8 Best Shower Panels in India 2022

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Not sure which shower panel is best for you? Compare different shower panels next to our handy selection and choose from the list of 8 best shower panels in India 2022 below which one is best for you.

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What is a Shower Panel?

The shower panel is an addition to any shower. Mainly for glass showers. This is a multifunctional shower head with hand shower. Some models are equipped with multiple body jets for maximum showering pleasure.

Shower panels are also known as “Shower columns”, “Shower towers”. They are designed to be easily installed in any bathroom.

Shower columns have many shower options and they are all under your control. Body jets providing rain, light rain and mist functions as well as single-lever temperature and flow control.

Shower Panel Buying Tips

  • Body sprays

The bigger, the better. More body jets on the shower column will provide maximum water coverage in the shower.

  • Adjustable hand shower

Some shower towers have a hand shower that is attached to the shower column. This is the best type of shower panel because you can adjust the height of the hand shower head.

  • Finish types

When it comes to shower panels/shower columns, you have several options. Acrylic, metal or a combination. Depending on the décor of your bathroom, the shower panels are easy to match with most decors. You decide!

  • Shower enclosure

The shower cabin is a glass (frame or frameless) body in which you can take a shower. Shower enclosures allow you to add a shower enclosure and leave plenty of space for the shower.

  • Overhead shower

Most shower towers have an overhead shower that is mounted on a shower column. Overhead showers have different shower heads, some of them can be tropical, some have different settings for pulsating and massage effects.

  • Modern shower panel

Modern styles made of metal and colored acrylic are very popular as an addition to shower enclosures. You can improve the functionality of your showers by adding a shower tower and also improve the décor of your bathroom.

Best Shower Panels in India 2022

The shower panels have Body jet controls for rain, light rain and mist functions, as well as single-lever temperature and flow control. To get the products hassle-free, you must choose the right one. Here is a list of the top 8 Best Shower Panels in India 2022 you can buy right now:

1. Rovogo Multi-Function Shower Panel

Best Shower Panels in India 2022

The Rovogo multifunctional shower panel is a modern design shower panel that combines both a shower head and a handheld spray shower. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of both a hand shower and a fixed shower head without having to buy two separate units.

  • Functions

This shower panel is equipped with a dual function shower head and a manual shower spray. The shower head has a variable flow rate from 0 to 100% and is equipped with a pressure regulator valve. The 1 liter hand shower spray is equipped with a trigger switch.

  • Pros

The Rovogo shower panel offers an excellent combination of functionality and style. The shower head has an ergonomic handle and a comfortable grip. The hand shower has a large volume and a large radius of action.

  • Minuses

This shower panel has some minor flaws. The shower head does not have the ability to adjust the temperature. There is no water saving mode. The shower head is not designed to fit under a standard bathtub.

2. Jaaz Willet Stainless Steel Matte Finish Shower Panel

So far, I didn’t like Jaaz Willet Stainless Steel Matte Finish Shower Panel. Jaaz Willet made me believe. With this subset covering several different models in different sizes and colors/finishes, the company has really been successful. Others were popular, and understandably so. They totally deserve all the accolades they receive.

3. Pulse ShowerSpas 1020-S Splash Shower System

Pulse shower panel

The Pulse ShowerSpas 1020-S Splash Shower System offers a fairly ordinary shower experience, with a couple of very interesting touches that deserve attention. Let’s find out what it is.

It is made from anodized aluminum and chrome and measures 59 inches. Chrome-plated hose brass inside for excellent performance at kitchen faucet level. There are plastic parts, but they are durable.

A high, albeit rather narrow, mirror is built into the body of the panel itself. Of course, in most showers it will evaporate fairly quickly. But that’s a problem with any mirror you can shave with.

The shelf is also convenient, albeit small. This is glass that may require some maintenance. Luckily, most shower products these days are made of plastic, so there’s little risk of damage. It’s topped with a short, attractive slat that keeps the bottle from slipping off too easily and adds a bit of style.

4. AlenArt Wall Mount Stainless Steel LED Shower

Best Shower Panels Brands in India 2022

AlenArt Wall Mount Stainless Steel LED Shower panel is an interesting combination of traditional shower panel features and ultra-modern style. To be honest, it’s such a well balanced mix that I can’t decide if I like it or not. Please read the following and consider your point of view.

AlenArt shower panel measures 59 inches high, which is the average for a shower panel these days. But within these modest limits, it has a reasonable amount of features. More on that in a bit, but let’s first polish the physics, so to speak.

This case is somewhat different from its cousin AlenArt. Instead of anodized aluminum, it is made of tempered glass. This may cause some pause, since during installation it is subjected to stress and may be hit by a razor or other hard object.

Not to worry. AlenArt shower panel is strong enough to withstand normal use and I have never seen any reports of one of them breaking during installation. It easily lifts up and connects to standard plumbing. Panel drilling is not required.

It hasn’t been around long enough to judge quality in the long run. But the internal parts are made of brass, so you can count on standard excellent long-term performance. It seems to be well built and all controls move clearly and smoothly.

5. Jaquar JPL-SSF-ST8896 Shiny SS Shower Panel

Best Shower Panel 2022

After all, not every shower room can accommodate such a long shower panel as the big brother.

