Guide to Choosing the Best Water Purifier in India 2023

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As the result of growing pollution, it has become impossible to drink pure and healthy water nowadays. Especially in urban cities of India, almost all water supplies are getting contaminated.

Therefore, it becomes the fundamental duty of each individual to make the polluted water pure in every possible manner. For doing so, a topwater purifier is the only solution. The water purifier is very efficient for making water pure and fit for human consumption.

Best Water Purifier in India 2023

When you are planning to buy a best water purifier for your home or workplace the primary thing that strikes a chord is the quality of the product.

So, when it comes to the budget, you cannot bargain with health and safety of your loved ones. Cost does not matter when it comes to buying the Best Water Purifier as the cost doesn’t demonstrate the quality of the purifier.

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10 Best Water Purifier in India 2023

  • Tata Swach Water Purifier
  • Kent Grand Plus
  • Havells Max Water Purifier
  • LG Puricare Water Purifier
  • Blue Star Water Purifier
  • Pureit Water Purifier
  • BePure Water Purifier
  • KENT Prime RO Water Purifier
  • Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier
  • Aquasure Aquaflo DX UV
  • Kent Maxx Water Purifier

Buying top water purifier for your home is not a big deal at all because all you need to do is to choose the water purifier brand, select the model, compare the price and purchase it.

1. Tata Swach Water Purifier

Tata swach water purifier electric ultima has 6 stages water purification system of the tata water purifier enhance the taste of water and ensure that it is safe to drink for you and your whole family. The tata water purifier has an attractive sleek body and design that is captivating.

This allows it to fit on the wall with easy to use tap and buttons. It is designed with food-grade plastic that doesn’t contaminate the water. You needn’t worry about voltage fluctuation with tata water purifier because it comes with its own inbuilt voltage spike protector. The stylish tap allows works with just a soft push.

Key Features

  • RO+UV Purifying Technology: It uses reverse osmosis filter and UV filter to purify water.
  • Electric Water Purifier: It uses electricity for operational work and purifying water.
  • Wall Mount: It Can easily be mounted on the wall and blends in well because of its sleek design body.
  • 6 Purification Stages: It uses an advanced purification technology where water passes from a sediment filter cartridge to an ultra-violet purification system.
  • Double I-care Indicator: The indicator works as an alarm to alarm for any maintenance required.
  • Single Click Opening: Creates a user-friendly space between the user and the tata water purifier.


7 Litres Capacity.
6 Purification Stages.
UV Stage.
Single Click Opening.
1-Year Warranty.
Double I Care Indicator.
Electric Purifier.
Wall Mounted.
Food Grade Material.
IVoltage Spike Protector.
Automatic Purifier.


Tank not transparent.

2. Kent Grand Plus

Kent grand plus 8-Litre water purifier works on advanced RO+UV/UF with a TDS controller that retains essential minerals and ensures the pure drinking water. It has caused a sensation among the mass for its wonderful lineaments.

First, considering its design, the Kent Grand Plus water purifier looks highly sophisticated and stylish. The system is designed using the cutting-edge ROTM Technology and comes in the combinatorial form of RO + UV/UF.

With RO, all the contaminants are removed while with UV and UF all the germs and microbes as particulates and supermolecules from raw water are killed and removed respectively.

Key Features

Advanced RO + UV/UF + TDS Purification Technology: Kent grand plus works on Advanced RO+UV/UF+TDS purification technology along with a 7-Stage RO+UV/UF+TDS purification process. The filter cartridges in the purifier include Carbon Block Filter, Sediment Filter, UF & Post Carbon filter.

High Storage and Purification Capacity: Kent grand plus has a higher water storage capacity of 8 liters and a Purification Capacity of 20 Litres Per Hour. The duty cycle of the water purifier is 100 Ltr/Day.

Automated Operation: Kent grand plus has a few computer-controlled operations like filter change alarm that lets the user know of filter replacement time and a UV Fail Alarm which alerts the user when the UV lamp is not efficient for the purification process, ensuring enhanced safety and convenience for the user.

Mineral RO Technology: Kent grand plus uses TDS Mineralizer which maintains a safe level of essential minerals in the purified water. In case of no such treatment, many vital minerals are segregated from the water and it is no longer the pure and nutritious drinking water we were hoping to get as the end result.

Great Service Commitments: Kent has more than 1500 service centers spread across India for the convenience of the users which makes it easy to get in touch with technicians at a service center near you.

