Samsung AUE70 4k TV Review 2023

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If you are looking for Samsung AUE70 4k TV review information, you are in the right place. This Samsung Crystal 4k Pro series is our no. 1 choice for 4KTV and has everything you could want from a 2023 4K UHD TV.

We are going to give you a full review of this Samsung Crystal 4k Pro and explain everything about the features, the opinions of existing customers, where to go for the best deals and discounts, and most importantly, whether it performs well.

We will also point you in the right direction where we recommend buying so you get a Top 4KTV that you will always love and that will actually work.

Before we get into the Samsung AUE70 4k TV review, you might be here and NOT want to read the full review, you might just want to buy this 4KTV.

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Samsung AUE70 4k TV Review 2023

Samsung AUE70 4k TV Review

The Samsung AUE70 4k TV Review is Samsung’s premium 4K Ultra HD curved screen TV. This Ultra HD Smart LED TV designates a high quality 4K TV only to confirm that it is indeed a high quality 4K TV.

This review will tell you all about this our #1 pick if you are looking for the best 4K TV in India in 2023.

Samsung has introduced a line of UHD TVs with new Nano Crystal (Quantum Dot) technology. 1 choice, Crystal Pro series. This Quantum Dot technology has produced the best LED TV picture Samsung has ever produced.

This AUE70 series includes the especially popular 55″ Samsung Crystal 4k Pro LED TV.

Should You Buy a 4K LED Ultra HD TV?

Finally, consumers have access to the best home entertainment with the most advanced TV ever. Known as 4K TV (or Ultra High Definition TV), the picture quality is far superior to that of older standard HD TVs.

Let’s take a look at a few benefits and we’re sure you’ll decide now is the time to upgrade your TV monitor.

For decades, people have been exposed to a lot of eye strain due to the poor quality of old CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions.

These sets could not even display color until the late 1960s. Huge progress was made with the advent of 720p in the 1990s and 1080p in the early 2000s.

Unfortunately, even these better resolution TV monitors continue to disappoint. Visual fatigue and other problems continue to be reported.

One of the best solutions to the problem is the new Ultra High-Definition 4K TVs with near-real-life picture quality. With these advances, 3D looks so much better, anything streamed in 4k UHD looks even more amazing.

One reason for the constant eye strain is that most people don’t realize that the old standard high definition isn’t really high resolution at all.

Each eye sees the image as half of what is displayed. Only new 4K TVs can display a full 1080p image for each eye, reducing eye strain and delivering the sharpest, clearest, highest resolution picture ever.

The earliest 4k UDH TVs were expensive. But now the Samsung AUE70 4k TV meets all your requirements and fits into your budget.

Samsung AUE70 4k TV Features

PurColor: PurColor lets you watch movies as if you were there.

Crystal 4K Processor: Powerful 4K upscaling delivers up to 4K resolution for your favorite content.

4K UHD Resolution: A 4K UHD TV goes beyond the standard FHD with 4x more pixels, giving your eyes the crisp, clear picture they deserve.

HDR: High Dynamic Range increases the range of light levels on your TV.

Motion Xcelerator: Enjoy sharp images and performance as it automatically evaluates and compensates frames for the content source.

Q Symphony: The unique Q Symphony feature allows the TV and soundbar speakers to work simultaneously for the best surround sound effect without turning off the TV speakers.

3-Frameless Design: Sleek and elegant design, drawing you in for the purest image.

The clean solution: Keep cables clean and tucked away, reducing clutter and keeping your TV looking solid.

Click View. Now you can quickly and easily switch to your TV and continue watching your favorite content.

Multiple voice assistants: choose your favorite voice assistant; Bixby, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

PC mode: enjoy all the possibilities of what you can do. Easy access to your PC, laptop and mobile phone via TV.

Samsung TV Plus: Enjoy free TV streaming content on our Samsung TV Plus Virtual Channels.

Content Guide: Now it’s easy to find your favorite movies and TV shows in one place.

