Which Type of RO Purifier is Best in India 2023

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Purchasing a water purifier is not an easy task as there are so many purifiers available from different brands making it difficult to choose the right one for you. Which type of RO purifier is best in India 2023?

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Before buying a water purifier, there are a few things to keep in mind as you will be drinking purified water from the purifier of your choice.

Water is synonymous with life as it is a necessity and living things cannot live without it. As water becomes scarce due to waste and pollution, we have begun to feel its greater importance.

Water is an essential element for every organ, cell and tissue in our body. Thus, it is very important that you drink clean and healthy water, which is why it is very important to make sure that you buy the right water purifier for you and your family.

Which Type of RO Purifier is Best?

Today, there are many different water filtration systems. Each type offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the best reverse osmosis system for your home requires careful consideration of several factors, including your budget, space requirements, and intended use.

The first step in choosing the right reverse osmosis system for your home is to determine the water quality you want to achieve.

  • Do you need to remove chlorine?
  • Is your water hard or soft?
  • Do you have any specific contaminants that you would like to filter out?

Once you know what you need, you can start looking at the various options available. But which type of RO purifier is best in India 2023? Here are the 4 Best RO purifier in India that you can choose from:

1. Kent Grand Plus

Which type of RO purifier is best in India 2023

Kent Grand Plus is the best selling water purifier in India. It has the highest number of positive customer reviews. This water purifier provides dual purification RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller, which not only gives you 100% pure water, but also preserves natural essential minerals. This combination makes the water clean and safe to drink.

Kent Grand Plus comes with the best cleaning membranes. It uses Kent’s patented reverse osmosis mineral technology which removes dissolved salts and chemicals and produces clean and safe water. This product additionally has a feature that allows the consumer to adjust the content of natural minerals in purified water.

Kent Grand Plus Features

  • Double Purification by RO+UV+UF+TDS controller: RO+UV+UF provides complete protection from the harmful impurities like virus bacteria and even from the dissolved impurities like mercury, lead, and arsenic. The TDS controller maintains the natural essential minerals which are required for consumption. In this way, regardless of what your water source is, Kent Grand+ will give 100% pure and safe water
  • 8 litre storage capacity: Kent Grand Plus has 8 litre storage capacity with unique water level indicator. The storage tank ensures the continuous supply of purified water in case there is power cut
  • Suitable for water from all sources: You don’t have to worry about the water supply of your home because Kent Grand Plus is suitable for any kind of water like bore well water, overhead tank, and tap water.
  • Fully automatic and computer controlled operation: Kent Grand Plus is fully automatic with auto start and auto off function. It also has unique features of filter change alarm and UV fail alarm which will notify when the filter needs to be replaced otherwise the purifier will stop working
  • Food grade ABS plastic: Kent Grand Plus is made of Food grade ABS plastic which is non-breakable and highly durable that ensures no harmful chemicals leech into purified water
  • Certification: Kent Grand Plus has got certification from NSF and WQA gold seal which are the most recognized certification in the drinking water treatment industry. Kent is one and only company in India to receive the certification from NSF. Kent Grand Plus also received certification from ISI and CE

Kent Grand Plus Specifications

Purification production rate15Ltr/hr.
Max. Duty cycle75Ltr
TypeWall mounted
Dimension (LxWxH)40 x 23 x 54 Cm.
Membrane TypeThin film composited RO

Kent Grand Plus Review

Kent Grand Plus received star rating of 4.8 out 5. Most of the customer are satisfied with this product and customer support. Kent Grand+ is widely utilized water purifier because of its high quality of filters and UV lamp. It is the most demanding purifier in the market as it has all the necessary features to purify the water and gives full value for your money.

2. Aquaguard Enhance RO+UV

Aquaguard Enhance RO Water Purifier

Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV is an advanced water purifier that combines the power of reverse osmosis and UV technology. It comes with a TDS+ regulator that adjusts the purification according to the water source, resulting in 100% safe, clean and healthy water.

The design looks really impressive and will add all the charm to your kitchen with its unique and stylish performance.

The Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV Water Purifier has all the necessary characteristics that make water safe and tasty to drink by purifying it of all impurities present. Its unique reverse osmosis membrane blocks all impurities, chemical contaminants. UV purification technology kills disease-causing viruses and bacteria, making the drink healthy to drink.

The TDS controller improves the retention of all the essential minerals in the water so that we don’t miss out on the essential minerals and taste of the water.

The water purifier is made of food-grade plastic, which ensures the safety of stored water. 7 liters of water is enough for a family of 4-5 people.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this water purifier.


