8 Best SMD Rework Station in India

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Best SMD Rework Station in India 2023 – Which are the best? How to choose the right one? In the This article, we are going to discuss the 8 Best SMD Rework Station in India 2023 that will give you great performance.

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The SMD Rework Station is a high-tech machine designed specifically for reworking and refining SMD.

It features a unique design and advanced technology that sets it apart from any other surface mount repair station currently on the market.

The SMD soldering station is equipped with a powerful motor that can handle even the toughest jobs. Ergonomic design provides maximum comfort while working.

The SMD soldering station comes with a built-in vacuum system that removes dirt and debris from the SMD.

8 Best SMD Rework Station in India 2023

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So, here is a list of 8 Best SMD Rework Station in India 2023 that meet all your requirements.

1. Yihua 959D Digital Hot Air SMD Rework Station

Best SMD Rework Station in India 2023

Yihua 959D Digital Hot Air SMD Rework Station is one of the new generation surface mount hot air repair station. The unique airflow outlet design ensures a constant temperature of the generated hot airflow.

These hot air repair stations also feature an easy-to-read airflow meter with controls to allow the operator to visually set the airflow, and an auto-cooling feature that automatically turns on when the stop button is pressed.

The compact design of this station takes up less workspace than previous models and is ESD-proof by design.

2. Hnb SMD Rework Automatic

HNB SMD Rework Station Automatic

Hnb SMD Rework Automatic Stations are new generation of rugged soldering systems that give you increased productivity and process control for a wide range of applications, including SMD rework.

The Advanced Soldering and Repair Tip (MX-H1-AV) is a general purpose tool for single-purpose soldering, touch-up, SMD repair and pad cleaning. It uses the very popular STTC and SMTC cartridges.

3. Auro Plus 900 3 in 1 SMD Rework Station

Auro Plus 900 3 in 1 SMD Rework Station

The Auro Plus 900 3-in-1 SMD Rework Station is a great tool for any hobbyist who wants to get started with SMD soldering.

This kit comes with everything you need to start working with SMDs including a solder station, a hot air rework station, and a flux pen.

This device comes with heavy iron body and double coil. Soldering pen is with 15 watts and the hot air gun is with 300 watts.

4. Mmbiel YiHua 995D 2 in 1 Best Digital SMD Rework Station

Best Digital SMD Rework Station in India 2023

Mmbiel Yihua 95D 2 in1 SMR station works with built-in 75W soldering iron and 650W hot air gun (ESD protection). Included electronic components such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMD.

The large LCD display ensures that you won’t get tired when using it. Power supply Rated voltage 220V 50Hz Total power 720W +/-10% 300C Power at constant temperature.

5. Aadvay Enterprises ESD Analog Soldering Station

Aadvay Enterprises ESD Analog Soldering Station

The Aadvay Enterprises E-SMD Rework Station is a professional repair station designed for use with small electronic components. It includes work surface, vacuum table, cooling fan, heating lamp, magnifying glass, micro screwdriver, tweezers, pliers, soldering iron and solder.

6. Var Tech 850A Best Quick SMD Rework Station

VAR TECH 850A SMD Rework station in India 2023

The Var Tech 850A SMD rework station is a high quality tool designed specifically for working with surface mount components. It is equipped with a powerful 270W motor and a wide range of accessories.

The VarTech 850 A SMD repair station includes a powerful industrial quality motor, precision X and Y axes. It comes with a variety of accessories including a vacuum pump, soldering iron, tweezers, magnifier and more.

7. Schofic 858D Hot Air SMD Rework Station

Schofic 858D Hot Air SMD Rework Best Station in India 2023

The Schofic 858D hot rework station is designed specifically for SMD soldering. It is equipped with built-in solder bath, temperature control system and LED screen.

Comes with hot air gun, heats up to 500°C in 10-25 seconds and keeps its temperature. The temperature control system allows you to set the desired temperature range for soldering. You can choose from three different temperatures ranging from 100°C to 480°C.

8. Analog Hot Air Gun Soldering Best SMD Rework Station Under 3000

Best SMD Rework Station Under 3000 in India 2023

To use the Analog Hot Air Gun Soldering Station, simply place the components on the workbench and then place them in the solder bath.

Suitable for surface soldering and disordering with ICs such as QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA, etc. This is an SMD repair station made of 850A hot air gun with temperature control. Low vibration, free noise, ESD protection.

How SMD Rework Station Works?

The SMD Rework Station is a device that reworks SMD (Soldering Machine Dies) components to make them recyclable. These SMD components are commonly used in electronics manufacturing.

Rework Station SMD consists of two parts:

  • Rework Station SMD.
  • Re-Worker SMD.

The SMD Re-Work Station is the base unit that houses the SMD components. The SMD Re-Work station comes with a heating plate that heats the SMD components to around 200 degrees Celsius.

After heating, the solder melts and flows out of the SMD components. The molten solder then falls and collects at the bottom of the SMD repair station.

The Re-worker SMD is a small portable tool that picks up SMD components and places them back onto the Re-Work Station SMD. The SMD rework is battery powered.

SMD Rework Station Benefits

The SMD soldering station is capable of working with various types of SMD, including tapes, LEDs, lamps, bulbs, tubes, fans, transformers, capacitors, resistors, inductors, coils, connectors, switches, sensors, relays, transistors, ICs, ICs, S- modules, panels, cables, wires, batteries, fuses, capacitors and inductors.

The SMD Rework Station is a great tool for those who want to get rid of SMD safely and effectively. The compact size makes it easy to carry. You can use it anywhere and anytime.

It also comes with: –

• Compact size

• Ergonomic design

• Integrated vacuum system

• Powerful engine

• Suitable for various types of SMD

• Easy to operate

• Safe to use

• Great for home and office

• Can be easily carried

• Easy to clean

• Can be used in free time and for work

• Can be used indoors and outdoors

• Can be used at home and in the office

How to Choose the Best SMD Rework Station?

SMD repair stations are a great tool for those who want to get their hands dirty and learn how to properly disassemble and reassemble electronic components.

Many different types of surface mount repair stations are available today, each with its own unique features and capabilities.

However, choosing the best SMD soldering station for your needs can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

The size

The size of your SMD soldering station will depend on several factors. First, you need to decide what kind of repair station you are looking for: small, medium, or large.

Small SMD repair stations tend to take up less space and are ideal for hobbyists and home users.

Medium size SMD repair stations are good for large scale projects and commercial use. Large SMD soldering stations can handle even the largest projects.


Next, you’ll want to consider the features that are included with your SMD repair stations. Functions vary depending on the type of surface mount repair station you purchase.

You may want to consider things like LED lights, automatic shutdown, temperature control, and more.

These features make it easy for you to monitor and maintain your surface mount repair equipment.


Finally, you need to be sure that you are buying high quality surface mount repair stations from reputable manufacturers.

Quality SMD repair stations should last longer than cheaper models and they should perform well in all conditions. Look for brands that offer warranties and customer service.

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