Samsung AUE70 4k TV Specifications

Samsung AUE70 4k TV product type is LED with 7 Crystal Pro series. Its display comes in 5 sizes the 43 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch, 58 inch and 65 inch.

This fantastic Samsung AUE70 4k TV has it all: 4K UHD TV with Smart TV, web browsing, voice interaction, Bluetooth headset or speaker support that automatically turns on/off the speakers when a headset is connected/disconnected.

Wi-Fi is built in as expected, along with a camera on the TV’s top ledge.

Samsung AUE70 is now in shimmery silver. The frame of the TV looks a lot like brushed metal, but it feels like plastic to the touch.

The stand with a similar finish is also made of metal and they match very well. Especially since both the stand and the screen are curved, which helps to show that this is a beautiful TV.

Crystal pro technology delivers brighter images, better color reproduction and more natural vibrant colors.

While the 4K Ultra HD TV delivers 3840 x 2160 resolution, four times the resolution of Full HD, it allows you to sit closer to the big TV for an immersive cinematic experience. HDR (High Dynamic Range), which is new, can provide more detailed images with brighter highlights and deeper blacks.

Samsung AUE70 4k TV matches and may even exceed the quality of a movie theater.

All Samsung Crystal pro models are equipped with a new touch panel smart remote control. The remote has a built-in microphone used to control the TV with voice commands, or the remote can be used like a mouse and simply point and click to control the TV’s functions.

An updated operating system called “Tizen” increases the speed of this 4KTV and therefore makes the Samsung AUE70 more responsive.

The Tizen update has enabled application multitasking, which means that access to applications has become faster, and Smart TV menus have been made much easier and faster.

Samsung UHD 4KTV showcase a vastly improved color scheme and essentially sweep away the dullness of previous models. It’s also brighter and colors are much deeper and crisper on this gorgeous 4KTV curved screen.

The Samsung AUE70 4k TV series features an upgraded Crystal Processor 4K to accelerate 2023 Smart TV features, and with the upgraded Tizen Smart TV operating system, the TV is truly Internet-ready.

With improved 4K picture quality, the Samsung AUE70 4k TV UHD features an updated Ultra Clear Pro panel that eliminates reflections.

While Motion Xcelerator technology combines backlight control with a native frequency of 60Hz to provide crisp motion without blur, which is really good for sports and all dynamic activities.

The Samsung AUE70 4k TV processor makes existing content like Ultra HD Netflix streams and 1080p Blu-ray discs look better than you’ve ever seen.

Samsung’s hype may be a bit over the top, but for this TV, every drop of hype is well deserved. The Samsung AUE70 4k TV is an exceptional TV that I would not hesitate to recommend to everyone.

Samsung AUE70 4k TV gives the best picture quality with the resolution 3,840 x 2,160 ratio. Which is great.

For the best video quality this smart LED TV has a Picture Engine with Crystal Processor 4K.

Samsung AUE70 4k TV comes with One Billion Color. And PQI (Picture Quality Index) is 2000. HDR (High Dynamic Range) and HDR 10+ Support.

HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) fitted with MegaContrast, Pur Color and Brightness/Color Detection, Brightness Detection and also with the Contrast Enhancer.

The next this TV has the Auto Motion Plus system with the Film Mode and the Filmmaker Mode (FMM).

Audio quality enhanced by the Q-Symphony technology which gives the sweet and adaptive sound.

Samsung AUE70 4k TV speaker type is 2CH, with sound output (RMS) 20w and blutooth audio support.

Samsung AUE70 4k TV is a smart TV inbuilt with the operating system Tizen supports with multiple languages. It has also the feature with the multi voice assistant works with Google assistance and Alexa also.

Samsung Crystal 4k TV comes with some special smart features like the Mobile to TV-Mirroring, DLNA, Tap view, easy setup, App casting, Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi direct, TV sound to Mobile, Wireless dex, cloud service and sound mirroring.

Auto Game Mode (ALLM) and Dongle Compatibility (3G / LTE / WiFi) are the another best features.


