Top Selling 6 Best Slow Juicer in India 2023

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Do you have your own kitchen now? If so, you need the right kitchen appliances. As we know, there are many things to do in the kitchen like cooking, juicing or cleaning.

Therefore, all equipment must be complete. Here we will talk about the Best Slow Juicer in India 2023.

Top Selling Slow Juicer India 2023

Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Best Slow Juicer in India 2023 >>>

1. Kuvings B1700

Kuving is called a silent juicer. And since it is a vertical juicer. The speed is also lower. But it’s included because many people still prefer the vertical juicer. This product is called an all-purpose juicer because it is able to extract juice from any kind of food, such as fruits and vegetables. Its speed will help people in obtaining a natural drink containing enzymes and vitamins. If you want to use these products, you can easily buy them from A m a z o n. This juicer will not make any noise. This is one of the reasons why this model is considered one of the Best Slow Juicer in India 2023.

2. DASH Deluxe Compact

The nest product which is described by customers as one of the best juicers is the DASH Deluxe Compact. It’s a very popular among people who are using these recipes: Stanford Medicine juicing recipes. This merchandise will be a nice gift for a new couple that has just married.

  • 130 Watt.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Compact design.
  • Juice and pulp separation function.
  • Safety lock mechanism.

3. Hestia Nutri-Max

The next merchandise which we are going to introduce as the best product is the Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max. This product is not merely a juicer, it will also help you blend all the things to a smooth texture. This product has more value because of the additional feature.

  • 100 percent BPA free.
  • Superior quality of materials.
  • Large feeding tube.
  • 46 RPM.
  • 240 watt.

As we have seen, a conventional juicer has many disadvantages. The disadvantages of a traditional juicer are the noise, the consistency of the juice, the power, and therefore the speed of juicing. Therefore, as technology develops, we see that the production of juicers also develops.

The latest juicers include a ton of benefits that are good for users. One of the advantages of the new juicers is the extractor. The resulting juice will not contain pulp, so it will only contain nutrients and vitamins.

The best criterion for a juicer, which is mainly guided by moms, is noiselessness, high speed juicing, low voltage, squeezing only juice.

Here you will learn about products from slow juicer buying guide and reviews based mainly on the top rated juicers.

8 Best Slow Juicer in India 2023 List

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1. Kuvings B1700 Professional Slow Cold Press Juicer

Best Slow Juicer in India 2022

Why You Should Buy This?

Health is the most important issue that we should take care of. Sometimes we have those unwanted extra pounds that we then have to take care of. This means exercise and diet.

One good machine to have at home when you run into this kind of problem is a juicer. It can make you all those natural drinks with lots of vitamins.

Thus, it helps us to shed that awful extra weight. The Kuvings B1700 Professional review will let us test this machine and see if it can help us with our health and weight issues.

The first thing you will notice when you start using Kuvings is the noise reduction. Even though it has a very powerful motor, the sound it makes is very dim, so you don’t have to live with the fear of waking someone up every time you turn it on.

The loading chute is large, about 3 inches. The anti-drip spout is adjustable and the entire system can be unlocked and lifted with relative ease. As you would expect, the die-cast body is made of stainless steel.

In addition to all these useful features, the Kuvings B1700 Professional is very easy to clean, and its parts can be washed in the dishwasher, which prevents damage to the juicer itself. The central control dial has five different speeds and is equipped with a blue LED ring.

The pulp should be dry after the juicing process, at least that’s what they say and what manufacturers strive for.

Some customer reports of the Kuvings B1700 Professional indicate that the flesh is quite moist, and you can actually squeeze out some of the juice by hand that is still left in fruit or vegetable residue.

But sometimes this problem can arise due to the fact that the owners do not use the juicer properly and not according to indications.

Another problem that its customers have noticed is the tendency of some filters to vibrate after the engine is turned off. This may shorten the normal life of the Kuvings B1700 Professional.

Other than these issues, the overall impression of the car is pretty good, and most consider it solid and reliable.

And of course price is good too. Its powerful 240W motor and five speeds should not cause any problems with fruit or vegetables.

Nice design means it will fit perfectly into your modern kitchen. The conclusion of this Kuvings B1700 Professional review is that it is a useful machine that can definitely help you maintain good health and control your weight.


