What Type of Rowing Machine is Best for Home Use?

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If you are looking for What Type of Rowing Machine is Best for Home Use in India, then you have come to the right place. Here in this article we can try to help you to choose the Best Rowing Machine in India 2022 for home use.

A rowing machine is also known as an indoor rower used to strengthen the muscles used in rowing. It is a type of machine that creates the best option for changing your physical health.

Rowing machines work on resistance, and the harder you work, the harder they work. The demand for rowing machines has been growing over time, and in modern times modern rowing machines are known as ergometers to measure the amount of work done.

Below is a detailed comparison to choose the most suitable one for you.

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If you read the detailed rowing machine reviews in the table above, you will get a complete understanding of this rowing machine and it will be easy for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Types of Rowing Machines

A rowing machine is a great addition to your home to keep fit and a blessing for those too lazy to go to the gym. This gives an amazing full body workout and also relaxes the joints.

There are four different types of rowing machines that have their own properties and offer their own form of resistance to help you make the best choice on which type of rowing machine is best for you.

  • Hydraulic rowing machine
  • Magnetic rowing machine
  • Water rowing machine
  • Air rowing machine
  • Hydraulic Rowing Machine

A hydraulic rowing machine is the best option for those with limited space in the home as these types of machines are slightly smaller compared to other types of rowing machines. Hydraulic machines rely on pistons and allow you to adjust the resistance.

Basically machines consist of two pistons on each steering arm. The machine allows a person to exercise independently and works quietly.

You can read in-depth reviews of hydraulic rowing machines here and customer reviews of hydraulic rowing machines here.

  • Magnetic Rowing Machine

The machine uses electromagnets to create resistance. These machines slow down the main flywheel, forcing the user to work harder.

These machines are a bit noisy just because of the electromagnets and have adjustable resistance.

Machines are less portable and are not considered ideal for tight spaces. You can read in-depth reviews of magnetic rowing machines here and customer reviews of magnetic rowing machines here.

  • Water Rowing Machine

The water rowing machine works with the help of an oar. To create resistance, you pull the handle and, alternatively, actually rotate the paddle.

These types of rowing machines are equipped with a closed water tank inside which the paddles are suspended.

These cars look attractive and beautiful, as well as quite expensive. You can read detailed customer reviews of the rowing machine here.

  • Air Rowing Machine

These types of rowing machines have a large flywheel and fan blades. The fan moves when you pull the handle of the rowing machine. In this case, the harder you row, the more resistance the flywheel creates.

This type of rowing machine gives you a realistic experience and is considered an authentic tool for professionals and users who want something professional as well as great for athletes. Here you can read detailed customer reviews of rowing machines.

Significant Factors that are Important When Buying a Rowing Machine

It is very important to make a wise decision before buying a rowing machine. Buying a car is such a frustrating and confusing task, especially when you have no idea about cars and what purpose you are buying them for.

You can get an idea by reading rowing machine reviews from customers who already use this machine. Everyone prefers to stay fit and stay fit, but a good selection will lead you to the best indoor and gym rowing machine.

When you are in the market, you should ask yourself a few questions before buying.

  • Do you have space for a rowing machine?
  • How much money can you spend on a rowing machine?
  • How long will the machine last you and is the material durable or not?
  • What types of rowing machines do you prefer?
  • How much do you enjoy rowing?

Clear answers to these questions will help you buy a good rowing machine for your home or gym. If you are interested in fitness, then it will be a good solution to enjoy the exercise machines.

Best Rowing Machine for Home Use 2022

What Type of Rowing Machine is Best for Home Use in India 2022

We all know that time is money, and in the hustle and bustle of life, no one has the spare time to look for the right quality rowing machine.

For your convenience and simplicity, below are brief reviews of the best rowing machines that are very popular in the market. These top 5 rowing machine reviews will help the buyer make an effective decision.

5 Best Rowing Machine in India 2022 You Can Buy Right Now: –

1. Concept 1 Row Erg with PM5 Best Rowing Machine in India

Rowing Machine for Home India 2022
  • User friendly design

The rowing machine has a comfortable design and provides smooth movements during training.

The damper allows you to adjust the airflow to the flywheel so you can feel the change in travel that suits your personality.

The flywheel design reduces noise more effectively and allows you to enjoy your workout in silence.

  • Accurate results

The machine is good enough to give accurate results and keep you informed about your fitness. This creates a better idea to keep checking and keeping track of your fitness level.

The monitor displays accurate and comparable data for each row, and the backlight is good enough to improve visibility.

  • Suitable for storage

The machine is equipped with a frame quick lock system and allows the machine to be folded into two parts. This creates the best storage option and the wheels allow you to roll the machine into position.

2. Schwinn Crewmaster Best Rowing Machine 2022

Best Rowing Machine 2022 India
  • DMC system and tension control

The amazing rowing machine works with magnetic resistance along with the DMC system, known as the drum magnetic control system, as well as electronic tension control. This allows the user to adjust the resistance to the level you want.

  • Foldable and compact saddle

The rower is equipped with a polyurethane molded saddle and an anodized aluminum beam with proper rectangular tube support, and engineers designed to ensure optimal and stable performance.

  • Control your heart rate

Rowers come with a chest strap, which is the most convenient for heart rate control and suitable for cardio training. When you row while rowing, the cardiovascular system improves better.

3. Fitness Reality 4000MR

Best Rowing Machine in India 2022
  • Electronic monitor

The trainer comes with an electronic monitor that is good enough to give you information on various things including time, total count, scans, calories burned and more. This creates the best way to track your progress.

  • Adjustable leg straps and swivel leg supports

The treadmill features adjustable leg straps to keep your foot secure and in place while rowing. The swivel footrests are good enough to add comfort and give you a relaxing workout.