Screen Size43 Inch – 65 Inch
Resolution3,840 x 2,160


Picture EngineCrystal Processor 4K
One Billion ColorYes
HDR 10+Support
ContrastMerga Contrast
ColorPur Color
Contrast EnhancerYes
Auto Motion PlusYes
Film ModeYes
Filmmaker ModeYes


Dolby Digital Plus43 Inch – 65 Inch
Sound Output20 Watt
Speaker Type2 CH
Bluetooth AudioYes

Smart Feature

Operating SystemTizen
GameAuto Game Mode
BixbyIndia English & More
Multi Voice AssistantYes
Google AssistantYes
SmartThings App SupportYes
Universal GuideYes
Mobile to TVYes
Tap ViewYes
Easy SetupYes
App CastingYes
Bluetooth Low EnergyYes
WiFi DirectYes
TV Sound to MobileYes
Wireless DexYes
Cloud ServiceMicrosoft 365


Tune StationYes
Dongle CompatibilityYes
3G / LTE / WiFiYes
Analog Clean ViewYes
Triple ProtectionYes


Digital BroadcastingDVB-T2
Analog TunerYes
TV KeyYes


Digital Audio Out1
RF In1
HDMI A / Return Ch. SupportYes
HDMI Quick SwitchYes

Additional Feature

Digital Clean ViewYes
Auto Channel SearchYes
Connect ShareYes
BT HID Built-inYes
USB HID SupportYes
Teletext (TTX)Yes
IPv6 SupportYes
MBR SupportYes
OSD Language22 Local Languages


Power SupplyAC220-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption145 Watt
Eco SensorYes


  • Resolution 3840×2160.
  • Crystal 4K.
  • 2000 PQI.
  • HDR10+ support.
  • Film mode.
  • Dolby digital plus sound.
  • IPV6 support.


  • 1 USB port only.
  • Sound output 20 Watt.
  • Power consumption 145 Watt.

A Little History of 4K TVs

4K TVs have a resolution that is about 4 times that of HD TVs. HD is 1080P and the standard definition of the 4K model is about (3840 x 2160).

Needless to say, it looks much better than HDTV. Because the resolution is so high, it is considered Ultra High Definition or UHD, not High Definition.

Just a note as you go through our reviews, many 4K models like the Sony 900A also include 3D technology for owners who have purchased 3D media.

Some of the models, such as Seiki Digital, will not include 3D and these savings are usually passed on to the end user. It all depends on your preference whether you want a 4K 3D UHD TV or not.

3D technology has never been popular for home use, which is why many people use 4K technology today.

However, many owners now have 3D media and need to be able to play it when they transition from 3D-only HDTVs. During our 4K TV reviews, we will go over and review any additional media or media technology added by a specific device.

Here are a couple of places outside of us where you can read about 4k technology. This is the first Tech Crunch. They have an extensive selection of articles on what 4K is and what it does. The next place is Wikipedia, as there is also a lot of knowledge there. Good resources to use.


As with all other technologies, as consumer demand grows, more media becomes available. So in the early days of 4K TV, there wasn’t a ton of media on hand. However, a lot of great content is on the way.

Most films are now being shot even with 4K cameras, and many sporting events are broadcast in 4K. So a media storm is on its way. Even if content was small in early 2013, there’s no denying how beautiful the picture is on these gorgeous UHD TVs.

It’s hard to say when the full wave of 4K is coming. However, some companies such as RED have pioneered this technology. They already have several 4K 3D products and the customer feedback from what we’ve read has been amazing.

Finally, if you have any opinion on the Samsung AUE70 4k TV Review we provided above, feel free to leave us a comment below. Thank you!

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The Samsung AUE70 4k TV is an outstanding achievement in TV design and engineering. This is the best Samsung TV to date. Creating some of the most enchanting images we’ve ever seen. Some of the images are mesmerizing, we found it hard to look away from them.

This is a magnificent exhibit that attracts everyone who sees it. I expect we’ll see some tough competition from some of Samsung’s competitors, but we’re confident that the Samsung AUE70 4k TV will be on the list of some of the best TVs introduced in 2023.

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