Low Power Consumption: Kent grand plus has a comparatively lower power consumption than the other purifiers, i.e- 60W. The Booster Pump operates with a voltage level of 24 V DC.

Water Level Indicator: It comes with a water level indicator which makes it easier to know about the amount of water left in the purifier. It is also suitable for water with higher TDS and can purify water with TDS as high as 2000 ppm.


7-Stage purification technology.
8-Liters water storage capacity.
Both RO and UV processes.
High water storage and purification Capacity.
Higher water storage capacity.
Water level indicator.
Computer-Controlled Operations.
Low Power Consumption.


High Price.
Heavy Weight.
Technical support is slow in rural areas.
Filters needs to change Frequently.

3. Havells Max Water Purifier

Havells water purifier Max 7 Litres is most trusted purifier which has to pass through both the RO and UV purification system to ensure 100% Pure and safe drinking water.

Havells water purifier is also beyond compare in terms of popularity. This unit is the combination of both RO and UV purification techniques to supply you with the most portable and the purest water.

It comes fitted with the RO membrane which deals with bacteria, germs and other minute contaminants very well. As far as the physical appearances of this Havells water purifier system are concerned, it is overpoweringly attractive.

It has a special space-saving design, so it can be mounted at a corner of your home or can be kept over a table. Havells water purifier offers a 1-year extendable warranty period during which all sorts of maintenance and technical repair will be free of cost.

Key Features

  • RO-UV Technology: Havells water purifier implements the RO-UV technology where the water has to pass through both the RO membrane and then the UV purification system to make sure every drop is as pure as possible.
  • Unique 7-Stage Purification System: Havells water purifier has a high-tech filtration system consisting of Activated Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter, Germicidal UV filter, RO Membrane, Silver Impregnated Taste Enhancer, Minerals Cartridge and Revitalizer Cartridge.
  • Contamination Proof Tank: It has a 100% contamination proof tank with a capacity of approximately 7 liters of purified water and a filtration rate of 15 liters per hour.
  • Space-saving Design: Havells water purifier has a special space-saving design, so it can be mounted at a corner of your home or on a wall or can be kept over a table.
  • Advanced-Alert System: It has an advanced automatic consumer-friendly alert system that alerts the user for purification process, self-diagnostic, the tank being full, the low pressure of the water and error alerts for UV, SV, and pump failure.
  • Zero splash faucet: It also has a zero-splash faucet no amount of water is wasted and prevents the area around the filter from getting wet from time to time in case of water spillage.


High storage capacity of 8-Litres.
Automatic voltage operating system.
Alarm of water level indicator.
7-stage RO+UV Purification Technology.
Advance Alert System.
Have 100% contamination proof tank.
Consist of Zero splash faucet system.
Great Service.
Removable tank for cleaning.
Compact design.


Heavy weight.
Required Maintenance.
Tank needs to clean periodically.

4. LG Puricare Water Purifier

LG water purifier Puricare WW180EP Water purifier is one of the highest-selling water purifiers all over India. It uses RO, UV, UF and Mineral Booster uses a 5-stage purification Technology with 8-Litres Dual-Protection Stainless Steel Tank.

This LG water purifier is an epitome of True Filtration, as its emphasis. As it comes furnished with UV sterilizing power, the water it purifies is all the way drinkable and healthy.

The system comes fitted with an extra valve that facilitates users to wash fruit and vegetable with untainted water. As it releases UV LED rays to sterilize the RO Water, the water you drink is free from all bacteria and germs.

Key Features

  • Advanced RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Technology: The 5-stage purification process consists of an outside pre-sediment filter, a sediment filter, RO membrane filter, mineral booster and post-carbon filter with a TDS controller, one can be ensured that the water will be 100% safe now.
  • Higher Storage Capacity and Stainless-Steel Water Tank: LG water purifier Puricare has a water storage capacity of an 8-liter dual protection stainless steel water tank.
  • Compact, Colorful and Wall-Mountable Design: LG water purifier Puricare can be wall-mounted and it will be a very attractive addition to your home. As it can be wall-mounted it preserves a lot of space.
  • Smart Indicators: LG water purifier Puricare also comes with a tank level indicator that highlights filter change, UV sterilization and water level indicator as well.
  • EverFresh UV Plus: UV Cycle in this LG water purifier runs during the Preservation stage. When the filtered water is stored in Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank, it is absolutely safe and clean to drink.
  • Digital Sterilizing Care: LG water purifier’s innovative Digital Sterilizing Care is the most hygienic method to sterilize the entire water path, faucet and tank with a unique sterilizing Kit that does not use any harmful chemicals.