  • Elegant design

The elegant design adds comfort and gives you the best paddling experience. Very well-cushioned, foam-padded handlebars and a smooth and comfortable running seat add charm and keep you motivated to exercise.

4. Hornet Watersports

  • Soft and comfortable seat

The machine features a padded, padded seat that enhances comfort, while the engineers designed a textured handle for a stable and secure grip while paddling. The angled seat rail is ideal for smooth gliding for maximum comfort and ease.

  • Ideal for storage

Keeping a car is very unpleasant and tiring. Slim and sleek, the machine offers storage capability thanks to its folding features. The wheels make it easy to move and you can take it with you wherever you go.

  • Multifunction performance monitor

The machine comes with a multifunctional performance monitor that keeps track of your progress. The monitor displays speed, distance, time, as well as information about calories burned.
Stamina 1215 orbital rowing machine with free arm movement

  • Efficient machine

The efficient machine is equipped with a thick and padded seat with swivel leg supports. It offers smooth hydraulic cylinder resistance and adjustable tension control. One-button monitor shows rowing results.

  • Assembled and folded sizes

The machine requires some assembly and is 48 inches long x 32.5 inches wide x 27.75 inches tall to fit in your room. It comes with foldable storage features and the folded dimensions are 48 inches long, 45.5 inches wide and 10 inches high.

  • Amazing guarantee

The rowing machine comes with a five-year frame warranty. The warranty guarantees that good material and construction will last you for many years and serve you purposefully. Alternatively, it will save you from wasting money on a new product.

5. Silicone Seat Concept 2

  • Innovative hydraulic drive system

The rowing machine is equipped with a hydraulic drive system, which provides a good way to improve your health.

It is also suitable for beginners and the robust rowing machine is ideal for home use. Adaptive waterproofing ensures a smooth and refreshing workout.

  • Ergonomic handle and swivel footrests

The ergonomic handlebar offers good service and provides impressive grip for a comfortable workout. The machine is equipped with swivel footrests that provide softness and cushioning for your feet.

  • Superior service

The efficient rower gives you an incredible workout with the proper support of the polycarbonate water tank and internal paddle system to give you the amazing feeling of paddling on the water.

Larger display for easier viewing and provides information on time, calories burned, distance and more.

Which Rowing Machine is Best for Home Use?

Concept 1 is considered the best rowing machine in India in 2022 for home use. Why is the Concept 1 considered the best rowing machine?

There are different types of people who turn to a rowing machine that purposefully tones the upper and lower body through the wide range of motion that each rowing machine requires.

Reviews for the Concept 1 rower are better than other rowing machines available. The rowing machine provides an efficient and effective workout compared to other exercises in a few minutes.

This is where the most important question about a particular rower comes in, such as why concept 1 is considered the best rowing machine in India in 2022. Simple answer:

  • Machines are easy to use and move.
  • Machines make it possible to store them.
  • Cars are designed to be built last.
  • The machine delivers measurable and accurate results.
  • Dedicated customer service is also the most significant factor.

Benefits You Can Enjoy Using Rowing Machines

Rowing is a great form of exercise that has the best effect on your health. The rowing machine is useful for building and toning muscles. You can get many health benefits from using rowing machines.

  • Weight loss

The rowing machine is effective for weight loss. It burns your calories and fat to stay fit and healthy. If a person weighing 185 pounds can burn about 377 calories in 30 minutes with a serious workout on the rowing machine.

  • The best for your heart

This exercise improves heart function and improves the circulatory system. You can reap many benefits if you keep the tension on the rower low to achieve and maintain aerobic exercise. It also improves your lungs.

  • Reduce stress

The rowing machine is also effective in reducing stress. It gives you a relaxing environment and keeps you away from a stressful life. While rowing, you will enjoy the exercise.

  • Get your muscles toned

The rowing machine tones your muscles. It works almost every important muscle group in your body. It works the muscles of the upper body, spine, legs, arms, shoulders and hips. You can adjust the rower to create stiffer muscle-building resistance.

Disadvantages of a Rowing Machine

Like any other machine, the rowing machine has its drawbacks. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. There may be some factors such as overuse and sloppiness while paddling that create deficiencies.

  • Backache

The machine is not considered ideal for those who face back pain. The machine puts stress on the lower back, which causes back pain and spinal problems. When using a machine, proper technique should be your first preference to keep you out of pain.

  • Assembly

Putting the pieces together and putting them back together is a little tricky for most people. A bad build won’t give you a good result and eventually your machine won’t work the way you expect it to.

When and Why do You Need a Rowing Machine?

When it comes to training the whole body, rowing machines offer the best solution. Many experts report that swimming exercises the whole body.

Since not everyone can afford a place for a pool, a rowing machine is the best alternative. It keeps you fit and healthy by improving your physical health and gives you the ability to fight many diseases that sometimes lead to sudden death.


Each type of rowing machine has some limitations. For example, hydraulic powered rowers are generally quieter and do not make much noise. On the other hand, water rowers require very little maintenance.

Similarly, size, ease of storage, and noise levels create limitations. If you live in an apartment, then a noisy car can be a headache, and if space is at a premium, then the size and foldability of the car should be preferred.

5 Best Rowing Machine for Home Use in India 2022 List

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Schwinn CrewmasterBuy Now
Fitness RealityBuy Now
Hornet Watersports Buy Now
Silicone SeatBuy Now


Rowers, which are recognized as indoor rowing machines, are the best solution for those who want to stay fit and healthy while staying at home.

This saves you the hassle of making an appointment, spending money at the gym, and wasting extra hours on the road.

This is a great way to train even at home and in tight spaces. A rowing machine only gives good results when you use it.

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