How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2023?

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How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner | Best Vacuum Cleaner in India 2023 |

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The history of vacuum cleaners dates back to 1860 in West Union, Iowa. A man named Daniel Hess is credited with introducing vacuum cleaners to the modern world.

The Hess machine, as it was called, is considered to be the first portable hand-held vacuum cleaner in the world.

Today, a vacuum cleaner is a common household cleaning device that cleans everything from cat and dog hair, all kinds of damp spots, carpets, tiles, concrete, upholstery and more. Find a model for industrial, commercial and home use.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023?

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your cleaning duties, you have many options, too many in fact.

I will tell you about the different types of vacuum cleaners, what they are and what they are for.

First, you should have a general idea of what you need, are the floors in your house wood and tile? Do you have allergy problems due to dust?

Upright, canister, manual, handheld vacuum cleaner, which one will you choose?

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

  • Upright vacuum cleaner

This is the basis of all vacuum cleaners. Upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for general cleaning of floors, carpets, tiles and parquet floors.

These types of vacuum cleaners are the most powerful of all types of vacuum cleaners.

  • Canister vacuum cleaner

They are designed for small areas and small cleaning tasks. Some of the areas where a canister vacuum cleaner can come in handy include carpeted stairs and draperies.

These types of vacuum cleaners are handy, much smaller than uprights, and have less power.

If you need to clean the interior of your car, then a handheld vacuum cleaner is for you. These types of vacuum cleaners are usually battery powered (cordless).

The main reason you buy this type of vacuum cleaner is strictly for small tasks as well as small hard to reach places like between furniture and other crevices.

  • Stick vacuum cleaner

This is another alternative to vertical ones, but they offer less power, which is ideal for small areas. Stick vacuum cleaners are much cheaper than uprights, so if you don’t need powerful machines, a rod vacuum may be worth considering.

  • Wearable vacuum cleaner

These models are also called backpack vacuum cleaners. These models are designed for commercial cleaners who want the most efficient way to clean commercial offices. No plug is required because they are cordless and use rechargeable batteries.

  • Central vacuum systems

These blocks must be installed in your house while you are building it. Your hose is inserted into the wall, with this system there is no need to lug around a heavy machine.

  • Bagless vacuum cleaner

No bag required, empty the container when it’s full and you’re ready to clean some more!

What to Look for When Comparing Features?

In case of choosing the best vacuum cleaner, you have to compare several important things before buying. Here they are:

1. Filtration system

The best filtration system is the HEPA filter system. HEPA vacuum cleaners are for people with allergies caused by dust mites and other particles stuck in your carpets.

2. Bagless

If you want to save yourself the hassle of buying and replacing vacuum bags, then a bagless vacuum cleaner might be a good choice. When the container is full, just empty it, pretty simple system.

3. Onboard headlight

If your house is dark or you want to clean in pitch darkness, then a headlamp is great, you can light up all the dirt and debris in your path and soak it up.

4. Robotic vacuum

If you’re really busy, then you should check out the robotic vacuum cleaners that can actually clean floors while you watch them being made by Roomba.

it is important to find a vacuum cleaner with the right type of attachments. Slotted tools are a must, but for example drape tools are only good if you have curtains, many people only have blinds.

5. Weight

Some vacuum cleaners can be quite heavy, so if you plan on vacuuming a lot, try to find the lightest vacuum cleaner that fits your needs.

Some of the best vacuum cleaner names in the industry include Agaro, Phillips, Eureka, Inalsa and Euro Karcher. If you want to find cheap deals, I suggest buying or at least comparing prices online with retail store prices.

Additional Things to Remember

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is important to do an online comparison of features, warranties, and prices.

There are many sources online offering consumer ratings and review forums where you can compare features such as cleaning capabilities, attachments, and more.

Alternatively, you can purchase a consumer report magazine from your local newsstand, which will have detailed vacuum cleaner ratings and unbiased reviews.

