Do Air Fryers Really Work – Pros and Cons

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Do air fryers really work? Are air fryers healthy? This is the most asked question when it comes to air fryers! I wouldn’t be surprised if you ask yourself this question. In this article, we will answer this and many other questions.

Do Air Fryers Really Work?

We’re going to find out exactly what air fryers are good at. We’ll also take a look at what they’re not doing so well, and we’re not going to sugarcoat things! So buckle up for an honest look at the practical uses of the often misunderstood kitchen appliance, the air fryer.

Air fryer first impressions

I remember the first time I saw an air fryer in a commercial about 3 years ago. Perhaps you know the one I’m talking about. It featured an energetic blonde with a shower bandage raving about a new appliance that could cook just about anything in less time and with less fat! During that half hour, he made some pretty bold statements.

The commercial did a good job of presenting the capabilities of the deep fryer, but the question burned in my brain: “Do deep fryers really work?” The promise of faster and healthier meals was too tempting. I did a lot of research and finally decided that I would try the Air Fryer. I ordered a Philips Airfryer on Amazon and it was at my doorstep in two short days.

I’ve been cooking in the air fryer for 2 years now. Now I can tell you with confidence that yes, they work. In particular, they work very well for some things and not so well for others. I truly love my air fryers, but is this the right one for your kitchen? Let’s delve into this issue in the rest of this article.

How fryers cook food

It is important to note that there are 2 types of air fryers: regular air fryer and multi fryer. I’ll go into detail on the differences in my article how does an air fryer work – The Nitty Gritty.

Food is placed in a perforated basket that is connected to a tray that fits into the body of the fryer. The deep fryer uses a powerful heating element located at the top of the device to quickly heat the air. Then a powerful fan completely blows hot air around the food. The result is evenly cooked food without the inner layer drying out. The air circulating in the fryer is filtered and exits through the exhaust chamber. This results in less smoke and cooking odors than a conventional deep fryer.

The multi fryer uses the same type of top heat circulation as the conventional air fryer, but also has a bottom burner. This allows for more cooking options such as roasting, stir frying, and slow frying… doesn’t that sound amazing? It is, but how do the results stack up with a deep fryer or conventional oven.

Deep fryer vs. air fryer

Most of us love the taste of deep-fried food, but we all know how fast it can quickly add a few inches to your waistline. The deep fryer uses heated oil to cook food. These oils contain a huge amount of fat and calories that are transferred to food. Deep fryers also use quite a lot of energy to heat the oil and give off bad odors and fumes while cooking. Vapors must either be blown out through a fan or left throughout the house. In any case, the air fryer is not exactly friendly to the environment.

Instead of relying on cooking oils, the deep fryer uses circulating hot air. Before cooking, a very small amount of oil is applied to the food to give it a taste similar to that in a deep fryer. The deep fryer uses much less energy for cooking and produces far less smoke and fumes thanks to its self-contained filtered exhaust system. Therefore, an air fryer is much more environmentally friendly than a deep fryer. The fact that an air fryer uses 80% less cooking oil makes it a much healthier choice than a deep fryer.

Fryer vs. conventional oven

A conventional oven uses heating elements to produce hot air that fills a large cooking chamber. No matter how much food you are going to cook, the entire chamber must be filled with hot air. This may be acceptable when cooking a large amount of food, but it is an inefficient use of energy when cooking small portions. Because a conventional oven does not circulate hot air, food cooked in an oven will often be unevenly cooked and dry.

The deep fryer blows hot air to all surfaces of the food for more even cooking. A crispy outer layer is formed, while the inner layer of the product remains juicy and tender. An air fryer uses much less energy than a conventional oven because it uses space more efficiently. As a result, cooking time is reduced and energy costs are saved.

Much better than a microwave

I often use the air fryer when I need to reheat leftover food. Yesterday’s pizza will taste the same as in the oven. The air fryer won’t dry out your Thanksgiving leftovers either! Frozen treats like pizza rolls, fish fingers and chicken nuggets come from the air fryer with deliciously crispy foods. You will never be able to use your microwave again! Do air fryers really work?

Diversify your roast

With additional accessories, you can exponentially increase the amount of food you can cook with your Airfryer. With the cupcake pan, you can prepare desserts such as cakes, pies, cookies and muffins. The downside is that the pans are a bit small because the hot air has to circulate around the basket to heat the bottom of the pan.

The grill rack allows you to fry and grill chicken, steak and fish. You can make delicious kebabs or even grill cheese quickly. Oh possibilities! I always find new dishes to try with my air fryers and they always come out amazing! You can check out some of the accessories available for the air fryer here.

The incredible versatility of Multi-Fryer

With the added bottom burner, the multi fryer adds a level of versatility unmatched by a conventional air fryer. The multi-fryer is equipped with a closed basket and a removable paddle that automatically stirs the food while it is cooking. This allows us to prepare dishes such as homemade macaroni and cheese, roasts, chili peppers and stews. You can remove the spatula and bake cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and even pizza. The possibilities are almost endless. Do air fryers really work?

I can’t tell you how many wonderful dishes I’ve cooked with the air fryer. However, I can tell you that there are a few things that an air fryer doesn’t cook well at all. Let’s explore this topic right now!

What air fryers generally do not cook well

Wet batters! I’m not going to beat around the bush with you on this issue. If the question is “Do air fryers really work… with wet dough?” the answer is “NO”! This includes beer batters and tempura-style batters. The good news is that you can buy battered frozen foods such as onion rings and fish that will cook just fine in the air fryer.

When choosing an air grill, it is important to consider exactly how many products you will cook at a time. Most air fryers cook evenly by circulating air around the food. This means that if you have a full basket, the air cannot reach the bottom of the products. You will have to turn the food or shake the basket during cooking so that all surfaces are exposed to the heated air. The multi-fryer has a bottom burner, so there is no need to shake or turn the food.

Air fryer misunderstandings

There is a slight learning curve when you first start cooking with an air fryer. Many bad reviews come from people who don’t use butter and still expect their food to be crispy. Don’t be afraid to use a little vegetable oil for your fries. I use spray oils most of the time because of the convenience factor. I think you’ll find that most deep-fryer meals require very little oil and still get a really nice crispy crust.

Air Fried foods don’t quite taste like deep-fried foods. Some people think that an air fryer is a magical little box that you can throw food in and it comes out with all the butter-filled flavor and crunch of deep-fried foods that are completely non-greasy. This seems like an unrealistic expectation, but most of the negative reviews about deep fryers follow this. You get crispy, great-tasting food while using 80% less oil. Do air fryers really work?

Is an worthy appliance of a place in your kitchen

To be honest, I never thought I would use my air fryers as often as I do now since I bought them two years ago. I also feel good about not using so much oil when cooking. However, I want to warn you: once you make restaurant-quality wings for someone, they will come back for more. My parents ask me to come and cook chicken wings and fries at least once a month!

Final Words

I sincerely hope that I was able to answer your question: “Do air fryers really work?” I have no doubt that with a little practice, you and your air fryer will cook amazing meals!

If you decide to purchase an air fryer, I will be happy to help you choose the one that suits your needs. I have written several detailed reviews covering the entire range of best air fryer models. You can find them here at Best Air Fryer in India. If you would like to contact me for personal advice on choosing an air fryer, or if you are simply not getting the results you want, please email me.

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