How to Choose the Best Washing Machine

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If there are 2 people in your family, then a car with a small capacity of 4-5 kg will suit you.

Type of loading

It is basically of 2 types, front load washing machines and top load washing machines.

Spin Cycle

The spin speed is measured in rpm (revolutions per minute), which indicates how many times the drum rotates per minute.

Different machines offer different variations in the wash cycles. Some offer 4, 6, and even a few offer 12 wash cycles.

Wash Cycle

Child Lock

It is a function offered by most manufacturers which disables the operation panel for the entire wash cycle once it starts.

Magic Filter

As the name suggests, this is a filter that works like magic. It is located under the washing machine to catch fluff regardless of the water level.


In fact, new generation washing machines use the latest technology, including INVERTER TECHNOLOGY.

Eco Bubble

Simply put, this eco-bubble technology means using a bubble to wash clothes more delicately.

Direct Drive Technology

The direct drive technology is also one of the new generation technology, which also reduces the power reduction as well as reduces the noise level.

Here is a List of Top 5 Washing Machine