If you want to browse and compare the best vacuum cleaners for your home, office, or even industrial warehouse, I suggest shopping online. The internet offers a huge selection of discounted vacuum cleaners from leading brands.

Online home appliance retailers like a m a z o n offer low cost robot vacuums, steam cleaners, sweepers, upright vacuums, canisters, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, cordless handheld vacuum cleaners, and all other types of systems.

You can also find spare parts, HEPA filters, paper and fabric vacuum bags, brushes, motor, attachments and other accessories at low prices online. Everything is delivered directly to your home the next day.

How to Choose Right Vacuum Cleaner if You are Allergic?

Suffering from allergies is not fun, so how can you save yourself from problems associated with allergies, there are air purifiers, medicines, of course, and there are vacuum cleaners.

Since this site is dedicated to vacuum cleaners, I will explain what to look for when choosing a vacuum cleaner, including the characteristics and type of vacuum cleaner.

If you haven’t heard of H.E.P.A., here’s what it means – high efficiency particulate capture.

HEPA filters are designed to remove 99.97% of all types of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria from your carpets, making you free from allergies.

HEPA filtration is essential if you want to rid your carpets of all the things I described above.

True, absolute or HEPA type filters

When shopping for HEPA filtration systems, you need to know the difference between a true HEPA filter, an absolute HEPA filter, and a HEPA-type filter. What are the differences?

True and absolute Hepa filters are one and the same. These filters must be tested to ensure they are indeed HEPA filters. Real HEPA filters are assigned a serial number if they pass the test.

What kind of test you ask? The filter must retain at least 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles.

Then there is the hepa type filter. HEPA type filters have not been tested to the same specifications as real filters.

Instead of capturing 99.7% of dust particles, these filters clean 85 to 90% of particles, i.e. 5-10% less.

Types to choose from

There are all types of Hepa vacuums that you can use to clean your home, from canister vacuums, uprights, handhelds and even central vacuums.


  • nozzles – on-board tools such as upholstery nozzles and crevices make cleaning more efficient and easier for you physically.
  • cord length – the longer the better, or you can always use a cordless vacuum system and get rid of the cord.
  • bagged or bagless – I prefer a bagless vacuum cleaner who needs the hassle of changing vacuum bags if you don’t need it.

I recommend you check out A M A Z O N, they have a good selection of allergy free vacuums worth checking out.

Do HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Work?

The University of Manchester claims they don’t work. Researchers at the North West Lung Centre, which is part of the University of Manchester, have found that “high-efficiency particulate vacuum cleaners,” or HEPA, are no more effective than conventional vacuum cleaners at cleaning your home of harmful allergy-causing dust mites.

How did they know?

They compared nasal air samples before and during vacuum cleaning using both HEPA and non-HEPA vacuum cleaning systems.

The end result is that the team found that it doesn’t matter if you use a Hepa vacuum cleaner or a normal one, the result is the same.

Lead researcher Dr Robin Gore said: “These vacuum cleaners are designed for people with allergies, they are designed to reduce human exposure to airborne particles and dust mites.

We have already found that both HEPA and non-HEPA vacuum cleaners actually increase human exposure to particles containing cat allergens.

The bottom line is that there are no benefits to using a Hepa vacuum to get rid of allergy-causing dust particles in your home.

Bag or Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – Which One Do You Choose?

So which is a better investment: an old-school vacuum cleaner or a bagless version? Before I dive into which vacuum I think is best, let me explain the difference between each type.

Bagged vacuum cleaners

A bagged vacuum cleaner uses a vacuum bag to pick up all the dust and debris you pick up when vacuuming carpets and floors.

This type of vacuum cleaner uses replaceable bags as a filter, which, as I mentioned, sucks in all the dirt, but at the same time allows air to pass through the bag.

Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, don’t have bags, they use filters to collect dirt into something called a dirt trap that can be easily emptied when it fills up with dirt.