  • BPA-free food grade plastic.
  • Stainless steel strainer.
  • Ultem (used in space-crafts) auger.
  • Copper wound ac moto.
  • JMCS technology.
  • All in one.
  • 240 watt.


  • China origin.

2. Dash Deluxe Compact Masticating Slow Juicer

DASH Deluxe Compact Masticating Slow Juicer

Why You Should Buy This?

When it comes to snacks, the only thing you can think of is juice! Juice is the world’s famous refreshing drink and one of the healthiest drinks, especially when it’s fresh.

To get that high quality juice you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll need a good juicer. The DASH Deluxe Compact Masticating Slow Juicer definitely deserves your attention.

The DASH Deluxe Compact Slow Juicer provides high quality juice thanks to the possibility of the chewing process.

What’s good about chewing? The centrifuge technology that other juicers use is very fast but destroys the vitamins and enzymes in the juice.

Unlike the centrifuge technology of other juicers, the chewing process only uses a speed of high rpm, which preserves the nutrients of the juice.

It uses slow grinding to crush and squeeze out the juice. In addition, there is no heat buildup and minimal contact with oxygen, which means less oxidation.

The juicer is suitable not only for fruits, but also for vegetables. Vegetable juice is definitely beneficial as it contains enzymes that help improve metabolism and keep organs healthy.

Vegetable juice is known to have the most powerful healing nutrients. Vegetables have a lot of fiber, but not much juice.

The DASH Deluxe Compact Masticating Juicer slowly squeezes vegetables to get the maximum amount of juice. This is one of the main reasons it tops the 2014 juicer rankings.

This juicer can also work with wheatgrass, which is actually much harder to get juice than even leafy greens and fruits.

Wheatgrass is also considered a powerful antioxidant and contains many other beneficial enzymes that are denatured in centrifugal juicers.

If you want wheatgrass juice, forget centrifugal juicers. There are many people who buy an DASH Deluxe Compact juicer just to get wheatgrass juice, because the DASH Deluxe Compact Masticating Slow Juicer does an excellent job of making wheatgrass juice.


  • 130 Watt.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Compact design.
  • Juice and pulp separation function.
  • Safety lock mechanism.


  • Little bit low wattage motor.

3. Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Slow Juicer

Best Juicer in India 2022

Why You Should Buy This?

While there are many juices that can be purchased commercially, it cannot be denied that nothing compares to drinking the juices you make.

In addition to being cheaper, it’s also healthier because you get to decide how to prepare it. It’s also perfect to show how much you care about other people by making them your own juices.

In order to make your own juices, obviously you will need a juicer. The good news is that there are many affordable juicers on the market right now, including the Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer.

This Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer review will tell you more about why this product is a good choice. This will make juicing a task that requires less effort compared to what you would do with traditional juicers.

Hestia Appliances Nutri-Max customer reports cite the high performance of this juicer thanks to its 600 watt motor as one of its best features.

With its motor, the device can work well with both hard and soft fruits, giving you more options for making fruit juice.

It also comes with a large feeding tube that can hold large sizes of fruits and even vegetables. However, if you are planning to process very large fruits, you will need to cut them into small pieces first.

It also features a pulp hopper on the back to keep the fibers and skins intact. This is very handy because it can give you the confidence that you won’t make a mess by making your own juice.

After that, you can use the peel as garden compost or for soup. It can hold large amounts, eliminating the need to take it out frequently.

It has a 1 quart pitcher that will allow you to make juice that is more than enough for everyone.

In addition to the jug, in which the foam separates from the juice, it also has a soft rubber adapter. At the same time, it is convenient to pour juice from a jug into a glass.

This Hestia Nutri-Max Slow Juicer review highlights the fact that the whole juicing process is going to be easy and messy.

It has knife blades located in the center, which provides a more efficient extraction compared to other budget juicers on the market.

Many of the Hestia Nutri-Max customer reports also praise the product’s aesthetics, making it ideal for a kitchen countertop.

With a height of 47.5 cm and a weight of less than 7.4 kg, the ease of assembly and use of this product is paramount among other benefits.

The juicer is also very easy to maintain and clean as it already comes with a handy brush that can be used to keep the juicer in top condition.


