Top 10 Best Speaker Brands in India 2023

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Listening to music on your TV, laptop or phone is no longer a bliss. These gadgets may have provided the audio function, but they weren’t up to the mark.

Listening to music, we deserve much more than what we get from these electronic gadgets. The invention of speakers has been a real blessing for all of us. It has certainly made our lives much richer and happier.

Modern speakers are not limited only to playing loud music, but also have multifunctional capabilities.

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10 Best Speaker Brands in India 2023

Now you can find gaming speakers, subwoofers, dynamic speakers and so on. Speakers have been the best electronic gadgets on the market on almost every platform.

Every brand is still growing with their inventions and speaker modifications. However, there is always a better version of the best.

Therefore, if you want to buy a speaker for yourself, then this article is worth reading. We have carefully researched all sources and selected some of the best speaker brands in India 2023 for you to consider.

1) JBL 

Best Speaker Brands in India 2022

JBL Clip 3 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • 20 watt RMS power range.
  • 3 watt peak power handling.
  • Waterproof.
  • Impedance 5 Ohm.

JBL was founded in the mid 1900s. Since then, it has carried on its legacy in the field of entertainment electronic gadgets in an amazing way. As you all know, JBL is widely known for its promising mellifluous gadgets.

It is one of the top speaker brands in India 2023. When you ask for a good speaker, the first brand you will be recommended is JBL. Their speakers are very high quality and give a powerful sound.

However, the variety of speakers varies, as do their prices. They have speakers ranging from low to high prices.

Also, sometimes an unusual speaker from this company can cost you more than you can pay for other speakers on the market. All of their speakers have a long life battery backup.

In addition, these speakers are incredibly durable and can last for years with proper care. JBL Flip 5 is one of the Best Speaker Brands in India 2023 available both on the market and online.

Top JBL Speakers.

2) Sony 

Sony is also one of the top 10 speaker brands in India 2023 to choose from for electrical appliances. This company was founded in 1946 and since then they have been doing their best to keep their heritage alive and take a higher position in the market.

Apart from the TV, their speakers are extremely visible and innovative. All their products are incredibly technologically advanced.

Although their speakers are tiny, they have the potential to play the best quality music. You can find speakers in every category and they are extremely versatile.

They provide speakers at minimum ranges to expensive ones. A basic speaker will cost you thousands.

Most speakers are dust and water resistant, so choosing the right one is easy. Sony XB12 is one of their best designs. It has all the necessary features that a good speaker at a reasonable price should have.

Top Sony Speakers.

3) Philips 

The quote old is gold goes well with the Philips brand. Philips has been on the market since 1997. At first she sold light bulbs, but now she takes the lead in the charts of other gadgets.

This brand has been on the top list of best speaker brands in India 2023 for a long time. Their Bluetooth speakers are compatible with all your needs. All of their models have a modern structure and functions.

Their speakers won’t burn your pockets as the price range has always been moderate. The basic price range of Philips speakers starts at just 999 rubles.

The Philips BT2500B is one of the best choices you can make. This model is very compact and convenient. The Philips speaker battery lasts longer than most speakers.

Top Philips Speakers.

4) Bose

Bose was founded in 1964. This brand is known for its speakers and home audio systems. Their wireless speakers are the most used portable speakers in India.

What sets this brand apart from all others is its quality. The materials from which their models are made are of premium quality.

The battery life of their speaker lasts long hours and is very durable. Bose speakers have excellent sound quality. The 360° sound feature in most of their speakers is truly incredible.

This brand has always originated with innovative technological gadgets. So if you love innovation and invention, this brand has plenty of options for you.

Bose produces the highest quality speakers than any other brand. Their base speaker range starts at eight thousand.

Top Bose Speakers.

5) F & D

F&D may not be a well-known brand, but certainly provides its customers with a quality and wide range of electronic products. Their super selling products are their speakers.

F&D was founded in 2006. Since then, this brand has grown rapidly in India thanks to the technological advancement in sound developing devices. When we talk about speakers, this company boasts the best speakers.

What are they really about. F&D sells a variety of speakers, from multimedia speakers, portable speakers, mini speakers, docking stations, and more.

The speakers of this brand are designed to improve sound quality along with tablets, laptops, wireless and portable speakers.