This shower panel is made from the same attractive polished stainless steel with the same fine brass internals. There is one “cheap” detail: a cover for brackets made of gray speckled plastic.

To be honest, since the device itself is very attractive and the lid serves no other function than to hide details, I wouldn’t take it off at all. Come here. How this model works is irrelevant.

Interestingly, Jaquar JPL-SSF-ST8896 offers the same long 59″ hand wand hose. In my experience, as with a lot of buyers, this is a Goldilocks length – not too long, not too short. I have never heard of it bothering anyone.

This is partly because it doesn’t kink and yet is flexible enough to be comfortable to use. It does have one drawback: the mounting/retaining bracket is plastic, not metal. It’s sad, but it’s not fragile. No one reported one break-in.

6. Shubhkrupa Stainless Steel Glossy Finish Shower

Shubhkrupa shower panel

Likewise, this new product delivers far more in-shower options than older showerheads simply can’t match.

Take a look at the photos on this page. It is immediately clear that this is something else. This truth goes far beyond just being long and flat rather than round, but let’s not be too quick to dismiss the style.

After all, you want your shower to perform well, but it’s just as important that it looks great.

It certainly is, thanks to the minimalist European styling and polished stainless steel finish.

And, at over 59 inches long, 7 inches wide, and 2 1/2 inches deep, it’s big enough to do the job in your remodeled bathroom. This item is sure to be noticed.

Some things will definitely not get noticed, and that’s a good thing. The interior is brass, like the best kitchen faucets. The hot and cold water hoses will also be invisible, but will require special handling for optimal performance.

7. Amora White the Best Shower Panels India

Amora shower Panel

One of the most popular patterns in shower heads is Rainfall. It mimics exactly what the name suggests and most people find it very soothing to unwind after a hard day.

There are only 50 nozzles for thorough coverage. Of course, the pressure in your home matters. But most houses (and apartments) will provide enough to provide the experience you’re looking for in this setting.

A pressure rating is optimal, but don’t worry too much if yours doesn’t quite match. You will still get a good, if not spectacular, spray from this panel. In addition, you can independently adjust the pressure of each setting, including Rainfall.

8. Eris White Shower Panel

Best Shower Panels India 2022

The waterfall setting is also the same in both models. Theoretically, it offers a smooth, downward-curving layer of water for super-fast rinsing and a pleasant overall feel.

Unfortunately, practice does not always match theory. In all the blocks that I have seen tested, the water does not come out in one continuous flat wide sheet (as it should be for this option).

Instead, it exits this way and quickly converges into a kind of triangle. Thus, by the time it reaches your body, it looks more like a poker than a wide, soft, leaf-shaped stream of water.

To make matters worse, some of the devices I’ve seen in reviews are a little out of whack. They splash more on the door or shower curtain than directly on you.

How to Choose the Best Shower Panels Brands in India?

Since the introduction of modern bathrooms around the 1920s, there has been relatively little progress – until now. For decades, buyers have wanted modern technology to invade the bathroom, and finally, that wish has been granted.

Today, shower panels from several manufacturers may not yet be connected to the internet, but they are much more advanced than they used to be.

Remember and imagine a shower panel 20 years old, even 10 years old. If they had any extra features besides the handheld device, which, if you were lucky, offered several different spray modes, they didn’t do anything else.

Outside of purpose-built billionaire homes, you can forget about waterfalls, massage jets, and other shower stall features that are now more or less standard.

Almost all shower panels on the market today provide at least a rain setting. This option offers tall nozzles with multiple nozzles to drench you completely.

The best models will allow you to rotate your head in any direction, give you the ability to change the pressure and even combine it with other settings or patterns at the same time.

The waterfall feature may or may not be enabled. When this is the case, usually on more expensive devices, it’s a clear blessing. Using it, you can get a downward curving stream of hot water that will not only quickly rinse your hair, but also provide a relaxing immersion.

Today, massage jets of various shapes are common on shower panels, even in models designed for everyday use and homeowners.

They are just as powerful and often just as full-featured as the ones you saw in magazines depicting the bathrooms of the super-rich a few years ago.

These massage jet models are often marvels of creativity today. They almost always turn their heads to any angle.

It’s rare to find one that will spin so far that it splashes the ceiling, but finding one that hits you in the knees, back or neck is easy and at different prices.

Because shower panel buyers are often very eager to get this feature, and it can be difficult to find one model that accommodates more than one family member, look for flexibility.

If one person is 6’5″ and another is 5’2″, it can be very difficult. However, there are models that offer the same style and even the same features in a device that differs mainly in length and/or mounting options.

Ease of installation is an important factor in any shower panel, but here you are bound to be lucky no matter what make or model you want.

Any device I’ve seen so far should be pretty easy to install for any buyer with at least minimal DIY skills.

If you can drill a hole and screw on the hose, you will most likely be able to handle the installation without hiring a professional plumber.

However, any model you are considering can only do this. Make sure your shower and fixtures are right for you.

Make sure you have enough water pressure for this particular model.

Last but not least, make sure everyone who will be using it can benefit from its features.

Luckily, these are all fairly easy to find these days, and usually at a very reasonable price.

Now there are so many thoughtful and stylish shower panels that we can finally say that high technology has come to the bathroom.

8 Best Shower Panel 2022 in India List

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