  • 100 percent BPA free.
  • Superior quality of materials.
  • Large feeding tube.
  • 46 RPM.
  • 240 watt.


  • China origin.

4. Agaro Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer

AGARO Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer

Why You Should Buy This?

It’s no surprise that the AGARO Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer is still at the top of the list, as it’s one of the most sought-after products on the market in recent years and still is.

People have become more aware of the benefits of eating organic foods. In addition, freshly squeezed juice is no match for ready-to-drink drinks that you can buy on the market that contain preservatives.

But of course, we want to invest in a durable and efficient juicer and this AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer review will highlight the most important features this juicer has and what to consider when choosing one.

The Agaro juicer has a built-in 240 watt motor, and this is important because the juicer must be able to extract the juices contained in the cellulose fibers. Thanks to the 240 watt engine. vegetables and fruits are processed quickly and efficiently.

Fresh juice is a very healthy choice or alternative to buying pasteurized juices on the market with so much sugar, artificial sugar or preservatives.

You don’t have to wait that long to get freshly squeezed juice. Especially in the morning when you’re about to go to work but still want to get your daily dose of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetables off to a good start.

The AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer has features that will allow you to prepare drinks in no time. Its wide chute allows you to load whole fruits and vegetables without pre-cutting them.

The 3″ wide guide is suitable for whole foods for faster juicing – only large sized apples should be cut in half.

Another reason why you should take advantage of this AGARO Imperial Slow Juicer deal is because it has a strainer and a good filter. The filter should filter out unwanted seeds and pulp from certain fruits and vegetables.

One piece of advice when using this juicer is that you should not press too hard because if you do, less juice will be produced and more of the pulp will soak through.

All you have to do is press down on the fruit or vegetable and use a little patience to squeeze out as much juice as possible.

There are retail stores that offer a discount on AGARO Imperial 240-Watt Slow Juicer. This is a great investment, especially for people who want to make healthier choices and want to try organic fruits and vegetables.


  • 240 watt.
  • 300 Milliliters capacity.
  • 100% BPA free Plastic.
  • Large 74mm Feeding Tube.
  • Stainless steel material.


  • China origin.

5. Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Why You Should Buy This?

If you are looking for the Best Slow Juicer 2023, you should consider this model. Today, more and more consumers are more health conscious than before.

And, determined to be healthy, they choose healthy foods that will help them maintain a normal weight and increase the body’s resistance to disease.

And it is for this reason that the sale of the Hurom HP Series remains in demand. There is nothing healthier than drinking natural fresh fruit juice rather than buying juice from the market that contains unhealthy ingredients and preservatives.

The ratings for the Hurom HP Series stay at the top because it is a modern juicer with a powerful motor.

According to the Hurom HP Series Slow Juicer review, this model is very durable as it can withstand frequent use and is guaranteed to last a very long time.

In fact, the 150W Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer has been ranked as one of the best selling products on A m a z o n and people are still talking about the benefits of the Hurom HP Series offerings that are still on the market today.

In addition, this juicer is inexpensive and easy to use. As our world is more health conscious than ever, juicer sales have skyrocketed.

The good news is that there are many stores that offer the Hurom HP Series Slow Juicer at a discount.

This particular product is easy to use. It comes with a 3″ feed chute because it gives you more space for your fruits and vegetables so you can process them at the same time.

In addition, it saves you time, because with this model you do not need to cut fruits and vegetables into cubes.

Cleaning this juicer is very easy. This machine comes with 5 different removable parts that are easy to clean in the dishwasher. The kit also includes a cleaning brush specially designed for cleaning the device.

In addition, it has a locking lever that will avoid mess or spillage while using it, because the juicer will not work unless the locking feature is in place.

In terms of looks, the Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer features an elegant and unique design with a satin finish for a more modern and stylish look.

This model measures 17.7D x 19.2W x 39.9H Centimeters. It is relatively compact and can look good in any kitchen.

Included accessories include cleaning brush, juice container, pulp container ​​with skimmer and stainless steel strainer.


  • 150 watt.
  • 43 RPM.
  • World class technology.
  • 1.3 ltr capacity.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Polished finish.


  • Little bit experience need to operate.

6. Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Cold Press Slow Juicer

Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Cold Press Slow Juicer

Why You Should Buy This?