Some of their popular models are the F&D A140X, this speaker is a bit more expensive but extremely efficient and wonderful.

This model from F&D belongs to the lower range, but has the same efficiency as other expensive models left from other brands.

Top F&D Speakers.

6) Boat 

Boat is a well-known brand in today’s lifestyle accessories and music gadgets market. This brand was founded in 2015 and is exclusively based in India. Over the years, this brand has gained wide popularity throughout the country.

Since then, he has been curating wonderful products to satisfy his customers. The boat speaker series is best known for its sound and sound quality.

The introduction of the waterproof function has brought attention to this brand. One of the top model is boAt Stone 1000.

These are two models that are effective and also affordable. The boat stone is one of the brand’s most exclusive pieces, and comes at incredibly reasonable prices.

Its silicone body is absolutely adorable and has the latest style. They have an endless number of models from which you can choose the best one according to your desires.

Their speakers are the best portable speaker for travel. With all Boat’s accomplishments, this brand is consistently ranked among the top 10 speaker brands in India.

Top boAt Speakers.

7) Beats 

Another famous brand that you all need to know about. Beats was created and taken over by Apple in 2014 and is headquartered in California.

This brand is the largest audio production company in the world. This brand mainly focuses on creating great headphone and speaker styles.

It was in 2014 that Beats launched their service called Beats Music. Audio Bar Q3 is a portable wireless speaker that provides twelve hours of battery life. There are many more models that are extraordinarily amazing.

All of their speakers are in the mid range with the best performance. Their speakers are made from the highest quality materials and are extremely durable.

As already mentioned, Beats pays more attention to the modernization and style of their products, and also makes them as effective as possible. The volume produced by these speakers is surprisingly louder than you might imagine.

The basic range of speakers starts from two thousand. However, this brand is a worthy choice for those looking for style.

Top Beats Speakers.

8) Ultimate Ears 

Ultimate Ears is a brand that may not be well known, but it does have some great products on the market. Their products are excellent value for money.

This brand is headquartered in California and was founded in 1995. This brand created the world’s first mobile speaker with 360° function.

Their speakers are completely waterproof and portable. Each speaker is waterproof and absolutely rugged. They have an option that you can take. Right from the smallest to the largest.

If you’re looking for an ultra-light speaker that can be hip-mounted, this brand has the perfect option for you. If you are looking for a modern speaker with voice control, it is also available with them.

Boom 3 by Ultimate Ears is the best choice as a travel companion. Their various models ensure that you live your moment perfectly with the right speakers. The Ultimate Ear speaker range starts at a reasonable price and goes up into the thousands.

Top Ultimate Ears Speakers.

9) Photron

Photron is an international company founded in 1974. This firm is based in Tokyo but operates in four different countries.
This company originally started producing high-speed digital cameras.

Over the years, this company has advanced very far and has been manufacturing speakers for many years. The company is known for its versatility and durability. The speakers from this company offer great sound and sound quality.

Photron speakers are small but extremely powerful wireless speakers available in India. The Photron P10 is one of the best speakers you can take home. Its aluminum body guarantees reliability. The LEDs it retains give a perfect glow in the dark.

All in all, this is just one example of their excellence from a diverse range of speakers. The base price of their speakers starts from six hundred rupees and goes up to thousands.

Top Photron Speakers.


Intex is one of the well-known IT, consumer durables and mobile accessories companies. This company was founded in 1996 and is based in New Delhi, India. This company manufactures various products in various segments.

Right from TV, washing machine to speakers, they have a wide range of speakers available in the market today. Loudspeakers produced by this company are bought in the vast majority. They are appreciated and loved by millions of people across the country.

This company has been in this segment for a long time, since its owner, Mr. Bansal, decided to improve the quality of the speakers and please music lovers.

This company is engaged in the production of trolley speakers, tower speakers, DJ speakers, Bluetooth speakers, home speakers and bar speakers.

Looking at their wide range, we are sure you will have a great time choosing the one that suits your needs. Intex speakers are extremely durable and economical.

After spending a decent amount of money on their speakers, you will never regret it. The latest model Intex IT-301 FMUB 4.1 subwoofer and multifunctional.

It’s definitely a great choice and value for money. The base range of their speakers starts in the hundreds and goes up to the thousands.

Top Intex Speakers.