High Storage with stainless steel tank.
Smart display for various indicator.
5-stage RO+UV+UF purification Technology.
2 in 1 care feature.
Compact, sleek and stylish design.
Digital Sterilizing care for purification.
Ever fresh UV Plus.
Flexible Installation.


Difficult to handle for beginners.
High price but good Features.
Steel Tank makes it heavier. 

5. Blue Star Water Purifier

Blue star water purifier Majesto RO+UV with 8litres of storage is one of the highest-selling water purifiers across India. It is also one of a kind and is on a brisk sale in the market. It is an epitome of excellence and completeness.

The highlight of the system is that it is made of state-of-the-art engineering grade and food-grade plastics. The plastic is well known for its non-toxic and BPA-free properties that ensure keeping bacteria and germs at bay.

Key Features

  • Advanced RO+UV Purification Technology: Majesto implements double purification of RO followed by UV which removes dissolved impurities. The RO removes dissolved impurities, microorganisms, heavy metals, and radioactive matter while UV deactivates microorganisms such as bacteria, cysts, and viruses eliminating all the health risks in the process.
  • Higher Storage Capacity: It has a water storage capacity of 8 liters and a purification capacity of up to 285 liters per day as the RO membrane is a super-efficient, high-quality membrane.
  • Compact, Colorful and Wall-Mountable Design: Majesto can be wall-mounted and it will be a very attractive addition to your home. As it can be wall-mounted it preserves a lot of space.
  • 5-Stage Purification Process: Blue star water purifier has a 5-stage purification process that comprises a pre-sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, and post-carbon filter with the ATB which stands for aqua taste booster as well.
  • ATB: It stands for Aqua Taste Booster implements calcite media which enhances the taste and helps in the maintenance of the optimum pH level of water, in the process enriching the experience of drinking water like never before.
  • Tank-Full Indicator: It also comes with a tank full indicator which highlights when the tank is full.


High purification and storage capacity.
Non-toxic and BPA-free Good grade plastic storage tank.
5-stage purification Technology.
Compact and stylish design.
Max duty cycle which makes efficient.
Automated operating systems with alarm alert.
Water level indicator.
Sediment filter of 5-microns which removes fine impurities.


Slow support service.
Unsuitable for hard water. 

6. Pureit Water Purifier

Pureit water purifier produces one of the world’s ranges of in-home water purifiers. Pureit is a breakthrough innovation by Hindustan Unilever Limited. It gives total insurance from all water-borne infections, unequaled convenience, and affordability.

Pureit water purifier is not just a product, it is the answer to India’s water purification needs. Since its launch, today it has become the World’s Largest Selling Water Purifier brand with its presence in over 9 countries.

Pureit’s revolutionary products are built using the most innovative technologies like RO, UV, MF and Oxytube. Pureit aims to provide smart ways to fulfil their promise of purity.

Unilever is the World’s Largest Seller of In-home Drinking Water Purifiers Verify Market’s independent comprehensive global market research determined Pureit water purifier to be “The World’s Largest Seller of In-home Drinking Water Treatment Systems.”

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) is India’s largest Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Company with a heritage of over 80 years in India and touches the lives of two out of three Indians.

It works to create a better future every day and helps people get more out of life with brands that are good for them and others as well.

Pureit offers a superior safety level with technology that has set a benchmark in the industry. It challenges anyone who can prove it wrong. If proved wrong, Pureit will pay a sum of Rs. 10 crores to the challenger. Till date, it remains unclaimed – a testament of Pureit’s promise of purity.

Across the Globe, Pureit water purifier has won several awards, certificates and recognition for the innovative products and technologies they bring to the industry.

7. BePure Water Purifier

BePure water purifier Provides 100% Stainless Steel Storage with RO + UV + UF + TDS + Mineralization Water Purification. It is one of the highest-selling water purifiers.

Bepure is a pioneer in water treatment engineering providing cutting edge solutions in water purification across all market segments. The company had started its operation since 1989 and provided water treatment chemicals and equipment for industries.

The company now has expanded in various other segments in water purification space and the next generation of the company has revamped the brand to suit the needs of the modern customer with the latest technologies.