  • The combination of RO, UV and TDS assures 100% pure, healthy and tasty drinking water
  • Comes with a storage capacity of 6.2 litres which would be easily sufficient for a family of 4-5 members
  • RO membrane removes extra TDS like pesticides, lead, chemicals and all the dissolved salts from water
  • Comes with an inbuilt voltage stabilizer and a booster pump to increase the pressure of water in RO membranes


  • Little expensive if compared to other purifiers having the same features
  • Maintenance cost is a bit expensive than other water purifier companies. It’s always advisable to invest in maintenance

Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV Features

With RO and UV technologies combined together and followed by TDS Regulator Plus, the multi-stage purification system in this water purifier removes contaminants, excess TDS, dissolved impurities and chemicals. But the TDS regulator+ in this water purifier helps in retaining the essential minerals which are required for a safe and healthy water. The stages involved in the multi-stages purification involves:

  • I-Cartridge helps to get rid of the visible particles like dust and mud from the water
  • Chemi-block helps in eliminating smell and taste along with chlorine from the water.
  • Electronic membrane life enhancer prevents the RO membrane from deposition of dissolved salts, thus helps in increasing the overall functioning and life of the RO membrane.
  • TDS controller helps in adjusting the TDS of purified water to give healthy drinking water.
  • RO membrane is the key component of this Eureka Enhance water purifier. It removes bacteria, cyst and virus from the water. The membrane also reduces hardness, heavy metals and pesticides from the water.
  • Taste Enhancer improves the taste of water by removing organic impurities and improving the colour of water with the help of carbon.
  • Auto-Fill technology: Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV water purifier will never let you feel the scarcity of water due to its auto-fill technology without any manual intervention. The sensor detects the water level in the tank and depending on the water level, the pump gets on or off automatically.
  • Purifier storage capacity: With the storage capacity of 10 litres and a flow rate of 15 litres per hour with purification at 6 different stages, Aquaguard Enhance water purifier is ideal for mid-sized family. The estimated life of membranes, cartridges and filters is 6000 litres which is around 12 months with an average consumption of 15 litres a day.

Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV Additional Features

  • Low power consumption of 35 Watts
  • Twin-mode tap controller
  • 1-year warranty
  • Purifies borewell, mixed tanker, municipal, stored and tap water

Should You Buy One?

Aquaguard Enhance is a nice product with an elegant design and easy to use features. Its RO-UV purification technology is great to purify any kind of water with impurities.

But, other companies deliver you the same technology in a lesser price than this.

Also, the maintenance cost of this water purifier is a little more than the competitors.

So, if you have no problem with the budget, go for this machine.

3. Kent Grand Star RO

Kent Grand Star RO Purifier

I have been looking for a replacement for my old water purifier for a long time. I was very upset by the manufacturers for their promises of after sales service.

When my old water purifier had a filter problem, it took almost four days for a technician to fix the problem.

I have a large family, and giving them anything other than purified drinking water would mean that they would all get sick one by one.

Kent Grand Star RO Review

Decided to look for the best water purifier for the home. I found out that Kent came up with an intelligent reverse osmosis system, so I decided to check it out.

This is truly the best water purifier from Kent. The device has a smart touch screen, a large illuminated water tank and a number of other features.

Kent has upgraded its patented, tried and tested RO+UV dual cleaning technology to superb levels. The Kent Grand Star is said to be the world’s first smart water purifier.

The built-in digital touch screen provides real-time monitoring of water purity and device performance.

The computer chip also provides automatic on and off, resulting in longer filter life.

The touch screen dashboard is quite easy to use and has 4 tabs; Status, Service, Help and Settings.

The status tab is more like a dashboard that shows the reverse osmosis flow rate, time, water quality, and balanced filter life.

The “Service” tab is primarily intended for technicians to update information about any work done on the device.

The Help tab provides product features and a troubleshooting guide. The Settings tab is used to set the time, date and screen brightness.

I was sure my search was over. Another reason that made me even more satisfied is the customer service.

Judging by the reviews of other buyers and the assurances of the manufacturers themselves, I decided to buy the Kent Grand Star.

When I use this reverse osmosis purifier for my family, I am definitely relieved. This assures me that I will always have the best water treatment system on the market.

Another feature is that, unlike UV purifiers and only reverse osmosis purifiers, Kent Mineral ROTM water purifiers remove impurities dissolved in water, such as chemicals, pesticides, rust, etc., while retaining the main natural minerals that are essential in drinking water.

Trunk capacity is 9 liters compared to 8 in previous models. The shatterproof feature of ABS plastic ensures higher strength and longer cleaner life.

Food classification ensures that no harmful chemicals enter the purified water.

Be sure to read the manual carefully and listen to the advice of technical experts.

It makes no sense to buy the most expensive water purifier and not use it for its intended purpose.

In general, I am very pleased with the purchase. It’s really more expensive than the rest, but why would anyone complain about paying a little more when you’re convinced it’s for your own well-being.

4. Aquaguard Regal RO

Best RO purifier in India 2023

The water in India is heavily polluted and is the main cause of 80% of diseases. Waterborne diseases that commonly affect human health include typhoid fever, cholera, malaria and diarrhoea.