How to Choose the Top Speaker Brands in India 2023?

Now that you know about the best brands to buy a speaker from. You must know how to buy a universal speaker.

Going to the market and asking for a speaker can be a daunting task as the seller can provide you with any speaker. There is no guarantee that this is what you really need.

So, with this guide, we will make sure you have a clear idea of what you are looking for and what features you need in the best column.

(a) Types of speakers

As we mentioned above, there are different types of speakers available in the market.

So first you need to decide what kind of speaker you are looking for, be it for your home, club, computer, DJ, gaming, running and so on.

Each speaker has its own qualities, so if you’re looking for a laptop speaker, it’s foolish to buy a DJ or cart speaker. Before buying a speaker, it is better to understand your needs.

(b) Bluetooth version

When buying a speaker, check if it has Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity plays an important role if you plan to take the speaker with you wherever you go. Because it does not require wires and is convenient.

(c) Drivers

Drivers are an integral part of any speaker, be it small or large, cheap or expensive. Every speaker needs a driver for greater durability and versatility. The larger the driver, the more correct the speaker.

However, look for medium sized speakers as medium sized speakers. A speaker with a smaller driver will have poor battery backup and sound quality.

(d) Application support

With cutting-edge technology today, you should check for a speaker that supports app connectivity. If you find that this feature is available in a column that is within your budget and meets all your requirements, then you should definitely buy it.

(e) Checking your space

Speakers these days are available in several sizes. Think about the space where you will keep your speakers. If you’re buying for your living room, a medium to large size speaker makes sense.

But if this is for your room, then it is better to choose a small or medium sized speaker.

(e) Budget review

Your investment plays an important role in every purchase you make, because it’s not easy to spend all your wealth on something you’re not sure about.

If you want to purchase a speaker for occasional use, buy one in the mid or low range. If you’re looking for great all-around, durable party speakers, look for midrange or high range speakers, as the higher the value, the better the quality.

How to Test a Speaker?

  • Knock of the coverings of the speaker:

Accidentally buying a speaker without testing it can be risky. So first tap your knuckles on the cover of this speaker. A good speaker should be solid, and the response should also be solid.

  • Switch on the Speaker: 

Stand close to almost ear level with the speaker and listen to music. Check if they create crackles, fuzziness or any distortion.

  • Return the Bad Speakers:

Before you buy a speaker, check if the store has helpful policies. When buying, collect bills and test them at home. Don’t forget to conclude the speaker warranty. Some companies will accept returns if there are errors in the dynamics by default.


  1. Are wireless speakers better than Bluetooth speakers?

    Certainly no, Bluetooth speakers are much better and versatile than wireless speakers as these speakers require an internet connection.

  2. Is it important to check the wattage of a speaker while purchasing? 

    Yes, you need to check the wattage of any speaker you buy. As the more the wattage the longer, the battery life of the speaker is. 

  3. Which is the best speaker under 2000?

    There are many good speakers under 2000 in the market but few of them what we recommend are JBL Go, Bose SoundLink Micro, and Logitech X50.

  4. Which is the best brand of gaming speaker?

    T40 Series II from Creative GigaWorks is one of the best gaming speakers. 

  5. What should be the minimum battery backup in a speaker?

    The minimum battery backup of a speaker needs not to be not less than six hours.

  6. Which brand is better for speakers JBL or BoAt?

    The best speaker depends on the requirement one has. If you’re looking for a speaker with clear sound and good volume, we recommend JBL. But if you’re looking for a speaker with greater battery backup then you can choose BoAt. 

  7. Which are the top three speakers? 

    According to us and our research, we would keep JBL Flip 5 on the top, followed by Wonderboom 2 from Ultimate Ears and JBL charge 4. 

  8. What do I’ve to check for, while purchasing car speakers?

    Major things to be considered while buying a car speaker are speaker sensitivity, sound quality, power handling, compatibility, and configuration.


So, here are the top 10 brands for the best speakers in India. We hope this article has helped you choose the brand you like or the right one for you.

Believe me, these brands will always meet your expectations and make moderate changes in production.

Obviously, there are many factors to consider when buying a speaker, but a few of the features and keys mentioned above are extremely important for you to look for in a speaker.

Take these points into account and we are sure that you will not be disappointed with your choice. Now is the time to go shopping.

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