The endeavor is to serve the customer with every possible way which is affordable yet effective. We constantly expand our reach to ensure water solutions at every doorstep.

While designing our diverse offerings to cater to different customer group, we don’t compromise on our standards and put extra efforts to provide product and service of unmatched quality. Every product gets passed from various tests before reaching the customer.

Bepure is ISO 9001:2015 certified which is just an example of its standard. With the ever-changing technology and water problems, we bring you the best products as per the need of customer.

It offers high quality products for domestic purification with all possible technologies including the latest Alkaline RO technology. To cater to the need of high flow rate for commercial users, we provide similar reliable devices for commercial uses.

Industries are facing challenges in reuse the water and effectively managing water. We provide end to end solutions to manage water effectively and thus save costs.

8. KENT Prime RO Water Purifier

In order to purify brackish/tap water and municipal corporation water supply, KENT has introduced the World’s most advanced domestic RO water purifier namely KENT Prime. It comes with double water purification technology that can filter out all the impurities from supplied water and makes it fit for consumption.

The model has a wall-mountable design and it even comes with a water level indicator. KENT Prime also has an inbuilt TDS controller that can deliver 100% safe and healthy drinking water.

Key Features

  • High Storage Capacity: KENT Prime comes with 9 liters of purified water storage capacity. It also has high purification capacity and that is more than 20 L/hr.
  • Double Purification Technology: The water purifier comes with double purification technology and that is of RO+UV+UF. The RO filters out all the physical impurities from the supplied water, UV deactivates the micro-organisms and UF removes the dead pathogens.
  • Save Water Technology: RO water purifier normally wastes a lot of water during the purification process. At least 80% of water gets rejected, which is often wasted, but KENT Prime has been added to Save Water Technology.
  • 4 Years Free Service: KENT Prime RO water purifier also comes with 4 years free service. This ensures that now you don’t need to pay a penny for the servicing charges at least for 4 years.
  • World’s Top-Quality Certification: The RO purifier is tested and certified for its performance and quality by different world’s renowned laboratories like WQA (USA & India) and NSF (USA).

9. Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier

The Livpure Glitz UV Water Purifier accompanies a voltage of 140-300 V and a power-saving option to control the power supply. This water purifier comes with the DIY cartridge replacement which means you can change the filters of the water purifier without any help of the technician.

Livpure Glitz also comes with a unique e- monitoring system which indicates the purity level of the drinking water. The shutter tray option given by this water purifier facilitates easy filling of water into water bottles or glass

10. Aquasure Aquaflo DX UV

Aquasure Aquaflo DX UV Water Purifier comes with three-stage purification by UV, sediment filter, and activated carbon filters. The inbuilt stabilizer comes with this water purifier protect it from the sudden power fluctuations.

This water purifier can purifier 2-litres water per minute. If the machine is not in use it automatically goes to the conserve mode to save energy. Hence the energy saving mode of this water purifier makes it an eco-friendly in nature.

11. Kent Maxx Water Purifier

Kent Maxx is the best UV water purifier in the list of top 5 water purifier under 10000 Rupees price category. It provides you safe and healthy water which is free from all the harmful bacteria, virus, cyst, and other microorganisms.

Unlike other conventional UV water purifier, it uses the combination of UV technology along with UF technology which not only kills the microbes but washes them out from the water.

The Filter change and UV fail alarm functionality of this purifier ensure when to change the filters and UV lamp. This water purifier is fully automatic with auto off and auto-off function and that eliminates the needs of manual interventions.

Type of Filters

Water is one of the basic needs of life. However, for a prolonged life it needs to be pure and safe for drinking all the time as it can impact one’s health. This particular source of life is also one of the best solvents.

Dissolving with any substance is its specialty. But this ability is fatal for the health of others as it can also dissolve with pollutants and harmful chemicals in it. It is often a life-threatening situation when the polluted water is consumed.

Impurities such as chemicals, viruses, bacteria and harmful microorganisms in water can destroy one’s health drastically. Such water can cause waterborne diseases. For preventing such health-related diseases, we must use Best water purifier.

(a) RO Water Purifier

RO water purifier is capable of removing waterborne disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses.

(b) UV Water Purifier

UV water purifier kills microorganisms, pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and cysts in water.

(c) UF Water Purifier

UF is capable of removing mold and germs from water.

(d) MF Water Purifier

In mf water purifier the water is passed through a special pore-sized membrane to separate microorganisms.

