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New Best Gadgets India 2023

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1. Vegetable Brush OXO

Vegetable Brush OXO

Nylon bristles clean thoroughly. Ideal for potatoes, carrots and more. It is flexible with non-slip handle. It is dishwasher safe. The color of this brush may differ from the image.

2. Utensil Holder DOWAN

New Best Gadgets India 2022

The Dowan Utensil holder comes with a 6 inch large capacity storage tank, which can provide you with a large space to place your kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools and many more.

You can use it in several ways. You can store any other household items in this dish rack. It is FDA approved Utensil holder from Dowan. You can use it without any worries.

3. Jewel 6 Knives and 6 Knife Blade CUISINART

Jewel 6 Knives and 6 Knife Blade CUISINART

Knives of high quality. Non-stick coating for easy cutting. Color coding reduces the risk of cross-contamination during food preparation.

4. Smartwatch Talk 2 Fire-Boltt

Smartwatch Talk 2 Fire-Boltt

The Fire-Bolt Talk 2 smartwatch is a sleek device that comes in two colors (black and white) and is designed to look good while delivering useful features. It is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable.

It comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display that makes viewing information easy and convenient. Battery life averages around 5 days, depending on how much time you spend using it.

You can use the watch to make calls, send text messages, check email, listen to music, take notes, and even control your home appliances.

This smart watch is compatible with Android phones version 4.0 and above. It works with both iOS and Android devices. It supports Bluetooth connectivity and has a built-in speaker.

You can download apps directly to your watch without connecting it to your phone. More than 50 pre-installed apps are available, including Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, Spotify, Amazon Alexa and many more.

There are three buttons on the side of the dial. One button is for taking photos, the second is for adjusting the volume, and the third is for adjusting the brightness.

5. Wireless Range Extender TP-Link

Wireless Range Extender TP-Link

TP-Link’s TL-WA850RE range extender works great with my router and I haven’t had any issues with it. It does not require an additional power supply and does not take up much space. It only supports the 2.4GHz band, so if you have a 5GHz router, you won’t be able to use it.

You can connect it with an ethernet cable or a wireless connection. If you are going to use a wired connection, make sure you are using a Cat 6 (or better) cable or you will get poor signal quality.

6. Full HD Security Camera Imou

Full HD Security Camera Imou

Imou Full HD Security Camera is a high quality security camera with a wide range of features. It is designed to deliver superior 1080p video quality and supports both wired and wireless connectivity options.

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and offers remote viewing through the built-in app. In addition, it provides motion detection alerts, night vision, and two-way audio.

7. Crompton Night Buddy

Crompton Night Buddy

Before going to bed, it is customary to rest in bed and charge the phone while checking messages and browsing social networks. However, the presence of a night light on the nightstand complicates the task.

You may find it difficult to decide whether to leave the lights on or charge your phone before bed. In such a situation, something else is needed. Crompton Night Buddy will be the right solution for this. It is very cheap, which does not cut your budget.


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