It has been noted in many customer reviews of the Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M that many users chose this model because they were looking for something that could help them lead a healthier lifestyle. To stay fit and healthy, you need to drink fresh fruit juices.

However, the problem is that you don’t have the extra effort to do so. What you should do is find a juicer that will make the job a lot easier. In this case, this model from Bosch should not be crossed out from the list of possible options.

One of the reasons for the popularity of this juicer is the affordable price. Among the Best Slow Juicer in India 2023, there are not many machines that are so affordable. It is part of Bosch middle-class juicers, which leads to a low price.

However, its affordable price does not necessarily mean poor quality. Many users of this Bosch product note that they are given nothing but perfect juice. They also noted that they have been using the juicer for a long time, but it still works.

This review of the Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Cold Press Slow Juicer also emphasizes that the product is easy to use.

In fact, it is considered one of the main reasons for its popularity in the market. There is no longer a need to cut fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces before juicing.

This product is equipped with a large feed chute. This means it can juice large fruits and vegetables at the same time. The preparation of juice can be done in a few simple steps.

You just need to put fruits and vegetables in the chute, block it and press the start button. In a few minutes, your healthy juice is ready to drink.

Many customer reviews of the Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Slow Juicer also highlight the fact that this unit is easy to clean and maintain.

You no longer need to worry about the cleanliness of the juicer, because maintenance is very simple.

The various parts of the juicer can be easily removed and placed in the dishwasher. The kit also includes a cleaning brush to assist you with cleaning.

The aesthetics and design of the juicer are also commendable. It has a satin finish for a very stylish look.

Although the juicer is made of plastic, there is nothing to worry about because it is high quality and designed to last for years.

All in all, if you’re looking for something that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle without too much effort, this Bosch Lifestyle MESM731M Cold Press Slow Juicer review gave you an idea of ​​why this juicer could be the go-to item.


  • India manufactured.
  • 150 watt.
  • 1.3 ltr capacity.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • Brushed finish.
  • 3 filters for multiple applications.


  • After a while it gets a little hot.

How to Choose the Best Juicer in India 2023?

In order to continue our daily activities, we need to take care of our health, which means taking care of what we eat and drink, get enough sleep during the night, exercise, and the list goes on.

The purpose of this article will be to focus on how to drink only natural things by focusing on juicers.

Since you’re faced with a wide variety of choices in today’s world that can get a little confusing, you need to know exactly what to look for in your next juicer.

So, for starters, we advise you to find a juicer that can liquefy a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, even herbs and nuts.

The more varied your drinks are, the more you will cover all the vitamins your body needs. This means you have to look at what the motor is capable of because it has to be versatile and run at different speeds.

Personally, we recommend low speed juicers that are close to chewy because they cover most of the greens, but on the downside, they cost more than your regular high speed juicers.

Another advantage of a low speed juicer is the fact that it prevents the juice from oxidizing, which helps it last much longer than juice made on high speed models.

Once that’s figured out, there are some practical things you need to think about, like how easy you can clean it. To do this, you need the parts of the juicer to be removable because otherwise it will be difficult for you to clean it properly.

For your home comfort, it is also recommended to invest in a juicer that makes little noise. If you get a loud juicer, you will disturb everyone in the house when you use it.

Sometimes manufacturers can cover up this flaw, so make sure you also read customer reports because they are quick to point out flaws in certain juicers.

As an additional source of information, you should also put in a bit of effort to find out what reviews of the best juicers have to say about certain models.

Having an Energy Star certification is also to your advantage because you will pay significantly less energy bills this way, especially if you intend to use your juicer frequently.

Knowing these simple things can make a difference in the world and will minimize the risk of you investing in a juicer that causes more problems than it solves.

Juicers come in a very wide price range and you can usually find a reliable model for any budget.

By sticking to these features, you will have one of the Best Slow Juicer in India 2023 in your kitchen, which will give you a lot of options when it comes to different types of natural drinks.

What to Look for in a Juicer?

  • Reliable motor that can operate at variable speeds.
  • A low speed juicer is better than a high speed juicer.
  • Easy cleaning possibilities thanks to removable parts.
  • Blades made of stainless steel.
  • Low noise operation.