Major Points About Water Purifier You Need to Know

Drinking pure and clean water is the utmost need of all human beings. So, you should always ensure to do everything to drink pure and safe water and stay healthy.

We all know the fact that most of the diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Hepatitis A etc. are caused due to the consumption of contaminated water.

In India, we drink water that comes from the tap and is highly unfit for drinking. It is not just the tap water that you drink, you also drink supplied water and bottled water as well.

Unfortunately, this water is used for cooking, during which you can play in the Austrian online casino. The water of poor quality sometimes affects the taste of food. But with different choices, how do select the best option.

Well, the easiest option that every household should follow is to install best suitable water purifiers. This will help consume safe drinking water in order to live a healthy life.

Talking about water purifiers, you would find that the market is flooded with different brands of water purifiers that claim to provide the fresh and pure water.

Therefore, it makes difficult for us to choose the top water purifiers for your home. Unlike any other appliances, the purchase of water purifier requires more attention as it is directly related to our health and safety of the people.

Key Facts You Need to Know about Water Purifier

Here, presenting you a guide that will help you to choose the top water purifiers that do not compromise the health of your loved ones.

Guide to Choosing the Best Water Purifier for Home in India

Check the Quality of Water

Before you purchase any water purifier you should always check what kind of water is supplied to your home. If you find the water looks clean and the TDS level is at par with the required level but you just want to ensure that it is free from micro-organisms, you can use UV or UF water purifier. If the quality is not that good and it has more of dissolved water solids, then RO water purifier would be the best option.

So, depending on the quality of water, you can choose the water purifier accordingly. The water purifier must have the capability to purify that water efficiently so that you can drink 100% pure and safe water.

Purification Process

(a) RO (Reverse Osmosis) Purification

If you are living in an area where you get the water which is saline or hard water. The TDS is very high, or you get the drinking water from borewell, tanks, or hand pump then you must go for the RO purifier. Because it is the most advanced technology of purification.

RO purification can effectively remove heavy metals, fluoride, arsenic, lead and other toxin and dissolved salts present in water. However, a lot of minerals are also found in water which is important for human consumption. Consuming them in excess amount can cause many diseases. Therefore, always choose an RO purifier which can retain those minerals.

In India, Kent is the most trusted brand that has models added with TDS controller, which can not only provide the safe and clean water but also retains natural essential minerals of water.

In this process, UV radiation is used to kill the bacteria, virus & other harmful microorganisms. Water is passed through the UV radiation which kills all the bacteria making the water free from the infection. These impurities can bring many diseases like Cholera, Typhoid & Dysentery. The only problem with UV purifiers is, they are not able to remove the dissolved salts present in water.

(b) UF (Ultra Filtration) process

In Ultrafiltration process UF membrane is used to purify the water. The pore size of the UF membrane is slightly larger than the RO membrane. Unlike RO & UV processes, it does not require electricity to operate. This technique can purify water containing germs, bacteria, cyst & other microbes present in water.


Most of the water purifiers come with a storage tank. It is an important feature to ensure the continuous supply of purified water in the absence of electricity. A water purifier with 7-8-liter storage tank will be sufficient for a small family.


Certification plays an important role in selecting the top water purifiers. It gives the assurance that the product has been thoroughly tested & comply with all the requirements of the testing standards.

  • NSF International: Choosing a product which is NSF certified ensures the strict standards of public health and safety from the renowned laboratory. In India, Kent is the only company which has received the NSF certification.
  • WQA: Gold Seal Product Certification Program ensures that the water purifier is constructed from a safe material. It gives the customers peace of mind that a company is continuously monitored. It can only maintain certification if their manufacturing process remains consistent.

Maintenance & After Sale Service

Maintenance of every water purifiers is very important. Most of the customers complain about the poor after sales service of many brands. Therefore, always buy a water purifier from a reputed brand with excellent after sales service.

Warranty & Installation

Usually, most of the reputed brand offer free installation and one-year warranty. But some of the brands charge extra money for installation. You should always check the warranty and the installation details while purchasing the water purifier.


All the above mentioned are the top 10 bestselling water purifiers in India 2023. Every aspect and technical specifications of the products are mentioned to makes sure that you can study more about the product in details. The list of products that we have mentioned is compiled on the basis of user reviews, ratings, and percentage market share. So, evaluate the product and select the best model that fits your budget.