Everyone needs a reverse osmosis purifier to stay healthy and avoid most of these diseases. The Aquaguard Regal RO Purifier is an elegant and clean product from Eureka Forbes.

Aquaguard Regal RO has a water storage capacity of 8 liters. It purifies water with a combination of RO + UV, which provides pure water for consumption.

But it doesn’t have the UV cleaning system that its competitors offer in the same price range. Its RO purification technology kills germs and viruses present in the water.

It also helps in removing the dissolved salts present in the water which are harmful to the body. It comes with some extra features such as auto-on feature, advanced booster pump and 8 liter storage capacity.

Thus, it is an easy to install and use water purifier that purifies water using a combination of reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light.

Aquaguard Regal RO Design

Aquaguard Regal RO is made from a superior quality plastic. It has a tap to dispense water which adds to the convenience.

Also, It comes with an 8 litre storage tank which ensures continuous supply of pure drinking water. This Ro Water purifier comes with a convenient size to place on the kitchen top. Its dimensions are 320 x 275 x 410 mm.

Aquaguard Regal RO Technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Ultra-Violet (UV) are the technologies which are used to purify the water in Aquaguard Regal purifier.

Regal water purifier is recommended where the TDS present in water is higher. It is suitable for water that contains high TDS content and other chemical contaminants as well.

The water is made pure for consumption as the TDS levels is reduced to the levels that are safe and healthy for human beings.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the maximum TDS level in your drinking water is 500 mg/litre. After purification, this RO purifier kills all the chemical and physical contaminants which makes the water safe for drinking and taste sweeter too.

Aquaguard Regal RO Features

  • Membrane cleaning system increases RO membrane life by removing dirt impurities
  • Silver surety technology enhance purification process
  • Automatic on off function keeps a check on water so that you are never out of water when needed
  • Enhanced booster pump increases pressure of water in RO membrane to make RO process much better
  • Unique E-boiling function provides pure and healthy water by boiling water electrically as if the water was boiled for 20 minutes on a gas stove.
  • In-built taste enhancer cartridge enhances the taste of water.


  • 7 litres of water storage
  • Enhanced booster pump to drive high-pressure water to RO membrane
  • Automatic on-off feature
  • Taste enhancer cartridge gives tasty drinking water.


  • Require electricity to purify water
  • Expensive maintenance cost. The filters and cartridges are expensive to replace
  • No UF technology

Aquaguard Regal RO Review

Aquaguard Regal RO ensures pure drinking water, especially water with high TDS levels. The various filters and cartridges clean and purify the water but enhances the taste too.

But this RO water purifier does not have UF technology which plays a vital role in the purification. The Ultrafiltration (UF) technology removes the dead bacteria present in the water.

This water purifier has negative customer reviews as many customers reported problems on a monthly basis and other reports it offers the worst after sales service.

Also, it comes with a storage capacity of 8 litres which is sufficient for a small or medium sized family. Its price is comparatively at par with the other products that its competitors offer.

But the maintenance for this purifier is expensive and you may have to spend a lot of your money to change the filters and cartridges from time to time.

Filters and cartridges are essential parts of any purifier and have to be changed on time for proper operation of the purifier.

How to Choose the Best RO Purifier in India?

You must do your homework before buying a purifier. So, keep the following things in mind before buying a water purifier for yourself and your family.

  • Buy only a certified water purifier

With the growing demand for cleaning equipment, it is very important to choose a certified cleaner. Water purifiers tested and certified by third parties such as NSF International, WQA guarantee the safety of product use. Certification also ensures that the product will provide you with safe, clean water and protect you from waterborne diseases.

  • Compare filter specifications

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind before purchasing a purifier. Buy a water purifier only after comparing it with others available on the market. You have to compare different characteristics of the purifier.

  • Storage

You should be aware of the water storage requirements you need in a water purifier and should plan your purchase accordingly. Since the market is full of different purifiers from different brands, it is very important to pay attention to the amount of storage each purifier offers and whether it suits your needs.

  • Check for a filter

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to check the filter before buying a water filter purifier. Buy a filter should be the most suitable, given the quality of the water supplied in your locality.

  • Check for contamination

If the salt deposits in the water purifier are more than 80%, then it is advisable to buy a water purifier with RO (reverse osmosis), as it will be able to carry out the filtration process correctly.

  • For hard water – buy reverse osmosis water purifiers

If you live in areas where only hard water is available, you should opt for a reverse osmosis purifier as it properly filters and purifies the water and also makes it drinkable.

  • Electric purifiers

There are various electronic cleaners available on the market. If your community is prone to power outages, you shouldn’t buy a water purifier that needs to be constantly connected to a power source for cleaning processes.

  • Check the water production rate

Before buying a purifier, you should always check the water purification performance, which will ensure the efficiency of the purifier. An effective water purifier purifies a minimum of 15 liters per hour, adding up to 75 liters per day.

8 Best RO Purifier in India 2023 List

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