So, which one is better, bagless or traditional bagged? I have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Bagless VersionBagged Version
Very easy to empty.Need to buy vacuum bags.
Transparent plastic.Less contact with dirt and debris.
More contact with dirt and debris.You never come into contact with dirt.
Could be dirtier.
Filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

Personally, I like the bagless versions, there is no need to buy replacement bags, which means I save money.

Yes, it might be a little dirtier, but I just clean my vacuum cleaner on the patio, so if any dirt falls out, it’s not in my living room. All in all, it’s more of a personal preference than anything.

What Features to Look for in an Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many types of vacuum cleaners: canister, manual and even robotic, but the most common is the upright vacuum cleaner.

When shopping for an upright vacuum cleaner, there are things you should compare and look for.

Features to be aware of

Dirt capture is the way an upright vacuum cleaner actually picks up dirt from your carpets and floors. There are 5 different methods you should be aware of: bagged, wet/dry, steam, bagless and wet.

  • bagged – uses a vacuum bag to capture dirt and debris
  • bagless – this system does not require the use of bags, all the dirt is captured into a plastic chamber for easy cleaning.
  • steam – this type of machine uses steam to make your carpets and upholstery look like new once again.
  • wet/dry – cleans your carpets with the use then it dries the carpeting
  • amperage – this is the amount of power that the vacuum motor puts out.

You should also become familiar with the various features that you can expect with a vacuum cleaner.

Hepa filtration – these filters are designed to rid your carpets of harmful allergens and dust mites.

  • self-propelled – self-propelled is a technology that enables the motor to suck up dirt as well as move the vacuum, requiring less effort from you.
  • edge cleaning – this feature enables you to clean right up to the wall.
  • telescopic wand – you can extend the length of the vacuum wand to reach those hard to get to areas.
  • cordless – battery powered vacuum that requires no cord.

Some of the manufacturers you should check out include Dyson, Eureka and Hoover. All 3 offer exceptional products that I can recommend.

If you want to read more information, you can read this article on how to buy a vacuum cleaner.

Print this page and take it with you when you buy your new upright vacuum.

How to Choose a Central Vacuum System Cleaner?

A central vacuum is a great system and is usually best installed prior to drywall installation. It is designed to build a new house, but you can upgrade.

You are probably wondering how you choose a central vacuum system for your home and what to look for.

Central vacuum cleaners use a cyclone system. The cyclone system does not require bags, they are bagless. This type of home vacuum cleaner has no filters, which allows the vacuum cleaner motor to run at full power.

Read below as I explain the features and benefits of a good central vacuum cleaner.


  • Central vacuum cleaners without bag and without filters. This is great because it’s much cleaner than regular bagged vacuum cleaners.
  • They are very comfortable, easy to use and light on the back, no need to lug around heavy equipment. The only thing you carry with you is a vacuum hose and a wand. If you’ve ever tried to carry a steel upright vacuum cleaner upstairs, you know how heavy they can be.
  • If you suffer from allergies, this is a great choice for ridding your home of dust mites and other harmful allergens. A central vacuum cleaner rids your home of 100% of viruses, pollen and bacteria from your home when an outdoor exhaust is connected to your vacuum system.

Useful Tips

When shopping for a central vacuum, be sure to find out the approximate square footage of your home and the types of floors you have. The seller will want to know. The more square meters, the more powerful the vacuum motor you should purchase.

Final Words

The best vacuum cleaners are all the rage right now, why not? A machine that can clean your house while you sit and relax, what could be better!

Time well spent?

The Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G vacuum cleaner takes very less time to clean a medium-sized room. Considering that it will take a maximum of 30 to 40 minutes for a person, this seems like a long time.

Personally, it wouldn’t matter to me if the machine took 1 hour to clean the room, but the noise of 1 hour of cleaning would drive me crazy. I think I could leave the room for the hour it took to vacuum.

Something to consider

I haven’t heard anything bad about robot vacuums from other sources, it’s always wise to know both sides of the story before making a decision. Based on the reviews, people like the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G.

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