranteeing full engagement.

  • Assortment of connections and tools

Can clear hard-to-reach areas and overcome various debris.

  • Mobile phone application management

Allows you to manage your gadget and schedule cleaning meetings from a distance.

  • Huge trash can limit

Can deal with extended cleaning meetings.

  • Numerous cleaning modes

It can be changed according to suit cleaning needs and different surfaces. And it also can be controlled via voice commands with viable gadgets such as Amazon Alexa and Google Partner.


  • 2-in-1 utility for vacuuming and wiping.
  • Huge trash can limit.
  • Numerous cleaning modes including spot cleaning and edge cleaning.
  • Mobile phone application management.
  • Long battery life.
  • Programmed docking and reloading.
  • Different floor plans and room confirmation.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Reasonable cost compared to comparable models.


  • Limited pulling power.
  • Limited cleaning capacity.
  • Water tank is small and may need to be topped up regularly.

7. iRobot Roomba i7

Why should you buy this product?

This best roomba i7 robot vacuum cleaner has the ability to automatically remove all the dust into a bag with an allergen lock.

This robot vacuum has an excellent ability to gather over 230,400 data points each second with primium 3-stage cleaning system.

The unique brushes and constant brush contact with pet hair, carpet, hardwood floors, thick rugs and hard floors make it ideal for hand use.

It has intelligent setting for cleaning purposes. Products measure 34.2L x 34W x 9.3H cm. It has a dream for a cleaning method.

The authenticity and quality of the products are not confirmed by this robot vacuum cleaner when you buy these products from unauthorized sellers.

Rubber brushes catch 99% of dirt and dust and collect all the dirt from hidden places. So the i7 (i7156) robot vacuum cleaner has all the features such as better suction power, rubber brushes, advanced technology, Alexa and Google assistant, and a wizard to set up basic functions to clean your home.



Suction power is great for this i7 robot vacuum and clean all the area of your home with a great way of cleaning.


Smart and wide rubber brushes are available, they don’t get tangled with hairs of pets or dogs. And clean all areas with smooth ways.


Compatible with google assistant and amazon alexa. It’s a great feature of all the robot vacuum.


The I7 robot vacuum with three stages of cleaning system has a great pick-up performance for dust and dirt.


This top robot vacuum is ideal for all the homes with pets. Because it has unique rubber brushes, and these brushes do not tangle with the hairs. They are adjustable and hard floors, carpets have constant contact with the brushes.


  • Hard floors, thick carpets, hardwood floors, dog hairs and tile floors are cleaned by these best robot vacuum.
  • 3-Stage cleaning system.
  • Dual multi-surface brushes.
  • Auto-adjust cleaning head.
  • Dual mode virtual wall barrier.


  • Expensive model.
  • Loud.

8. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

Why should you buy this product?

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P saves cards and is easy to clean. Mi home app created from restricted areas forever.

And on the water tank there is a clip, and the ability to climb up to 2 centimeters. Clean the whole room without any problem.

If the charge of this top electric smoker robot is low and it turns off, then after charging it starts its work where it left off.

The suction power of this best under 25000 Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is 2100 Pa, that’s high suction power.

Because it has a mopping system, so every floor is cleaned every inch very thoroughly. It works in a cyclic mode and cleans the entire area of ​​rooms, halls, kitchens, etc., which it can use manually.

Suction power works in a cyclone with a powerful fan. Product sizes are large: 35L x 35W x 9.5H Centimeters.

Items weigh 3.6 kg., which is also best for cleaning. This higher robot vacuum cleaner has 12 high-precision sensors, with these sensors, which have laser range, can quickly scan every room.

It has a water tank and the design of this water tank is botanical bionic. This tank provides a constant output of water.



This S5 best robot vacuum having the side brushes and these brushes have the self adjustment. When the edge becomes swept then The spinning speed of the brushes is 330RPM but for the dirt prevention the speed of brushes is 130RPM.


The capacity of the battery is high which is 3200mAh. Due to the high capacity of the battery, it can work for upto 130 minutes continuously. In this way multi rooms can cover in one charge.


Ability of advanced climbing for this top robot vacuum is maximum 2 centimeter in height. But by the installation of a water tank, it may be reduced  to 1.5 centimeter.


For the pressurization of special carpet can be identified automatically. And maximum suction of this top robot vacuum becomes switched to clean it. Once the process of suction for the cleaning is started then it will turn back after the complete job has to be done.


When power of the battery gets low, then automatically this robot vacuum goes back to the charger, after the completion of charging, it will resume to complete the entire work. But it’s your duty to place the dog charger at the right place. It’s amazing for all of you for manual use.


It has wheels which are omni-directional and also have side brush & main brushes for the cleaning purpose. The wheels have the ability to prevent hairs which do not drag into the cleaner motor. Because it also has the ability of a tool which is beak like cleaning with the S5 robot vacuum and it helps to remove hairs.


  • 12 high-precision sensors.
  • 2100 pa suction.
  • 3200mah battery.
  • Run-time of up to 130 mins.
  • 2-in-1 sweeping & mopping function.
  • LDS laser navigation system.
  • Scanning range of up to 8m.
  • Can save up to 10 maps.


  • None.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India 2023 – Buying Guide

There are several things to consider when choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner:

Suction force

Find a model with high suction power capacity for high-quality cleaning of carpets and hard floors.

Battery life

Consider a model with a long battery life to ensure that the robot can clean a huge area before waiting for it to turn on again.

Navigation and mapping

Find a model with advanced navigation and mapping features to ensure it can successfully explore your home and clean in tight spaces.

Additional points

Some models are equipped with additional elements such as cleaning capabilities, HEPA filtering and mobile phone app control. Consider which of these elements mean the most to you.

Size and configuration

Consider the size and design of your robot vacuum cleaner to ensure that it is sure to be able to explore and clean in your home, including under furniture and in tight spaces.

Brand value and reputation

Find a model that fits your budget and look for a reputable brand known for making top-notch robotic vacuum cleaners.


Find a model with a decent warranty and a responsive customer support team to help you if you run into problems.


Assuming you have pets, look for a robot vacuum cleaner with a knot-free brush, better traction, and a high-performance channel to remove pet hair and dander.


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